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"I am trying to get the hang of this new fangled writing machine, but I am not making a shining success of it. However this is the first attempt I ever have made, & yet I perceive that I shall soon & easily acquire a fine facility in its use. . . One chiefly needs swiftness in banging the keys. . ."

(Mark Twain's first typewritten letter: December 9, 1874)

Learn about the computer keyboard by visiting:

Which Fingers Go Where

Always begin any work at the computer by placing your hands in the home row position. Your left index finger should be on the f (bump) key, with your remaining fingers on the d, s, and a.† Your right index finger should be on the j (bump) key with your remaining fingers on the k, l, and ;.

After mastering the home row keys, with proper finger placement, we will continue with additional rows of the QWERTY keyboard.

The way you sit at the computer is very important, as well.

Is your back straight?

Are you leaning forward slightly?

Are you sitting centered in front of the keyboard?

(Check where the n key is.)

Are you sitting about the distance of one hand (handspan) from the keyboard?

Are your feet on the floor?

Are your arms relaxed with your elbows close to your sides?

(And soon, you will be doing it all without looking!)

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