New Late Assignment Policy for 4th quarter: NO ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED 
LATE. Students who do not complete an assignment during class will take that 
assignment home to finish for homework and return the assignment the next day. 

The amount of missing assignments in 3rd quarter was incredible. I hope that 
this will help students understand the importance of using time wisely in 
class and meeting deadlines. 


Reminder of how to access spelling words on Wonders Website:

=> Go to the links on my page
=> Click on Wonders Link
=> Log on to ConnectEd (Wonders platform)
=> Click the "Home to School" link at the top of the page
=> Click on "Spelling List"

This is also where you will find activities to practice vocabulary words on 
weeks that we have vocabulary words.


Please wear appropriate outdoor gear for recess each day! It's cold out 


Book Order Info:

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