What have we been doing?

Sunday August 23, 2015-good morning!  The final countdown has begun and I am 
working frantically to get the welcome packets together and out in the mail 
by Tuesday at the very latest. I spent all last week at a great conference on 
Autism and ABA at Antioch College in Keene.  I had a great time and learned a 
lot, but now, of course, I'm a little behind schedule.  You don't even want 
to know what the classroom looks like right now!

The packets will include a "homework" assignment for your family, information 
about the potluck picnic on the 31st, and a bunch of other information. 

School starts on Wednesday September 2nd.  I would love to have all morning 
children at school on Wed and Thurs of that week if possible, to ease the 
transition a bit. Remember, the next week begins on Tues the 8th.

I'll be writing on this page every week, usually on Sunday mornings with 
highlights from the week, special activities, and upcoming events. If you go 
to the "what's coming up in preschool?" page, I have a calendar of important 
days for that month.  "The things we want" page is our classroom wish list.  
There are actually a few things on there now!

I love e-mail, and check it several times a day, so this may be the best way 
to stay in touch with me. 

If, between the website, and the packets, there are still some questions, 
please feel free to email me any time.

I'll be at school this week Tues-Thurs for another workshop, and hopefully 
getting that room pulled together.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the picnic on Monday the 31st!

Enjoy your last full week of vacation!