Mr. Graham - Algebra 1 and Trig.

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Welcome back to the 10 - 11 school year 

Newest News:

Howard High Extended Day- 

The program runs from 2:15-3:15.  A Homework Help session is offered from 
(3:15-4:00) for students needing transportation.  
Please complete an Extended Day form and turn in at least one day prior to 
starting the program.  Forms are available from the "Handout" section a few 
options over on this website.

Lunch Help - Coming soon students will be able to receive extra help during
their lunch period.  This year it will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  It will
be located in room N226.  Students will be in need of a pass that they can
acquire from either Mrs Lorenz ( A217)or Mr Graham or Mr Jens.  Class work is
helpful as well as an idea of what the student would like help with 

National Honor Society will be available for tutoring every Wed. from 2:15 to
3:15 in the media center. This will begin Wed. Sept. 23. NHS students can help
their peers study for a test, work on homework, practice and review
challenging material and prepare for a class. Announcements will be made and
signs posted. Let me know if you have questions.
Thank you,
Randi Hamilton
NHS Sponsor

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