Friday 10/24/2014

MATH: none (other than study math facts. I will begin keeping students in for 
recess if they are not fluent in multiplication facts. They will not be able to 
reduce fractions and add and subtract them if they don't have their math facts 

SOCIAL STUDIES: Finish reading pages 52 - 58. Answer the questions at the end 
of the lesson.

ENGLISH:  Due Monday: Research your point on next week's debate. Either you 
were assigned that "Students in Grades 3-6 should have cell phones and/or Smart 
phones" or "Students in Grades 3-6 DO NOT need any cell phone." 

READING: You should always have a book going. Read 20 minutes a night.

NOTICES: Pat's Peak sign up sheet. Please return ASAP.

Field Trip - permission slip and money due Friday, 10/24

****Login to http://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do to practice 
vocabulary, spelling, and grammar lessons. These change weekly according to my 

***I expect students to spread out 60 minutes a week to practice keyboarding on 
learning.com. They have their logins which are the same as logging into a 
school computer.