August 3, 2014	

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and Incoming Fifth Grader,
Back-to-School advertisements are beginning to grace circulars and television 
commercials reminding us that a new school year is just around the corner.  So 
that you can take advantage of these great sales, here’s a list of items that 
your child will need to be prepared for 5th grade:
	ONE  2 inch three-ring view binder (clear plastic pocket on the 
	ONE durable 3-hole punched folder for homework and notices (This will 
be kept in the binder, but should be sturdy enough to go home on its own once 
in a while.)  
	ONE USB flash drive 1G or larger 
	Pencils, pens, and erasers for school and home
	a pencil pouch to keep pens/pencils organized in binder
	A dictionary to be kept at home.  This should be at least at an 
intermediate level as opposed to a children’s dictionary. (Having access to 
dictionary.com is fine, but a hard copy of a dictionary comes in handy when 
they may not have access to the Internet.)
	It is highly recommended that your child has multiplication flash 
cards at home to increase math fact recall speed

Please remind your child that he/she should have a minimum of 10 entries in 
their summer writing journal. I discussed this on Step-Up Day last June and a 
letter went home with the children. I will be reviewing these the first week 
of school. The entries could be a summary of what your child did that day, an 
idea or web for a creative story, a quick poem, or even a comic strip!  
If you need to contact me, email me at skrysiak@nbcs.k12.nh.us. Also, my 
teacher website (found under the faculty and staff link on the NBCS website) 
will be a great place to access information, including homework assignments 
each night as well as other announcements for students and parents. 

I look forward to a great school year! See you soon!


Stephanie A. Krysiak
5th Grade teacher