September News

Reading - Over the past few weeks we have begun to learn what reading will look like in fourth grade. The students have begun working with paired texts. These are two texts on similar topics. We introduced the double bubble, an organizer used to pick out criteria, or big ideas, shared by both articles. This was tricky for the students. After we determined the criteria, we found text evidence to support our thinking. We have also used RATE to respond to questions about our reading. RATE asks students to Restate, Answer the question, provide Text evidence, and Explain their evidence. 

Math - We finished out first unit in math on place value. Tests were sent home in red folders. We are busy working on Unit 2 Number Theory and Estimation. There is a lot of vocabulary with this unit. Students will learn factors, multiples, prime, and composite. They will also learn a variety of strategies to solve multi-digit multiplication.

Please help them by practicing facts every night. They can use online sites like or, but for some kids, practicing with flashcards or an adult helps them to better understand what they know and what they don't. We talked about how important knowing our facts is, and the year will continue to get harder if they do not know their facts.

Writing - We have completed our student council speeches. We learned a lot already this year. We viewed great American speeches, discussed qualities of good leaders, introductions, conclusions, and general vs specific details. They did an incredible job on their speeches.

Science - We began understanding the importance of understanding what the difference between questions and scientific questions. We are also learning about the scientific practices and how we will be incorporating them this year.

Social Studies - The kids are focusing on understanding maps and the way they can help us. They will soon move into the United States regions.

Technology - The kids got their hands on the iPads and have been exploring some apps in Reading and Science. Ask them to tell you about Explain Everything and Padlet!

Room 20 is a busy place!
Love, Wendy Moran