Fun and Helpful Social Studies Websites


Social Studies Practice

A really fun and challenging website that students can use to practice their 
knowledge of the world around them!

CIA Factbook is probably the best website for the most current, accurate, 
and detailed country information.

U.S. Census data.

Pop Clocks, keep a up to the minute update on world and U.S. population!

National Geographic webpage.

A collection of great history resources.

Same great site, for geography websites as well

World time zones!

Currency converter

A good website for proper format when referencing information.

Great resource for any historical, cultural, religious, and current topics  
regarding countries.

The Met. Museum of Fine Art website of art history.  A great resouce for any 
historians, especially fans of any and all works of art!

A good website for anyone looking to learn more about the various 
characteristics and history of world religions.

Comprehensive database with a multitude of valuable websites.

Great resource for quotes..."Quote of the Week" page!

Another great resource for quotes..."Quote of the Week" page!

Odd state laws-always very interesting, and well....odd!

World Heritage website listing all of the protected, natural and human-
created that are recognized as having "universal value."

Other Resources