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   Be active every day!  Practice your warm-up exercises: jump-n-jacks, 
lunges, arm rotations, and toe touches every day so your body will be ready 
for any physical activities you choose to do. Remember to practice counting 
by 2's 5's 10's and 100's like we do in P.E. class to count your reps.  This 
helps keep your BRAIN and BODY sharp and strong!  Don't forget to drink 
plenty of water and eat healthy snacks from all 5 food groups everday! 

   We are focusing on the following exercises for our monthly fitness test:
   *Sit-n-Reach as far as you can for 12-15 seconds, come up, rest and repeat 
3 times.
   * Right Angle Push-Ups on toes or knees as many as you can for 30 seconds
   * Curl-Ups or Partial Curl-Ups for 30 seconds.

                     EAT HEALTHY! BE ACTIVE! BE YOUR BEST!

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