Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

Back-to-School commercials and flyers are reminding us that a new school year is just around the 
corner. So that you can take advantage of these great sales, here’s a list of items that your child 
will need to be prepared for 5th grade:

▪ one 2” three-ring binder with a view cover
▪ pencils and erasers for home and school use
▪ a sturdy homework/notices folder
▪ a pencil pouch that can be kept in his/her binder
▪ a thumb drive or zip drive for saving work

Please remind your son/daughter that he/she should have been keeping track of the books read 
this summer. On Step-Up Day students were encouraged to read at least two books this summer 
and document the book’s title, author, genre, and write a sentence or two telling us what the story 
is about. Each student will be sharing his/her summer reading with the class. These books will 
count toward our 40 book goal this year! If he or she has been participating in the Fizz, Boom, 
Read program at the Whipple Free Library, those count toward your assigned summer reading for 
5th grade too!

I hope you are enjoying the summer. I am looking forward to seeing your child on September 


~Mrs. Elliott