Weekly Overview

MAY 2017


And They All LEARNED Happily Ever After!

May 15-19, 2017
*Show Mrs. Maguire your printed overview by Tuesday for a Gator Gold!
*Please note that all test dates are tentative. Please check student planners daily as changes will appear here.

 Completing any unfinished assignments/projects/presentations.
 Construction of Parts of Speech booklet, GRADED

Ch 10 Section 4 ROME--Working on Medieval cold reads, video exit tickets, and map of Rome. Graded in class assignments; no tests.
          Many school activities this week!
          --Monday, morning meeting, AR celebration, band concert
          --Tuesday, field day
          --Wednesday, gator gold extra recess
          --Thursday, picnic
          --Friday, awards ceremony, spring parties

  • Always Remember..
  • HOMEWORK: Students should write all homework assignments in their planner. Even if you do not have written homework, students should study vocabulary and interactive notebooks daily. 
  • TESTS: Students should review notes/study guides nightly. Please note that all tests are tentative. Always check student planner.
  • OVERVIEWS: Please visit Mrs. Lovell's & Mrs. Maguire's webpage to print your copy from home. If this is a problem, students may print the overview in class.
  • VIP FOLDERS: Please return all graded papers in the folder on Thursday. We hold on to these until the end of the 9 week period.
  • GRADES: Feel free to e-mail us with any questions.