What have we been doing?

Sunday November 22nd-good morning!  Brrrr!  So, as you know, this is a short 
week--only Monday and Tuesday for the afternoon class, and Mon-Thursday for 
the morning class.  We will also be off on Friday to celebrate 
Thanksgiving!   I'll be celebrating with my ENTIRE family in North Carolina 
and I' can't wait!  We're celebrating a big first birthday too-can't believe 
it's been a year since my grandson was born!

The morning class had such an amazing time at the First Grade/Readiness dress 
rehearsal on Thursday.  I had lots of compliments about how well behaved they 
were!  Yeah!

The afternoon class had a super fun visit from Elaina's grandmother.  She 
read us a fun story, and made those super cute turkeys with us.  It was 

This week we celebrate 5th birthdays for Evelyn, Marion and Elaina-woo hoo!

Both classes will be finishing up Brown Day and Thanksgiving activities this 
week and getting ready to enjoy the long weekend.

Enjoy your Sunday and have a great week and a happy happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday November 15th-good morning!  Boy, it sure was nice to have a break in 
the middle of the week-thank you to our veterans.  So, we have lots and lots 
of 'yuck" already going through the  preschool.  The coughs are hanging on 
forever!  Don't forget that children should not be at school with fevers! If 
you aren't sure-check in with the school nurse.  I know we're going to be 
bombarded with the nasty noses and I'm not too terribly worried about that-
we'll just keep washing our hands and wiping down surfaces with disinfectant 
wipes. If anyone wants to donate more of those,that would be so helpful!

The afternoon class was surprised by their last names to sign in with this 
week, and they're definitely getting the hang of it!  We'll be practicing 
more this week and next until we're able to confidently identify and state 
our last names.  

Both classes will be having lots of "turkey" fun this week and next week as 
we get ready for Thanksgiving.  We've been talking about harvest a little in 
the afternoon class.  

The morning class will be learning about triangles this week.  I'm really 
just interested in exposure to them and the ability to recognize them-
definitely not in drawing them-that's way too hard!

The afternoon class will be working on drawing rectangles-with big lines and 
little lines.  We've been working on: L, F, and E and will learn about H next 
week--practicing making these at home and talking about the sounds they  make 
would be good practice-as long as when we're  making them-we START AT THE TOP!

The afternoon class will be having a special visitor coming to our class on 
Tuesday-she'll be sharing a Thanksgiving story and a fun craft with us-it 
should be really fun!  I can't wait!

Wednesday is our whole group movement day and Thursday is BROWN DAY in both 
classes!  Phew-what a busy week! 

The remaining progress reports and graded IEP's will go home on Monday.  
Again, if you are interested in a parent/teacher conference, please let me 
know, and I'll be happy to set something with you!

Enjoy your sunny Sunday and have a great week!

Sunday November 8th-good morning! That seemed like a REALLY long week! The 
time change is always hard on the little (and big!) ones!  

Grades have closed and I have been working hard on progress reports and 
grading IEPS.  For the first quarter of the year, I write a narrative report 
based on the whole child and his/her experience at preschool.  I do a skills 
checklist in Feb, another narrative in April and a final skills checklist in 
June.  Graded IEPS also come out quarterly as well.  As always, if anyone is 
interested in scheduling a parent/teacher conference, let me know.  I see so 
many of you on a regular basis, that I don't typically schedule conferences 
across the board, but on an individual basis.

Both classes had SO much fun with the spider obstacle course in the gym this 
week.  Thank you so much to Mrs. Moulton for helping us through and also for 
modifying some of the activities for us and our little legs!

Tomorrow is GRAY DAY in both classes.  Sorry I didn't get out a note for this-
like I said, this was a crazy week!  We will be finishing up our squirrel and 
acorn activities this week and even learn about triangles in the morning 
class on Thursday.  

The afternoon class will be having fun with scarecrows and crows this week.  
We will explore the letter "E" tomorrow and also learn to make the 
numeral "2" on Thursday.  

I want to take a minute to say how proud I am of all the preschoolers, in  
both classes.  We're really  learning how to be members of a group and 
managing ourselves accordingly.  We're accepting and supporting new friends 
who have recently joined the group and we're really becoming a team-
especially in the afternoon, because we're a little older and ready!  


Enjoy the rest of your sunny Sunday and have a great week!


Sunday November 1st-good morning! I hope everyone had tons of fun last night 
and also remembered to turn the clocks  back! I can't believe it's already 
November-the time is literally flying.

We're looking forward to participating in Mrs. Moulton's spooky spider 
obstacle course this week and we're also wishing a Happy Birthday to Maverick 
and Mae this week-4 years old!  

So, we're getting ready to think about Thanksgiving and harvest, and getting 
ready for the winter. Squirrels hide their nuts, and we'll have fun 
singing 'Gray Squirrel" and exploring nuts and acorns. We'll practice our 
colors and shapes, and counting with acorns.  

The afternoon class will be talking about crows and scarecrows and their job 
protecting the harvest.  

Our next letter to learn about this week is "F" for fall!  We'll decorate 
our "F" and practice making the lip cooler "ffff" sound on Thursday.  We all 
need practice with this sound!

In our LIPS lessons so far, we've learned to make "lip poppers" and "tip 
tappers".  When we pop our lips quietly, it makes the "p" sound and when we 
turn on our voice to do it, it makes the "b" sound.  Tip tappers involve 
tapping the roof of our mouth with the tip of our tongues. When it's done 
quietly, it makes the "t" sound and when we turn on our voice, it makes 
the "d" sound.  The new lip cooler sound that we'll learn this week makes 
the "f" sound when we do it quietly, and when it's voiced, it makes the "v" 

In our Second Step lessons, we're beginning to learn about different 
feelings, and how to identify how someone feels by looking at their face, 
their body, and then eventually,what is happening around them.  We're getting 
very good at talking about what we notice with our eyes!

Thank you to everyone that supplied goodies for our parties-everything was 
delicious and the children had a great time!

Enjoy your extra long Sunday and have a great week!

Sunday October 25-good morning!  So, we have another fun week ahead of us!  
Fire prevention was very exciting, and Halloween is bound to be even more so!

Our class parties will be on Thursday for both classes.  Sign-up sheets are 
on the door.  The children can wear costumes to school and we will have a 
very  low key party at snack time.  

Tuesday is Black Day for both classes-you should have received a note about 

Wednesday continues to be our gross motor/movement day in both classes, and I 
appreciate your help with appropriate footwear for the children.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a great week!

Sunday October 18th-good morning--brrrrrrr!  I guess we couldn't hold it off 
forever!  What a good week we had in both classes.  Orange Day was fun, and 
the morning class will be continuing with our fun orange activities tomorrow 
as well.  Check out our marble painted pumpkins on the bulletin board-they 
were really fun for the 4's to make--and if you look carefully, you'll see 
that the apples and pumpkins on the border are in patterns!

The morning class will be having all kinds of fun with pumpkin this week, and 
we'll be singing "5 Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate"!  

Picture retake day is Wednesday for those who want to participate.

Fire prevention week is this week, and I'm sure it's going to be VERY 
distracting for us to have all that activity in the parking lot!  The morning 
class will be going out to visit on Tuesday at 9:45, so please dress 
appropriately, and the afternoon class will be going out on Tuesday at 1:00.  
The fire fighters do a great job of discussing fire safety at a 
developmentally appropriate level--with lots of help from me!  ha!  We talk 
about smoke detectors, stop,drop, and roll, get low and go, and not hiding 
from fire fighters if they are coming to rescue us.  We will be climbing out 
the window of the trailer with their assistance and then check out the 
emergency vehicles.  It's really very fun and exciting.  

I will do my best to have a party sign-up sheet on the door by the end of the 
week.  Our Halloween parties will be on Thursday Oct. 29th for both classes.  
For new parents, these parties are VERY VERY (did I say VERY?) low key and 
limited to snack time only.  I respectfully ask that parents NOT plan to join 
us as it can make it very difficult for little ones who are already off their 
regular schedules.  The children will dress in their costumes, and we'll take 
lots of pictures, and even parade through the school for everyone to see how 
cute we look!  We'll return to our class and enjoy the special treats for our 
snack time and that's it!  Trust me--less is more at this age!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to touch base with me!

Enjoy the frosty fall Sunday and have a great week!

Sunday October 11th-good morning and happy sunny Sunday!  Let me start by 
saying  how very proud I am of the preschoolers during our evacuation drills 
this week.  Everyone listened and followed directions and stayed quiet for 
succcchhhhhhhh a long time!  Now, let's just hope and pray that we never have 
to do it for real.

We had fun cooking our own applesauce in both classes this week--everyone 
could smell it! Peeling the apples was a lot of work, but fun.  The morning 
class has also been practicing scooping up the apples with a variety of 
spoons, ladles, tongs, etc.  Very fun!

We'll continue with our apple activities this week, as well as beginning to 
talk about fall leaves and pumpkins.  Thursday is Orange Day for both 

*****PLEASE READ:    On Wednesdays, both classes have movement activities, 
whether it's whole group, or small group.  Please be sure your child is 
wearing appropriate footwear to be able to participate effectively.  Sneakers 
are really the best option. Thanks*******

Thank you afternoon parents for "clearing out" a little more quickly.  It's 
great for the children to practice their independence!  

Enjoy your fall Sunday, and have a great week!


Sunday October 4th-good morning-who has the heat on?  At least the rain has 
stopped for awhile!  What a fun field trip to the apple orchard we had on 
Thursday!  The children had such a good time choosing the perfect apples for 
our bags and they each tried to lift the very full bags!  We all ate a juicy 
apple and had so much fun trying not to get lost in the corn maize.  We'll be 
doing lots of cooking and eating this week.  Don't worry-we'll definitely 
share our apples with the morning class!

We've learned a song in the morning class "Way Up High In The Apple Tree" and 
our apple project this week will have the words on it so your child can sing 
it for you!  Both classes need lots and lots of work with scissor ad pre-
scissor skills, so we'll be focusing on that quite a bit.  Tearing paper with 
our fingers is a great way to strengthen our fingers.  Letting your child 
practice with scissors, cutting out coupons or something like that is awesome 
as well!

On Thursday, there will be a school-wide lockdown/evacuation drill.  It's 
certainly not a fun part of school, but a necessity.  I keep it as simple as 
possible as far as explanations for the children.  We "lockdown" in case 
there's a "bad storm that could break our windows, or a sick animal that 
wants to get in, or a stranger."  I minimize the "stranger" part.  As far as 
the "evacuation" part, I talk about if something "stinky" spills in the 
school and we need to go somewhere else so it can get cleaned up.  

Please be sure your child is dressed appropriately to walk and be outside for 
a period of time. If you have any other questions about this, feel free to 
ask me.

So, many of you afternoon parents have noticed the arrival craziness, and I'd 
like to now encourage you to drop off your child and leave right away.  We're 
practicing independence and learning to complete our own jobs, and are 
getting really good at it.  So, please "drop and go"!  Thanks!

Enjoy the rest of your relaxing Sunday and have a great week!


Sunday September 27-brrrrrr!  Good morning!  Fall is definitely here!  We had 
another great week of preschool, learning about circles in the morning class 
and exploring a variety of ways to make circles: printing, glueing, and 
building with out wood pieces on the rug.  We even searched in the sand table 
and found circles hiding in there!  Tomorrow is "Red Day" and we'll explore 
red with a collage, fingerpaint, making a book about red and discussing 
many "red" things in our environment.  

Apples are red, and we will begin talking about, and having fun with apple 
projects for the next few weeks.  We'll be learning a fun fingerplay "Way Up 
HIgh in the Apple Tree"--maybe your child will sing it for you!

The afternoon class is going to Brookdale Farm Stand on Thursday.  If you 
don't already have the permission slip, it should be in your child's cubby.  
We'll be picking a large bag of apples for the classroom!  The children are 
soooooo excited!

Tuesday will be our first Library visit.  Preschoolers do NOT borrow books 
from the library.  We will hear a story from Mrs. Charles, and then have an 
opportunity to look at picture books.  We will learn to match the letter on 
the book spine to the correct bin in the bookcase-well, eventually!

Wednesday will be our first whole group social skills and movement day.  Mrs. 
Dana will be introducing our Social Thinking curriculum and we will be 
talking about feelings and thoughts.  This curriculum blends really well with 
our Second Step Social Skills program as well.  We'll probably have fun with 
some familiar (for most of us) yoga poses with Mrs. Anderson.   Please make 
sure your child is wearing appropriate foot wear to exercise in-thanks!

The book order went out on Friday, so those should be coming in 7-10 days or 

This month's calendar packet will include some hand-outs from our Handwriting 
Without Tears curriculum about helping your child practice correct crayon 
grip and also about helping to learn to print his/her name.  If you have any 
questions about these, just ask.

Looking forward to a great week-hopefully the rain will come and go before 

Enjoy your sunny Sunday and have a great week!

Sunday September 20-good morning!  We survived our first full week and I'll 
tell you, everyone was wiped!  

Yellow Day was fun and we really enjoyed fingerpainting in yellow!  The 
afternoon class has been working very hard on holding crayons and scissors 
correctly.  We learned a new song "pick up a crayon" and also a poem about 

This week we will have our first "Wet, Dry, Try" lesson with our slates to 
begin to learn how to make letters and numbers. This is a process of using 
wet sponges to 'erase" the number from the slate, and then repeat with a dry 
piece of paper towel, and then trying ourselves with chalk.  It's a fun way 
to reinforce the process without putting a pencil in our hands (which we're 
definitely not ready to do!).

 We always make sure to start our letters at the top, whether tracing with 
our finger, or building with our wooden pieces, or doing "wet, dry, try".  We 
learn uppercase because they all start at the top. If you are working with 
your child on printing, make sure to remind him/her to start at the top-
thanks!  For more information about this program, check out the link to 
Handwriting Without Tears.

We've also been working very, very hard on counting, and placing numerals in 
order, 1-10, using a numberline to check.  We'll be practicing this all year 
until we can do it independently.  

The morning class has continued to practice the daily routine, look to see 
what's "open" during our center time and try a variety of activities.  We're 
beginning to learn to sort by color, and we're spending a lot of time talking 
about "same" and "different".  

This week we'll begin talking about circles.  We'll make circle collages, 
sort circles, walk in circles and have a chance to paint a large circle at 
the easel.  

We're also going to try making "Mat Man" together with our wooden pieces from 
the Handwriting Without Tears program.  This process reinforces body part 
awareness, counting, taking turns and becoming familiar with the shapes of 
the pieces.  There's also a huge language component as we talk about 
positioning of the pieces: next to, top, bottom, up, down, etc.

I'll be submitting the book order at the end of the week, so if you wish to 
order books this month, make sure to do it by Thursday.  I will be sending 
home a book order (or 2) every month, except December and June (they don't 
come back in time).  

A note will be coming home this week for "Red Day" which will be next Monday 
the 28th, and the afternoon class will be going on a field trip next Thursday 
Oct 1 to Brookdale Farm Stand in Hollis to pick apples.  Be on the look our 
for that permission slip as well!

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful fall Sunday and have a great week!

Sunday September 13-good morning! Well, we survived another crazy hot week-
barely!  Looking forward to more reasonable  weather this week.

Everyone should have picture forms for tomorrow.  If not, see Ruth in the 
office. The morning class is heading down about 8:30 and the afternoon class 
will be going immediately after everyone arrives at 11:30.  I'll let you know 
as soon as I know when "re-take" day will be!

So, the afternoon class has been learning about centers this week.  We are 
learning to stay at our area until a teacher says it's time to change and 
we're looking to see where our friends go to help us remember where we're 
supposed to go!  It's definitely a work in progress!

We met "Mat Man" this week-see the link about our Handwriting Without Tears 
program.  We're going to learn about using wood pieces (big line, little 
line, big curve and little curve) to build "Mat Man" and also to make some 
uppercase letters soon.  First we need to learn how to make "big lines" 
and "little lines".  Then we'll move on to letters

With Mrs. Dana, we're doing some listening to environmental sounds, and 
getting ready for some phonemic awareness lessons that involve listening to 
sounds: like rhyming!

Tomorrow, we'll be sharing our "Weekend News" --that's great practice for 
using complete sentences, recalling events, and trying to organize our 
thoughts in a logical sequence.  

The morning class has also been working very hard to learn the classroom 
routines and participate in activities that are "open".  This too, is a work 
in progress!  Participation at circle time is improving really quickly and 
everyone is learning to be good listeners.  

On Monday mornings we'll be having a group obstacle course before circle with 
Mrs. Anderson. We'll be using scooters, balance beams, tunnels, etc. It's 
tons of fun and is so good for our muscles!  Mrs. Dana will be doing whole 
group language and oral motor activities at circle on Monday and Thursday and 
we'll even do yoga with Mrs. Anderson on Wednesdays!  Circle time is a very 
important part of our day!  And lots of fun too!

So, this Thursday is "Yellow Day" for both classes.  We like to see if we can 
dress up in the color of the day and bring in a little item that can be glued 
onto a class color collage.  If your child isn't at school on a color day, 
you can certainly send the item the next time.  

Finally, I have a blue hooded sweatshirt with a monster on it-anyone?  

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a great week!

Sunday September 6, 2015-good evening, and I hope everyone is enjoying this 
beautiful Labor Day weekend.  

We had a wonderful (although incredibly hot!) first week of school and all 
the children seemed really happy to be there.  Both classes participated in 
school-wide fire drills that were a bit scary, but important.  We know that 
we need a "big noise" for a "big problem."  We also all know that we go 
straight to the flag pole with our class and do not stop to play.

The morning class is going to continue our fun "crayon" theme this week and 
we'll be using crayons, sorting, counting and even making a headband with our 
names in crayons!

The afternoon class will be having lots of fun with school bus activities.  
Wee are going to also make headbands with our names, but ours will be in 
buses! We'll have a fun language lesson with Mrs. Dana to talk about what 
things are "school" things and what things are "not school" things.  Mrs. 
Anderson will be coloring with us and I will be assessing our numeral 

I want to thank everyone who came to the picnic and also to those who brought 
in all the classroom supplies!  They are greatly appreciated! 

A couple of housekeeping items: 1. we're going to try hard to maintain our 
handwashing on arrival policy that we implemented last year.  Once the 
children get used to it, they remember better than I do!  2. Afternoon 
parents bringing children to school, I'm sure you've already noticed that we 
have some children in the classroom between 11 and 11:20, so please wait for 
a staff member to open the door so as to respect their privacy.  3. I have a 
change of clothes for most children and if you haven't brought it in, it's 
really a good idea.  

It's supposed to be another really hot week, so be sure your child has plenty 
to drink in his/her lunchbox and be sure to apply sunscreen or send a hat for 
outside time. 

Be sure to e-mail me with any other questions, and enjoy the rest of your 
long weekend.

Have a great week!

Sunday August 23, 2015-good morning!  The final countdown has begun and I am 
working frantically to get the welcome packets together and out in the mail 
by Tuesday at the very latest. I spent all last week at a great conference on 
Autism and ABA at Antioch College in Keene.  I had a great time and learned a 
lot, but now, of course, I'm a little behind schedule.  You don't even want 
to know what the classroom looks like right now!

The packets will include a "homework" assignment for your family, information 
about the potluck picnic on the 31st, and a bunch of other information. 

School starts on Wednesday September 2nd.  I would love to have all morning 
children at school on Wed and Thurs of that week if possible, to ease the 
transition a bit. Remember, the next week begins on Tues the 8th.

I'll be writing on this page every week, usually on Sunday mornings with 
highlights from the week, special activities, and upcoming events. If you go 
to the "what's coming up in preschool?" page, I have a calendar of important 
days for that month.  "The things we want" page is our classroom wish list.  
There are actually a few things on there now!

I love e-mail, and check it several times a day, so this may be the best way 
to stay in touch with me. 

If, between the website, and the packets, there are still some questions, 
please feel free to email me any time.

I'll be at school this week Tues-Thurs for another workshop, and hopefully 
getting that room pulled together.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the picnic on Monday the 31st!

Enjoy your last full week of vacation!