Lori Ajamian, MEd
Experienced Teacher and Tutor for twenty years..
Special and Regular Education; grades Kindergarten through High School.
Early Childhood Certified, Reading Specialist certification pending, 2015.
Elementary and Middle School certification, pending, 2015.
Offering a full range tutoring service for one on one instruction at Kindergarten through high school levels. At home, library or online tutoring and consultation is available.


Students needing individual support.
English Language Learners.
Special Education students w/ADD/ADHD/dyslexia/cognitive/visual/auditory
learning disabilities and physical disabilities or multiple disabilities.
Regular to advanced classroom students.
Home and hospital bound students.
Test takers in grades one through nine.
Students in transition from one school or program to the next
grade level.
Newcomer families/Homeschooling families.
Those needing academic support for a term period or longer.


Reading, Remedial Reading, phonics,
phonetic analysis, comprehension,
writing in various forms, outlines, drafts, graphic organizers
English Literature, English Grammar, sentence and paragraph structure.
The Language Arts including creative expression of stories and books.
The English Language.
Typing, Desktop Publishing, Computer Software, Web design.
Math, Science, Social Studies.
Test taking, study and organizational skills and more.

What to consider before choosing an academic improvement plan and educational
consulting with tutoring.

1.Be clear about your goal and why you chose it!
2. Check out your options.
3. Seek the opinions of those you trust and draw on your past experience.
4. Consider the benefits of reaching your goals on a short and long term basis.
6. Pay attention to your feelings and listen to yourself.
7. Evaluate your choices.
8. Make a decision.
9. Remember to work at it step by step and follow-up on what you
say you will do.
10. Set goals and work hard to reach them. Do what it takes.
11. Stick with your decision for as long as you can to see results.
12.. Trust your instincts and your professional tutor.
13. Work through adjustments.
Your input to setting your goals is always very important to
the educational process and should be treated with high regard.
Tutoring allows you to have the control you need over your
assignments and most importantly, over your success.
Put your trust in someone who really cares about your achievements.
Your success is always my success!!!.


Before and during reading.
* Make sure that you are reading a "just right" book for you.
* Know, learn about and think about the characters, their
interactions to one another and the role they play in the story.
* Read a recommended book and a book from an author you like and
also each other's books.
* Learn the vocabulary.
* Decide on whether you like the author's style!
* Think about what was read, share it, retell the story and
sequence the events!
* Answer questions about the main ideas of the story. Ask questions.
* Make sure there is plenty of opportunity to "experience
the book" in class and at home. ( games, stories, worksheets, dramatic
* Ask yourself if you want to get more information and whether
you need to go back and reread.
* Think about what is being read by analyzing pictures,
characters, problems to solve/conflict, meanings, style, purpose.
* Share your book with a friend/book buddy/parent/tutor.
* Think about the details of the story.
* Make predictions as you read to sharpen your skills.
* Ask yourself why you are reading this book. Is it for
pleasure? to sharpen your skills at this level? for an assignment? to read to
a younger sibling? to gain information about a concept?
After Reading
* Meet your goals!
* Do an understanding check!
* Strategize to figure out hard words and spelling. Get help
with phonics and syllables.
* Check difficult word and passage meanings.
* Draw pictures to retell the story.
* See if you know all about who the characters are and what the
story tells its audience.
*Write a paper about a continuation of the story that you may
write or story tell.
* Teachers see and ask students if they think they are reading
fluently and well!. Practice with a parent, sibling or tutor for homework
support and advancement.


* Carefully consider your topic, how broad or narrow do you need it for the
writing assignments purpose.
* Write a good outline and graphic organizer to help you.
* Write a first draft.
* Edit and review your draft for structure, content, clarity, etc.
* Write a second draft and peer or tutor edit it.
* Check for organization, structure and clarity.
* Have someone read it aloud to you.
* Read it aloud to someone.
* Type it and proofread, again.
* Master your mistakes and rewrite!

Resources for Parents, Teachers and Administrators:
List is being revised and updated.