Website of habitats and animals that live in each habitat.  
National Geographic for Kids :  Habitats 

Draw a stickman!!!  The kids love it :) 

Free Astronomy Network for Kids

NASA Kid's Club:  Fun site with great pictures and some games.

Astronomy Pictures of the Day from NASA

Hubble Telescope: Capturing the extraordinary. Explore the 
universe through 
Hubble's eye.

Phoebe: The hummingbird we are watching from California.

The First Grade Gardens were awarded the Fallon Park Garden of 
the month for 
May 2009.  Please see the pics and read the story from the link 

 National Geographic for Kids

Our Math Series - There are great games and practice activities 
that come 
directly from the chapters we are working on.

There are many activities that are safe and fun for children.  We 
use some 
them in the classroom on the Promethean board.

Learn about the many types of habitats.

Discovery Planet Education: The Ocean

Dr. Seuss activities, games and more.

Scholistic Kids: Magic School Bus Marine Life

Learning activities, reading blogs, author studies and more.

Junie B Jones site through publisher Random House.

Star Fall :  A great educational reading website for beginning 
readers.  (We 
use it in the classroom regularly. :)

Try Science has activities, live cams, field trips and much much 

Bill Nye the Science Guy has a great site with interesting facts 
and questions of the day.

Turkey Games