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(Important Information)

Dear Parents,

I am writing to you today to discuss five areas of concern. We are now ending our first quarter of school. Exams in grades 4-7 will be October 9-12. The last day to take AR tests is Thursday, 10/12. The administration has been meeting with Middle School students who still have tests to take. Please encourage your child to complete their assignments. We would hate to have any student penalized for not doing assignments. Please contact your child’s teacher with any concerns.

We are having a small problem with parents dropping off children who are tardy without coming into the office to check them in. We cannot accept unaccompanied children into school when they are tardy. The children will not be able to go to class, and we will call the parent to return to school in order to sign-in the admit form. Please avoid the inconvenience of returning when your can take care of admittance from the beginning.

Not long ago OLDP School changed schools providing our lunch program to OLPH. We have a responsibility to provide an accurate lunch count for hot and sandwich lunches by 8:30am every morning. It is important for the provider to have this count in a timely manner. After Monday, 10/2, every child arriving after 8:15am must bring a lunch from home. We will not be able to provide a “Food Service” lunch after that time. Thank you for your support and understanding.

At this time OLDP School Board is sponsoring our annual Raffle Drive. The raffle is for $1500, $500, and $200. All proceeds will go into our individual needs program. All of our children reap direct benefit from these funds. We work with a differentiated approach to assist our advanced learners as well as students with various learning differences in our school. We Need Your Help for Your Children!

Please sell the tickets that were sent home a few weeks ago. If you have not received the tickets, please call the school office, 466-0591, to receive them. If you sell the 10 tickets, your family will have your name painted on the wall in the stairwells of the main building, the children will have a JEAN WEEK the week on 10/16. The class selling the most tickets will have a pizza party, and the students selling the most tickets will have their names placed in a raffle for $75 gift certificate. The teachers and the daycare also have incentives. Please support your school family with this deserving cause). Thank you for your support!

Lastly, OLDP School has a formal Crisis Plan designed especially for our school. The children, faculty, and staff have been instructed in the make up of the plan. On Wednesday, 9/ 27, I presented aspects of the plan to the Parent’s Club.. The main aspects to know: Make sure all important people are listed on the emergency card. We will not release your child to anyone not on the emergency card. If the school needs to evacuate, we will be at Delta Playground or Clancy Academy. If there is a crisis, we will make contact with you through our communication system with additional instructions. Please do not call or come to the school (until instructed through our communication system) as this will disrupt our efforts.


Elvina DiBartolo (Mrs. Di)

*Our Lady of Divine Providence School does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, nationality, or creed in the administration of policy. **

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