Our Lady of Divine Providence
917 North Atlanta Street, Metairie, LA 70003


Individual Needs/ Differentiation

Mission :
To provide a Catholic, Christian family environment, promote excellence in education, and develop each child to his or her fullest potential.

Our Lady of Divine Providence School offers three pathways/ programs for success:

a) Prep Program- Academic High School Preparation– All of our students are educated in the established Archdiocesan Curriculum to prepare students for success in High School.
b) Galileo Program - Students qualifying for advanced placement are offered a self-study program where in addition to the established curriculum they are offered opportunities to develop deeper understanding in areas of interest under the supervision of a mentoring teacher.
c) Steps to Success Program- Students having evaluations, INC recommendations and screening recommendations are introduced to various programs and learning techniques to assist them in their Learning Differences.

Programs included under the umbrella of OLDP Pathways:

· Pull-out opportunity for Project Read and Language!
· Pull –out opportunity for reading tutorial for Kinder and 1st grade.
· Pull- out opportunities for math tutorial in grades 1-4 when needed.
· Math tutorial program in Middle School
· Conference periods in Middle School for students to meet with teachers for extra assistance in subject
· Galileo Program for advanced achievers
· Individual Needs Committee to assist with placement of students when student differences are suggested
· Parent Conferences to discuss student needs
· Title programs for student progress (Title I- Catapult) and Professional Development (Title II) for teachers to assist with learning needs
· Collaboration between individual teachers and INC Committee to address individual needs of the children.
· Retesting, oral testing, test corrections and make-up testing when appropriate.
· Implementation of various apps and activities using differentiated instruction.
· Class observations by administration and INC leaders to observe students using varied learning styles.
· Pull-outs for “Learning Success” Program
· “Brain Gym” and “Success in Learning” Programs based on Neurological research consisting of interactive ways to help students learn about the importance of stimulating brain functioning for student learning.
· Tactile development for all classes in the Media Center through the use of digital programs such as “Type to Learn”
· Use of Hatch tablets for Early Childhood through 1st grade remediation to learn reading skills.
· Use of I-Pads for project-based learning in classes and Mentoring participants.
· Accelerated Reading and Math programs to enhance reading and math skills.

Learning Differences OLDP Assists:
OLDP’ Steps to Success program assists students with learning differences such as: ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Alexia, Dysgraphia, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Receptive/ Expressive Processing Disorder, Dyscalcula, working memory difficulties, Sensory Processing disorder, Speech/ Auditory Processing as well as OCD/ ODD, anxiety, and mood disorders. We offer additional assistance for students needing remediation in math skills, reading skills, and writing skill.

For students who are academically advanced we offer additional enrichment activities, opportunities for more in depth assignments, and research exercises to increase critical thinking skills in class and through our Galileo Program for advanced achievers.

All pathways are integrated together into a unified program where all studentsare challenged and encouraged to “be the best that they can be”. Our differentiated approach offers the opportunity for success to all of our students.

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