Monday 10/20/2014

MATH: Spend 30 minutes working on your math practice test.

SPELLING: U1Week5 spelling words to study. Finish 2-sided w/sheet.

ENGLISH:  Research your point on next week's debate. Either you were assigned 
that "Students in Grades 3-6 should have cell phones and/or Smart phones" or 
"Students in Grades 3-6 DO NOT need any cell phone."

SOCIAL STUDIES: If you didn't finish in class, finish taking notes on pages 52-
58 using the pyramid structure handout.

READING: You should always have a book going. Read 20 minutes a night.

NOTICES: Pat's Peak sign up sheet. Please return ASAP.

Field Trip - permission slip and money due Friday, 10/24

****Login to http://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do to practice 
vocabulary, spelling, and grammar lessons. These change weekly according to my 

***I expect students to spread out 60 minutes a week to practice keyboarding on 
learning.com. They have their logins which are the same as logging into a 
school computer.