Citing Sources

Researching Process & Citing Sources

Researching, Writing Papers, and citing sources are critical skills you will 
need to learn in high school.  Proper researching techniques and giving authors 
credit for their work is imperative.  Citing sources properly shows your teacher 
that you know how to research topics and lets them know where to find the 
information you gathered.  There are many styles or formats for citing sources.  
We suggest you use the easiest which is called the MLA format, unless your 
teacher tells you otherwise.   Try these links to help get you started.  
Remember there are handouts in the library to help you and Mrs.Curran can always 
look at what you have done.

The Research Process

Great video presentation of what plagiarism is!
What is Plagiarism?

Before you start your research, check out this research site to help 
you earn an A+ on your paper.
Research help!  Where do I begin?

The lab at Perdue University provides great MLA detail(Modern 
Language Association).  This site will give examples of how to 
cite information from a book, encyclopedia, the internet, and 

MLA Manual from the Perdue Writing Lab

What should my bibliography page look like if I am using MLA format?

Some teachers ask for a specific style when citing 
sources...specifically social science fields.  APA (stands for 
the American Psychological Assocation) is another frequently used 
style.  Here are the instructions for APA fomat.
APA Format

APA Sample Paper

Use this cite to create your Works Cited and parenthetical 
Citation Machine for APA and MLA  (free)