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Mean, Median, Mode, Data Links


You will find links on this page that help you better understand central 
modes of tendency and ways to display data.

Internet Links

This link provides a game, quiz and notes on mean, median and mode.
Mean, Median, Mode

Very clear notes and examples of Mean, Median and Mode
Regentsprep Notes

Practice Problems for mean, median and mode.
Regents Prep Practice

Notes on Box-and-Whisker Plots
Notes Box and Whisker

Virtual Stem and Leaf Plotter.  Use this application to help you understand 
stem and leaf plots.  Try to find the mean, median and mode.  Then, check 
your answers.
Stem and Leaf Plotter

Great notes on stem and leaf plots
Notes: Stem and Leaf

Quiz Yourself!   This is an online quiz to help you practice reading stem 
and leaf plots.
Online Quiz Stem and Leaf

This is an interactive application that will help you better understand 
Interactive Histograms

Use this online tool to manipulate histograms.  Watch how it changes the 
mean, median and mode.
Online tool histograms

Multiple Choice Practice- Data
Practice Today - 6/2/08

Other Resources


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