Info for students

Mr. Gustafson's general grading policy:

1) Points.  All assignments (homework, tests, projects, notebooks and quizzes)
have a point value.   The number of points available on an assignment depends
on the number of questions, the difficulty, and/or the length of the
assignment.  As an example, I consider an answer of a sentence or less to be
worth about a point, a paragraph about 4 or 5, a page of written work about
8-10.  Quizzes are usually in the 20-40 point range, tests are 50-80, and
research papers will be about that as well. The number of points awarded
depends on the accuracy, completeness, and effort demonstrated.  Grades are
displayed as a fraction (6/8 or 9.5/10)

2) Participation.  This is not directly graded at the end of each term but my
experience shows me that quality contributions add points to your scores; poor
behavior or lack of preparation subtract points.

3) Grades.  Important fact--a point is a point is a point--one point on a test
is the same as one from a quiz or a homework assignment.  I determine your
grade by dividing the total points you earned by  the total points possible
during that marking period. Therefore, it is just as important to do well on 
your homework assignments as it is to do well on a test.

4) Extra Credit. I usually do not allow or offer extra credit, but sometimes I
will show a film after school for credit.  Those will be announced as they
come up.  There may be community events or other worthwhile efforts that may
come to your attention that might be used to earn a bit of credit.  If it
helps the class or is enriching to you, it  may be worth something.  Please
see me with ideas or questions.

5) Lost assignments.  Make copies of all major assignments, keep rough drafts,
and don't delete computer files.  If for some reason an assignment is
misplaced, eaten by the dog, lost in a flood, etc., you will need to provide
me with a copy.  I cannot give you a grade on something I did not get.   Lost
work happens rarely, but seems more frequent when you don't pass in your work
with your  peers'.  You may also email your assignments to me if printer
issues keep you from submitting a  hard copy of the document.

6) "My printer died", "I ran out of ink", and other lame excuses--
Today, we have this wonderful thing called "internet" that allows people to
send and retrieve information from far away places (such as Waltham or
Boston).  It is also very handy when you need to print out a report but you
can't for some reason.  Use e-mail to send me the homework, report, or
PowerPoint presentation.  As an alternative, flash drives are
great, too.

7) Other questions?  Please email me.