What a great turn out for Back-to-School night! Thank you for coming! For
those who could not attend, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have
any questions. For those people I did not get a chance to speak to directly,
my apologies. It was great to see so many families and students here to
support their learning experience in 5th grade. 

If you did not get a chance to sign up on the "Parent-to-Parent Communication"
sheet but would like to add your contact information, please email me your
information and I will add it to the sheet. This sheet will be passed off to
the room parent who will help organize celebrations in class for various
holidays and events (Halloween, holiday break, Valentine's day, etc.). 

If you are available to volunteer in class or with projects at home and did
not get a chance to sign up last night, please send me your contact
information and availability. It takes a village! 

Again, many thanks for all the support last night. It looks like this will be
a great year!