Grade 4 Projects

Cinderella Comic Strips


Rename the Lowest

Number Ball

 Equivalent Fraction Matching Game
 Fraction Frenzy
 Another Fraction Matching Game
 Find Grampy
 Number Line Game


 Computer Lab Project - February 2012  
 Greek Mythology  Click Here
 Draw & write your response. What is the lesson learned? Give examples from the text that support your answer.  Click Here
 *U.S. Geography - when you finish your mythology project  Click Here



Fact Monster Constellations    Click Here
 Zodiac Constellations    Click Here
 Office of Naval Research Constellations    Click Here
 Chandra X-Ray Observatory Constellations   Click Here


Wonders of Washington


 Electricity Links
 Activity One
 Activity Two
 Activity Three



 Geometry Links
Activity One
 Activity Two



 Pat Cummings  
 Click the link for information about this artist.  Eduplace
   Click the link for information about this artist.  Pat Cummings Website



 Food Chains

 Log in and then click on special Custom Material. Complete the quiz on Food Chains.
Link #1   
Link #2
Link #3



 Endangered Animals  
 Earth's Endangered Animals Click Here
 Seaworld Click Here 
 World Wildlife Click Here 
 Kids Planet  Click Here
 Endangered Species  Click Here


Electric Circuits    There are six activities to read about and complete.
More About Circuits   

There are five subjects.  Complete the three activities for each subject.

First click on i and read the useful info

Next click on the arrow and do the activity

Finally, click on the ? and take the quiz

Repair the Electro-bot  Use your knowledge about circuits to complete the repairs.


Post Survey

National Parks

Landform Links

Just the Facts Survey

Washington D.C. Scavenger Hunt


Click on each number below and try each link in order:


2. Create three symmetrical patterns  
3. Create a Kaleidoscope of Symmetrical Patterns - try 4 shapes  
4.  Play the Symmetry Game  
5.  Try the Symmetry of Flags Quiz  
6.  Do You Know About Symmetry?  


State Capitals

Click on each number below and see how many capitals you know! Keep trying until you get them all right.


1. United States Capitals
2. Capitals Game Choose Beginner Level, then Intermediate Level and Expert Level last.



Animal Scavenger Hunt

Animals of the World