Our Lady of Divine Providence
917 North Atlanta Street, Metairie, LA 70003


About Our School

Our Lady of Divine Providence School
Elvina DiBartolo, Principal
Rev. Mike Mitchell, Pastor

Mission Statement:
Our Lady of Divine Providence School's mission is to provide a Christian family environment based on Catholic values, promote excellence in education and develop each child to his fullest potential.

We envision OLDP as a school whose graduates are faith-filled, moral persons who live the Gospel values; self-disciplined, self-motivated and goal-oriented; self-confident persons of strong character who persevere in the face of diversity; well-rounded critical thinkers who welcome intellectual challenges and creativity solve them; responsible citizens who actively serve the community.

Grades Offered: Nursery(6 weeks) - Seventh

School Hours: 8:15AM - 3:15PM; Nursery 7:00AM-6:00PM

Special Distinctions:
  • In December 2004, Our Lady of Divine Providence School received Accreditation with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS-CASI).
  • In Spring 2015, OLDP received Renewed Accrediation with the SACS-CASI-AdvancedEd for Excellence in Education.

The children who attend Our Lady of Divine Providence School can expect
  • A quality Catholic education
  • A commitment to a continuing program that meets the spiritual, academic, physical, and emotional needs of each student
  • A developmentally appropriate curriculm and quality faculty and staff committed to a Christian atmosphere that allows student growth.
Programs and Services:
Accompanying the core subject curriculm are enrichment classes and additional services.
  • Early Chilhood Program - Nursery/PreK2/PreK3/PreK4
    • Age of Admission:
      • Nursery - 6 weeks to 24 months
      • PreK2/PreK3/PreK4 - Students must be 2/3/4 years old by September 30, 2011 and must be completely toilet trained.
    • The Early Childhood Program implements Louisiana and Archdiocesan Standards and expectations for Language Arts. Our program offers a loving and caring environment in which students are encouraged to develop a positive self-image. Through the use of developmentally appropriate methods, the faculty endeavors to meet each child's spiritual, intellectual, physical, cultural, social and emotional needs. We use a balanced approach to learning by helping to smooth the transition from listening and speaking to reading and writing. Our programs are two-fold. Our Nursery-PreK2 program is focused on the early developmental skills. Our PreK3/4 programs focus on the developmental skills needed in formal education.
  • Our Kindergarten provides a loving and caring atmosphere in which students are invited to experience various activities, materials, and teaching methods. Our language arts program correlates reading, handwriting, auditory and oral language skills and provides the students with a thorough understanding of  letters and their sounds. Mathematics encompasses the use of manipulatives for instruction. Social Studies, Science, art, and Music are enjoyed throughout the curriculum. Religion is taught five days a week and the students also have weekly instruction in Library, Computer, P.E., Spanish and Music.
  • An Individual Needs Program provides minor adjustments and assistance for children needing special accommodations according to Individual Needs assessments.
  • Our Media Center houses a computerized Library and the Accelerated Reader program, which enhances student reading comprehension. A Computer Lab equipped with Dell computers is also housed in our Media Center. Both componets are combined together and form an intergrated research center for cross-curricular projects and study. All grades visit the Media Center on a weekly basis. In addition, all classrooms are equipped with at least one IBM- compatible computer and a TV-ator or projector. Several classes are equipped with multi-sensory Interactive boards to assist in differentiated instruction. A wireless lab is located in Middle School. All computer lab and classroom computers have protected access to the Internet. There are several printers located throughout the school.
  • A full-time Counselor is on staff.
  • All students have Music, Spanish and P.E. classes weekly. Instrumental music is available to students in grades 2-7. Robotics is introduced as an enrichment course in the Middle School. 
  • An Athletic Program including flag football, volleyball, cabbage ball, basketball, and cheerleading enables the students to display "Panther Pride"
  • School Organizations include Choir, Yearbook, Altar Servers, National Junior Honor Society, Student Council, Art Club, Quiz Bowl, Chess Club, Safety Patrol, Bookworms, Environmental Awareness Club.
  • Before and After School Care is available to interested parents.

Our Lady of Divine Providence School, in accordance with Title IX of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin.

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