NAMES: Mr. Miller, Mrs. McWilliams, Mrs. Martindale

SCHOOL: Cross Creek

CLASS: 7th grade Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, & Social Studies

SCHOOL PHONE: 616.656.4000

About The Teachers...

Mr. Miller  e-mail:11dmiller@heritageacademies.com
This will be my first year teaching at Cross Creek and I am happy to be here 
with such a great group of students and teachers! I will also be an assistant 
basketball coach for boys and girls. I graduated from Grand Valley State 
University with a Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics for Secondary 
Education and have lived in the Grand Rapids area for 5 years now.

I grew up and attended high school on the east side of the state in Almont, 
which is a very small community. My parents still live there and I try to 
visit them as often as I can. I have a twin brother who is working on his 
Master's at Grand Valley, and a younger sister who is an undergraduate also 
at Grand Valley.

I am an avid sports fan and enjoy watching hockey, baseball, and football. I 
try to stay active by playing tennis and running when I can. I also like to 
relax by watching a good movie or reading a good book!

Mrs. McWilliams  e-mail:11.mmcwilliams@heritageacademies.com
I have been teaching middle school Science at Cross Creek for 14 years now 
and have truly enjoyed the journey.  During that time I have managed to have 
two beautiful little boys named Caleb and Caiden, while completing my 
Master’s in Middle School Education from Grand Valley State University.  It 
has been a demanding, yet very rewarding 14 years.  

I grew up within the Kentwood area and attended East Kentwood High school.  
I think one of the reasons why I love Cross Creek so much is because of the 
size!!  It is truly a blessing to be able to get to know each student on a 
more individual basis.  After high school, I received my bachelor’s degree 
in education with a science emphasis and later received my Masters in middle 
school education.  I also ended up marrying my high school sweetheart.  

On top of teaching both 7th and 8th grade Science, I also teach Science 
Olympiad and Lego Engineering.  I truly love what I do... and the bonus of
having summer with my boys just makes everything that much sweeter.

Mrs. Martindale  e-mail:11.kmartindale@nhaschools.com
I am the 7th grade Language Arts teacher at Cross Creek Charter Academy. I 
also teach Drama, Creative Writing and Language Arts Enrichment encore 
classes!I enjoy being the National Junior Honor Society advisor here at our 
school as well. This is myfourth year at Cross Creek and although I have not 
been here all that long, it feels like home to me!

I attended Hope College where I pursued my dream career of becoming a 
teacher. There, I received my Bachelor’s degree in education with an emphasis 
in Language Arts.Before I came here,I worked at Ridge Park Charter Academy, 
an NHA school. I was also a reading parapro in the Forest Hills Public 
Schools, where I also went to school and grew up myself!

My biggest passions in life are helping children and reading. I lived and 
traveled around Tanzania, Africa, for a summer, where I partook in mission 
work and worked in schools and orphanages, spreading my love for learning. My 
hope is to share my passion of reading and helping others with my students 
here at Cross Creek!

Mission For The Class

To help every student to achieve their very best in mathematics. I want 
students to be able to think critically and communicate their thinking with 
others. I also want students to recognize how math relates to the world 
around them everyday.

Language Arts . . .
In 7th grade ELA, we will be working to improve the skills needed for 
effective reading, writing, listening, & speaking.  In addition to reading & 
writing, students will share, collaborate, & confer with one another on a 
regular basis.  As we explore different types of literature & writing, our 
emphasis will be on the elements & mechanics of each.

Science . . .
In 7th grade Science we use facts and labels to help organize observations, 
communicate conclusions and assumptions, and generate new questions for 
study.  Discovery and exploration are key factors in 7th grade Science.  
Science is an investigative process for examining the universe.  It is always 
changing and advancing.  We culminate our year with a 7th grade class trip 
that revolves around this investigative process.   Implementing our hands on 
approach to learning while participating in an outdoor canoeing excursion in 
Northern Michigan - giving real connections and meaning.   
Topics covered include:  Scientific Method and process, Graphing
Measurement, Cells, Heredity, Matter, Chemistry, Force/Motion, Weather, and 

Social Studies. . .
This is a general idea of what we will learn this coming school year in Social
Studies.  A timeline of topics that will be covered in class looks something
like this:

>Geography Concept Review
>Africa (Geography, History, and Current Events)
>Asia (Geography, History, and Current Events)
>Europe (Geography, History, and Current Events)

Social Studies gives us the tools to become better citizens and more 
productive members of society...