Grade 5 Projects



 Simple Machines
 Learn About Simple Machines
 Edheads Simple Machines



Welcome to the Web 


1.         Read about circuits

2.        Create Circuits

3.         Take the quiz

4.         Read about electrical conductors

5.         Try out different conductors

6.         Take the quiz

7.         Matching Game - Conductors & Insulators



 Rock cycle
 Types of Rocks and The Rock Cycle
 Rock Cycle


 Rename the lowest
 Soccer Shoot Out
 Number Balls
 Action Fraction
 Math Splat


Edheads Weather Report and Predict


You're the Candidate

Who Am I?


Read the stories and then use keyword searches to find the answers to the questions. What will your best score be?

Black Boxes

Click on "Black Boxes" for directions.

Animal Adaptations

Click here for the link to the webquest

Click here for the link to the habitat manager document.

Links for sample bibliography project:

Letters from Rifka

Click on the link - Letters from Rifka - to go to the letter writing project and background information.

Autumn Haiku

Click on this link- Autumn Haiku - to go to the Haiku template. Type the title and your full name then type your Haiku. Don't forget the format is 3 lines (5 syllables - 7 syllables - 5 syllables). Print to the color printer and save to my documents as Haiku-your last name.

Links to the Solar System

Solar System Tutorial
Watch this tutorial and take the quiz.

Click on the links below and answer the questions on your scavenger hunt answer sheet.
Asteroids - Click on Astronomy then click on asteroids

Now click on each of these links. After you explore the link, write a comment on your scavenger hunt answer sheet. Remember - some links take a while to load - please be patient. If the link takes too long, skip it and go back to it later.

Planet 10

Mars Exploration

Movie of the Solar System

Black Holes

Cosmic Collision and Striking Encounters

Eight Planets & a Dwarf Sudoku

Space Sense for Kids

Solar System JigSaw

Order it Up!

Trunk #1
Trunk #2
Trunk #3
Trunk #4
 Trunk #5
 Trunk # 6
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