Grade 6 Projects

Endangered Animals

 Endangered Animals  
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Biome Research Sheet


Internet Links


Earth Floor: Biomes
Use this site to find information about the climate and the adaptations of flora and fauna (plants and animals).


Biomes of the Earth

A look at the biomes of the world.


Introduction to Biomes
Pay particular attention to the food webs and energy pyramids. (World Builders)


Mission: Biomes
This NASA site gives basic information for each biome. It includes some useful charts and graphs.


Nature Works: Terrestial Communities
Written at a basic level, this site provides a starting point by defining and locating the biome and introducing plant and animal adaptations.


The World's Biomes
This site will give you basic information about your biome. Biomes have been grouped. Select the biome according to type. E.g. grasslands will include both savanna and temperate.


World Book Online - go to World Book under Homework Help

Other Resources - Print Resources in the Reference Section


The New Book of Knowledge Encyclopedia


World Book Encyclopedia


We're Web Wise

Post Survey

Click on the webquest and save it to your folder.

Internet Safety Webquest

Internet Safety Research Sheet

Queen Hatshepsut

For more notes- individual research after video clips: †† timeline of her life†† The Woman who was king

Tooth solves Hatshepsut mummy mystery†††††,,2112583,00.html††††† Hatshepsut and Tuthmosis: a royal feud?

Links for climate research:

Links for sample bibliography project:

Practice Finding the South American Capitals

Activity # 1: Try to find the Capital

Activity #2: Click on this link

then choose South & Central American Capitals Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.

Activity #3: Uncover the matching capital and country.

Activity #4: Match the country to the capital.

Summer Reading Survey


Whales and the Bends

Whales and Sonar

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution