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Summer Math Requirements


MAY, 2017

During the summer months it is important for our students to keep in touch with Reading, through OLDP School’s AR Program (information is available to parents and children through our website and summer packet) and Math.

In order to prepare our children for the stronger focus of our math program, we are requiring some math preparation during the summer months. This should be easy to set up for the children, because it is computer generated. We are asking that you use www.softschools.com/mathwww.mathisfun.com/worksheets, www.5learning.com.free, www.education.com or www.math-drills.com . On these sites you will find many games, and you are able to generate worksheets for each grade level.

This summer we are interested in keeping the children involved in math studies, especially basic skills and facts. We are asking that each student hand in 10 completed worksheets printed from the above sites by the last week of August. The packets handed in will be considered the first assessment of the school year.

The materials to be handed in must have both parent and student signatures, be stapled together and enclosed in a folder. There will be a pre-test in math in each class to determine student preparedness at the beginning of the school year. The work should focus on the following information

  • Kindergarten to First grade – focus on number recognition, sequencing, simple addition facts, more/less concepts,count by 2, 5, 10 to 100. There are lots of games for practice.
  • First to Second grade – focus on less than and greater than, Addition worksheets, Subtraction worksheets, math word problem worksheet, fact family worksheets, write number worksheet, count by 2,3,5,10 worksheet (all in this category)
  • Second to Third grade- focus on addition and subtraction, one and two digit addition/subtraction problems (including renaming), time and money recognition worksheets, present students may continue work on their Reflex Program. 
  • Third to Fourth grade- focus on addition, subtraction, 3-digit problems (renaming included) , multiplication and division worksheets 2-digits by one digits, word problem worksheet. Present students may work on their Reflex program throughout the summer in lieu of the websites.
  • Fourth to Fifth grade- focus on multiplication and division facts, multiplication, short and long division (double digit multiplication and double digit divisors), beginning fractions (simplification & identification)
  • Fifth to Sixth grade- focus on multiplication and division facts, multiplication and long division, fractions (simplification and mixed numbers), addition of fraction, subtraction of fractions, multiplication of fractions and division of fractions.
  • Sixth to Seventh grade- focus on multiplication and division facts, operations with fractions, decimals, and changing fraction to decimal to percent, word problem worksheet.

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