Health Outline

Middle School Health Outline

Grade:   7                                          Grade:  8

A.  Fitness Components                       A.  Brain and Nervous System
    -Heart Rate Monitoring                            Brain Tracing        
    -Channels Activity                                Effects of Drugs on
    -Circulatory System                               Diseases of
    -Health Related Assignment               B.  Drugs and Affect on Body
    -Fitness Diary                                    systems

                                                      Dangers of
                                                      Decision Making
B.  HIV/AIDS Unit                                     Addictions
    Facts and Myths                          C.  Reproductive System
    Awareness                                         Sexuality
    Treatments                                        Sexually Transmitted
    Decision Making                                   Diseases
                                                      Decision Making

C.  Nutrition                                D.  Nutrition and Exercise
    Food Choices                                      Fuels for fitness
    Food Pyramid                                      Performance
    Disease                                           Hydration
    Decision Making                       

D.  Substance Use and Abuse                  E.  Violence Prevention Unit
    Drugs/Alcohol/Smoking                             Media Influence
    Effects                                           Awareness   
    Decision Making                                   Conflict Resolution

E.  Adventure Curriculum                     F.  Health Careers Project
    Cooperative Activities                   G.  Adventure Curriculum
    Problem Solving Activities
F.  Sexual Harassment
    What sexual harassment is
    Reporting incidents