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PTO Meeting 3/21/17

The March Meeting will be on Tuesday, 3/21/17 at 7:00 PM at the Igo Media Center. We will be voting on the final By-Law changes!

Pardo Photography Fundraiser!

Looking for some updated family photos? Or just ones of the kiddos? Maybe even the family dog? Check out this awesome deal from Pardo Photo!
Sign-up here to claim your spot: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040B4FADAA2CA20-igopto
Saturday April 29th & 30th at Borderland State Park
Each session is 10 Minutes, includes a $25 print credit and raises $25 for the Igo PTO.

We are looking for Volunteers for next School Year!

We are looking for Volunteers to head up a few committees for next School Year (2017/2018). See below for descriptions of the different opportunities.

Helping Hands - 2 people to co-chair

Responsibilities include:
• Assist teachers in their classroom needs such as copying, laminating, cutting items.
• Various small tasks that just help lighten the load in their classrooms (this also includes Guidance, math, and reading specialist).
• You can choose what day or days’ work for you but will need to work around the café schedule for space to do the work.

Art Show - 2 people to co-chair

Responsibilities include:
• Working with Mrs. Lorman (Art Teacher) in preparing art work for the art show.
• Mounting, labeling, laminating art work.
• Hanging the art work the day of the show.
• Removing some art work the night of show and removing the rest of art work the next day and returning to classrooms.
• The work for art show begins in January and is a work in progress, as work is completed by the students it can be mounted and laminated.
• The art show is usually in May so you can set your own schedule of days and times to do the prep work. Will need to work around availability of café and or art room for space needed to do the work.

Room Parent Coordinator
Coordinator position has been filled by Bridget Scott (THANK YOU Bridget)!
It is a large job so if you would like to give Bridget a hand please let her know.

Staff Luncheon
Carrie Kelly has offered to shadow Connie this year (THANK YOU Carrie)! But we are looking ahead to the following year, so this will be a good year to learn the ropes.

This is a fun and great way to say thanks to all our hard working teachers! Last years was so much fun I’m not sure how to top it!!!

BIT Classroom Baskets Coordinator
Coordinator position has been filled by Karin Share (THANK YOU Karin)!
It is always nice to have an extra set of hands on this one so please contact Karin if this is something that interest you.

Library Volunteers (Multiple)
The Library is a very flexible way to help out the school. You can choose a day of the week, a day of the cycle or just during your child's class, whatever works for you. There are many jobs that ALWAYS need to be done in the library.

Responsibilities include:
• Re-shelving books
• Special projects
• Checking in and out of books, the list goes on and on.
• You do not need to know anything special to help out, we can show you everything you need to know.

Please contact Connie Gonsalves at cvcg812@msn.com or igopto@gmail.com if you would like to take on any of the above positions

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