Binder Requirements

Mr. Smith’s Science Binder Requirements


1.     Obtain a binder type notebook in which all of your work can be securely fastened.  You must bring this notebook to class every day.  SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.


2.     Take good notes for every class in your science binder. Every notepaper, quiz, lab, etc must be dated.  Your notes will be evaluated for completeness, organization, and neatness.


3.     ALL returned papers must be filed in your binder by date.  Papers in the binder sleeves and work that falls out when shaken are not “filed”.  Missing, incomplete, and un-filed work will be counted against you.


4.     Your notebook will be organized chronologically by unit. The test for each unit should be at the end of its section.


5.     There must be some type of divider between each unit for quick reference. (i.e. Put a divider between the chapter one test and the first notes from chapter two) Folded masking tape does just fine for this.


6.     Binders will be collected at designated times and counted as a significant part of your term grade.  Binders not handed in on time will be accepted late with a penalty of 5 points per day late.


7.     Your science binders must be on your desk and ready to go at the beginning of each class.  There will be many “pop-quiz” binder checks throughout the year.  If your binder is not out you will receive a zero on the quiz.




If you add to your notebook on a daily basis, it will always be ready to turn in.