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Background Information on the Stock Market

1.  Let's get a sense of the history behind the stock market.  Go to http://library.thinkquest.org/3088/ and click on Click Here.  Then click on The Stock Market.  On the left hand side of the screen you should see a menu.  This menu will be used to access all of the reading you need to do for background information.  First, click on The Beginning.  Read the information contained here.

 2.  Next, in the menu, click on How It Works.  Read this to find out how the stock buying process works.

 3.  Also, read the Rules section by clicking on Rules in the menu bar.  This section explains the rules stock market investors and companies follow.

 4.  Now, let's get more into the meat of the stock market!  Click on and read the sections What is a Stock? and Tracking.

5.  You're almost ready to start investing!  Each member of your group should make flashcards for these terms and their definitions.  Keep these flashcards in your daily binder.  Try to write the definitions in your own words.  You can find the definitions in the glossary by clicking on Glossary in the menu bar.

Amex                        bear                               bear market                               broker         

bull                            bull market                   close                                           commission                    

dip                             Dow Jones Average     high                                             low             

NYSE                        portfolio                        shareholder                               

stock certificate       stockbrokers 


Choosing Stocks

1.  Research the following stocks.  Each member of your group should research 5 companies.  Read the information at the link provided.  Record whether the net revenue (amount earned) rose or fell for the year and by how much.  Also record the 52 week high and low for the stock price, as well as when these occured.  Lastly, record the current price of a share of this stock.  You may find it helpful to make a chart to record this information.

Apple Computers       Barnes and Noble       Borders Books       Coca Cola        Hershey Chocolate    

IBM Computers         Kraft Foods                 McDonald's            Pepsi                Six Flags Amusement Parks           

Staples                       Target                           Toys 'R Us             Wal-Mart         Walt Disney Co.

 2.  Share your information with your group.  Discuss the stocks.  Which three do you think have the best chance for making the most money?  Why?  As a group, choose three stocks to invest in over at least the next three weeks.  As a group, write a paragraph naming the three stocks your group would like to invest in and why.  Please give specific reasons why you feel these stocks are the best in which to invest. (Ex.  We feel that XYZ Company's stocks are likely to continue to rise in price because its 52 week low and 52 week high are different by $6.00.  The high was this week.  Last year the company's net revenue rose by 40%.  This company is on an upward trend and we feel this will continue.)  Hand this paragraph in to your teacher.


Buying Your Stocks

1.  Once your proposal for purchase has been approved, you can purchase your stocks.  Remember you must spend between $9,200 and $10,000 total (this includes commission fees).  Decide as a group how many shares to purchase in each of the companies.  Complete and fill in the Purchase Request form.  Do all calculations work on the back of this paper.  For this initial purchase, each group member should take responsibility for filling in one form.

     Use http://www.nasdaq.com to find the previous day's closing price for your stocks.  Type in the symbols for each of your stocks in the quotes search fields and hit enter.  (If you are not sure what the symbol is for a stock, click on symbol lookup in the quotes area.  Type in the name of the company in the search field and click on go.)  Then click on the highlighted symbol.  On this page you will find the previous day's closing price.

     The Puchase Request form can be found in our classroom resource section.  The approved form will be kept in your portfolio. 

2.  Decide who will take which role - Purchasing Agent, Accountant, and Operations Manager - for the next three weeks.  You will rotate these roles every three weeks.  Click on the role names in the menu bar above to find out about the specific tasks you must complete.


Tracking Your Stocks

1.  Each member of your group is responsible for tracking at least one stock for every three weeks.  This information can be found at http://www.nasdaq.com.  You should check the information every day.  If this can not be done on-line for some reason, the stock market results from the Boston Globe will be posted every day in the classroom.

2.  Hand-draw a line graph to record the daily closing price for your stock.  At the end of three weeks you may want to redo this graph to make it neat and in final form.  Turn in the graph to your teacher.


Tips for the Game

1.  We will discuss our stock market game and fill in all paperwork every Friday, so please be prepared with your organized portfolio!  Your teacher will give your group a binder in which to store all of your Stock Market Mania! materials; this binder will serve as the group's portfolio.

2.  At the conclusion of the game, you will present your portfolio to a fifth grade class.  You will have less work to do to finalize your portfolio if you keep up with it during the game.

3.  Every three weeks you can decide whether or not to keep your stocks, increase or decrease the number of shares you have in your companies, sell stocks, and/or buy new stocks.  Each time your group decides to purchase stock in a new company, please write a paragraph explaining why (like the one you did initially).  Each time your group decides to sell all of the stock in a company, please write a paragraph explaining why.  These should be written by the group and then submitted to your teacher.  When they are returned they should be placed in your portfolio.

4.  At all times your group must own stock in a minimum of three companies.


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