What have we been doing?

Sunday June 11th-good morning!  Boy is it going to get hot!  Oh boy!  So, 
I'm still kind of in shock that this is the last full week of school.  It 
flew, didn't it?  

        1. school-wide barbecue Tuesday-we will eat lunch at school that 
           day upstairs at the barbecue-it's lots of fun!

        2. after the barbecue, weather permitting, we'll take our walking
           field trip down to the town playground

        3. Thursday is our field trip to Dodge's Farm

        4. Monday the 19th is it!!!!  Please bring your children at the 
           normal time, and come back to join us at 12:15.  First we will      
           all enjoy the barbecue together, and then at approximately 1:00
           the children will perform their "show"-several favorite songs
           from the year.  After their songs, I will present a slideshow
           from their time in preschool-bring the tissues!


        6. Report card, graded IEP's, cover sheets from the Brigance 
           screen will go home this Thursday.


         1. Report cards, graded IEP's and summer school calendars (for 
            attending) will go home this week.

         2. MONDAY THE 19TH-OUR CELEBRATION DAY  9:00-10:00.  Please drop
            your child off at the regular time and plan to join us between 
            8:45 and 9:00 for our "show'.  The children will sing a few of 
            our favorite songs from the year, and then we can all share
            some treats together.  



If I have forgotten anything, please reach out-I"m a little scattered 
right about now! haha!

Stay cool today and all week!

Sunday June 4th-good morning!  What a pretty sunny morning it is!  Enjoy 
it while it lasts. 

So, both classes continue to work very hard getting ready for the end of 
the year.  The afternoon children are soooooooo excited about their show 
and party!  A sign-up sheet will be on the door by the end of this week at 
the very latest.  This is a family barbecue and we really need everyone to 
help out to pull it off!  Thanks in advance.

The afternoon calendar has already changed, unfortunately, since it was 
copied.  Our field trip to Dodge's Farm Stand will be on Thursday the 15th 
instead of Tuesday.  They're not open on Tuesdays yet.  On Tuesday, 
weather permitting, we'll take a walking field trip to the town playground 
after the school-wide barbecue!  Both of these activities will have to be 
cancelled if it rains, as there is no more time-yikes!

The morning class is having lots and lots of farm fun!  Did you see the 
pig puppets last week?  They were so cute!  We'll be having fun with cows 
and tractors and we'll begin practicing some number recognition activities 
as well.  

Enjoy the rest of the day and have a great (rainy:(() week!  Happy 
birthday tomorrow to Aiden!


Sunday May 28th-good morning and I hope everyone is enjoying the long 
Memorial Day weekend!  I know I am!:)))))

Thanks to everyone for spraying your own children and I am continuing to 
do "tick checks" when we come inside.  We have a short, but fun week 
ahead.  What fun we had with "Little Blue Truck" in the morning class and 
this week we will finally meet Mrs. Wishy Washy.  She is going to try 
soooo hard to keep the pig and the duck and the cow clean, but  boy do 
they love the mud!

In the afternoon class we continue to enjoy Eric Carle and this week we 
will meet "The Very Grouchy Ladybug"--yes, I know we were going to do that 
last week, but things happen! haha

I've been working through the Brigance screens for the 4 yr olds and we're 
almost done.  

I can't even believe we're down to 3 weeks of school-there's so much left 
to do!  

Our last day celebrations will be on Monday the 19th for both classes.  
The morning "show" will be from 9-10 and parents are welcome to take their 
children home.   The afternoon family barbecue will be from 12:15-2:00, 
with the "show" and a slideshow I'm working on as we speak!

Enjoy the rest of this nice long weekend and have a great week!


Sunday May 21st-good morning!  Well, what a week that was-hot, hot, 
hot!!!We certainly enjoyed our outside time, and YES I have been checking 
for ticks daily.  I will tell you though, that you should really spray 
your children just in case.  

Such fun with ducks in the morning class.  We're also working on making 
shapes with daubers this week.  We're working hard on following directions 
and remaining with a task for more than a couple of seconds.  It's 
definitely a new emphasis that takes some getting used to! :)))

The Eric Carle fun continues in the afternoon class.  We've had so much 
fun attempting to re-create some of his art work and also talking about 
the life cycle of butterflies. We acted out the animals of "The Very Busy 
Spider" with Mrs. Anderson this week, and  we will read "The Very Grouchy 
Ladybug" and have all kinds of ladybug fun!  Did you hear that Maverick?!?

I'm working on Brigance screens for the afternoon class (the screens they 
talked about at the Kindergarten infor night).  

We're looking forward to Library on Tuesday with Mrs. Charles, and we wish 
Kobe a happy 5th birthday on Wednesday!

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday and have a great week!

p.s. Clorox wipes and cheap white paper plates, please!!!!! thanks

Sunday May 14th-good morning and Happy MOther's Day!  I think this yucky 
rainy day will bring some great weather at the end of the week!  So worth 

We continue to have so much fun with ducks and mud in the morning class!  
We've been counting and making headbands with our names, and this week 
we'll talk more about "One Duck Stuck" and all the animals that tried to 

The little bit of extra time in our day has made it possible to get 
outside more often than just once a week, so  be aware that we could go 
out on any day that it's nice and dress your child appropriately!

The afternoon class has been working so very hard to make letters and 
numbers and we're getting really, really good at it!  The hungry 
caterpiller has been helping us really practice the days of the week as 

This week we'll talk more about the life cycle of a butterfly and have 
some fun with butterflies as well as caterpillers.  


    1. Morning role model parents who want their child to return next year 
       for the afternoon class, please give Ruth a check for first month's 
       tuition ($120) to secure your spot.  We have several children on 
       the waiting list.

    2. The last day of school for NBCS will be Tuesday June 20
    3. Our last day  CELEBRATIONS will be Monday June  19th for BOTH 
       CLASSES!   Please mark your calendars!

    4. MORNING: our celebration will consist of our "show" and then 
       goodies for everyone--usually about an hour. And I will want ALL of 
       the children there, even if Monday isn't their typical day!

    5. AFTERNOON: last day is a BIG deal for our class!  We will have a 
       family barbecue and then the children's "show" and then I will have 
       a slide show for everyone! We're usually looking at 12:15-2:00

And finally, Happy birthday to Emma and Declan this week!
Enjoy your day and have a great week!


Sunday May 7th-good morning!  It's actually not raining-shhh!  So, we made 
it through the first week back after vacation, with the extra time!  Good 
job to all the morning parents who were here early! 

The afternoon class did a great job identifying their birthdays for sign 
in and we had so much "rainbow" fun all week!  This week, we're going to 
begin our Eric Carle author study.  We'll begin with the favorite 'The 
Very Hungry Caterpiller" and see how many of his books we get through!  
The hungry caterpiller will help us practice the days of the week, which 
we're getting very good at.  We'll make some fun caterpiller projects and 
even practice letters and counting-it's going to be a very busy week!

The morning class explored mud in all kinds of ways!  We  fingerpainted in 
"mud" and put our boots it in (did you see the bulletin board?).  We even 
ate mud!  Well, some of us! haha!  This week we'll be talking more about 
rain and ducks-ducks like rain !  We'll be making duck headbands, counting 
with ducks, and making some very cute duck crafts!  

It's been wonderful to be able to get outside more than just 1 time per 
week, and also to have a little more time to play in the morning.  I'm 
starting to see some beginnings of cooperative play! It's very exciting to 
see the growth.  

Happy 4th birthday to Jewel on Saturday and thanks to everyone for the 
awesome "teacher appreciation" treats!

Have a great week!


I have a waiting list for role models for the fall, so please give Ruth 
check for your first month's tuition to secure your spot for the fall-
afternoon, remember?  Check with her for the tuition rate for the 4 day 

Sunday April 30th-well, that was a fast week!  I hope everyone is healthy, 
rested, and ready for the final stretch!  

April showers bring mud and rainbows!  The morning class will be having 
lots of fun with mud, puddles, rainboots, etc.  We're going to be 
finishing up a few activities from last week, and then on to spring!  

As I've mentioned previously, it's time to start 'working" a little bit 
more and remaining with activities for a little bit longer.  We're going 
to be practicing some line tracing and coloring and our extra 15 minutes 
in the morning will give me a little bit more time to work individually 
with the children.  Hopefully we'll have a little more time to get outside 
more than just once a week!  Yeah!

The afternoon class will have a super fun 'rainbow" week!  We'll make some 
cute rainbow crafts, and maybe even make rainbow jello to eat!  This week 
is our whole group social thinking and yoga session and our extra 15 
minutes will come at the end of the day.  I'm really hoping that we also 
will get outside more than just once a week with a little more time in our 

Happy 4th birthday to Darren on Tuesday, and speaking of birthdays, I have 
a "sign in" surprise for the afternoon children!  Shhhh!

Enjoy this last sunny  day of vacation and I"ll see everyone bright and 
EARLY tomorrow morning!


Sunday Appril 16th-good morning, and Happy Easter!  It looks like a 
perfect egg hunting day!  I can't wait to get outside.

So, I'm sure you all know that this is the last week of school before we 
have vacation.  We are busy finishing up our "purple"activities in the 
morning class, and reviewing some shapes and starting to trace some lines 
with our crayons.  

I'm starting to really put a little bit more emphasis on sitting down with 
an activity for more than a second or 2.  We tend to have a 'one and 
done!" mindset in the morning class, and I'd like to see a little more 
"time on task".

The afternoon class will be finishing up their weather unit with a fun 
"dauber" weather book.  Now that we have finished all our letters, we'll 
be practicing some pre-writing strokes--those diagonals are still VERY 
tricky for us.  We're also going to be working on numeral ID to 20 with a 
fun Bingo game and sequencing our letters--we're actually getting pretty 
good at that.  

Happy 5th birthday today to Kaitlyn and happy 4th birthday on Saturday to 


I know you've all been informed by the school, but I want to be sure 
everyone "gets it."  When we come back from vacation, we will begin the 
extended day.  That means the MORNING session will begin 15 minutes 
earlier!  I know, right?!?  Arrival will be between 7:30 and 7:45 and 
dismissal will remain THE SAME.  For the AFTERNOON session, arrival will 
remain THE SAME, but dismissal will be 15 minutes later. For us that will 
be 2:20-a couple of minutes before everyone else just like before.  

Bus students should have heard from their drivers I hope.  

That's it for now!  Enjoy the beautiful day and have a great week!


Sunday April 9th-good morning!  So excited for a warm spring day-and 
week?!?  Fingers crossed!

Just a heads up-we've had some Strep Throat and Norovirus-awesome!  Keep 
those Clorox wipes coming PLEASE!!!!!

The afternoon class is so excited that we have learned every letter of the 
alphabet and now we are going to practice, practice, practice!  We'll be 
doing letter puzzles, letter games, sequencing letter cards, building 
letters with out wood pieces, our work dough, and on our stamp screens!  
We'll also be practicing letter sounds every chance we get!  Practicing at 
home is a great idea as well.  Keep in mind that we are currently just 
focusing on uppercase letters.  

This week will be filled with super fun Easter egg activities.  We're 
looking forward to having an egg hunt OUTSIDE on Thursday!  

Wednesday is Purple Day for both classes-can you believe this is our last 
color to learn?  Wow!  We'll definitely be reviewing colors, particularly 
in the morning class.

The morning class is also having lots of Easter fun this week.  We've been 
sponge painting bunnies for our bulletin board, and we've been hopping 
like bunnies!  Painting eggs at the easel is going to be a favorite this 
week!  We'll even be coloring eggs to take home on Thursday-be sure to 
check those backpacks-ewwwww!

Grades have closed for the quarter and progress reports and graded IEP's 
will go hone Thursday or next Monday at the latest.  

The book order is due Thursday the 13th-if you place an order online, can 
you please just give me a heads up to look for it?  Scholastic used to 
send me an e-mail when a parent placed an order, but somehow I missed one 
last month and the order sat there for a VERY long time:(((((


   1.  Afternoon parents: if you have not registered your child for 
Kindergarten please do it ASAP!  Most important is whether you want/need 
morning or afternoon.

   2. We have had our role model screen day, but if you know anyone who is 
looking for 3 yr old preschool PLEASE PLEASE  have them call me-I 
definitely have room for a couple more children.

That's all for now! Enjoy the sunny Sunday and have a great week!


Sunday April 2-good afternoon-running late today!  Just when I thought I 
could change the picture from snow to something springy-ha!  Oh well-here 
we are on April 2nd-Autism Awareness Day!  

Tomorrow is "A" Day in the afternoon class and that is our last letter to 
learn!  Wow!  We will spend the next 3 months reviewing, practicing and 
even begin to match upper to lowercase letters.  We WILL NOT be learning 
to form lowercase letters-that's Kindergarten work!  

The children have worked hard to remember their addresses and are doing a 
great job!  They've also had lots and lots of interesting words to 
describe the weather.  Well, it's been interesting!  This week we will 
talk about graphs again, and will play a game with a weather graph.  

In the morning class we read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" last week and have 
been talking about the animals in the story.  This week we will make a 
class book about the animals we might see!  It's also time to start 
thinking about Easter eggs and bunnies!  We'll be practicing numbers with 
eggs, practicing carrying eggs on spoons, and sorting some fun Easter-y 

Weather permitting, we WILL be playing in the snow this week-send 
everything on the outside day, please.  I know Tuesday looks like a 
washout, but we'll give it a try!  

Our role model screening will take place on Friday, from 8:00-9:30, so 
please, if you know of anyone who is interested, have them call me asap!  

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful day and have a great week!


Sunday March 26th-good morning and happy birthday Payton!  So, it seems 
like spring doesn't quite have a spring in her step just yet!  Outside 
days still require appropriate clothing!  

What fun we've been having in the morning class with our friend Corduroy 
the bear.  We helped him find his button, and then we helped him find a 
pocket.  We've also been practicing our colors with a fun book about him 
and his overalls!  

This week we're going to start talking about "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" and 
Mrs. Anderson has been teaching us some yoga poses for the animals in the 
book.  We're going to act out the whole thing when we learn them all!

The afternoon class has been working so hard on a number book and we're 
also almost done learning about our letters!  This week is "Y" and then 
all that's left is "A"!  Then the real work begins really practicing how 
to make those letters and what sounds go with them!  We practice every day 
and we're getting really good!  

We're also getting really good at learning our addresses.  Did you like 
the kite pictures?  Those were lots of fun to make.  We're making kites to 
decorate our classroom too.

At circle time we're been doing great work with categories.  We listen 
carefully and can name: food, clothes, vehicles, even furniture!  

It's so fun to watch the learning momentum that's taking place right now 
in the 4 year old class!

Enjoy the rest of the day and have a great week!

Sunday Marth 19-good morning!  Do I dare say hurray for spring tomorrow?  
Fingers crossed!  

So we're looking forward to a full week this week!  Hopefully, we'll be 
able to do some "spring sledding!"  

The morning class continues with our "bear" unit and this week we'll meet 
Corduroy and have some fun with him.  

In the afternoon, we'll continue talking about weather.  Mrs. Dana is 
reading "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs"  and everyone's having lots of 
fun with her activities.  

We're also getting the hang of our addresses!  

If anyone has any spare disinfecting wipes kicking around, we could use 
some more!  Thanks in advance!

Have a great week!

Sunday March 12th-brrrrrrrrrr!  Holy cow!  This is a whole different level 
of cold!  So, we had a great week back at school after our vacation.  We 
started a super fun "Teddy Bear" unit in the morning class, and we've been 
learning a new song "Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Turn Around".  We've also 
been counting, describing, sorting and naming colors with our bears.  This 
week we'll continue with all of those activities, and we'll even try to 
see if we can copy some bear patterns as well!  

The afternoon class met "Weather Bear" this week, and we've been having 
lots and lots of fun dressing him each day according to the day's weather.  
we've been talking a lot about "weather" words, "clothing" words, "foods", 
etc.  We have to listen carefully to the category label.  We've also been 
working hard to distinguish between months, seasons, and weather.  That's 
a little tricky as well.  

We learned a new math word this week: Graph.  We talked about how a graph 
is like a picture that shows us information about different groups. We 
used the words "most", "least", and "equal"!  This week we graphed our 
favorite seasons.  We'll continue to practice with our birthdays, 
addresses, etc.  

We also had a fun conversation about the month of March and "lions" and 
"lambs"--if you haven't seen it, check out the bulletin board-it's so 

Remember, there is no school on Tuesday, and Thursday is "Green Day" for 
both classes.  Looks like we'll be needing those snowsuits again-woohoo!

Stay warm, don't forget to move those clocks ahead, and have a great week!


Sunday March 5th-good morning and I hope everyone had a great week!  Holy 
cow is it cold out there!  What interesting weather to start our "weather" 
unit in the afternoon class!  Lions? Lambs?  Brrrrr!

This week is "K" Day on Wednesday and we'll certainly talk about kites!  
We'll also be meeting "Weather Bear" this week and every day we'll talk 
about the weather at circle time (afternoon).  

Tuesday is out outside day, so be sure to send appropriate clothing--
whatever that might be! ha!

Happy birthday to Rory on Wednesday!

The morning class welcomes our new friend Mark tomorrow!  We'll also be 
starting a fun "Teddy Bear" unit in the morning class.  On Tuesday and 
Wednesday, the children can bring a bear to school and we'll have lots of 
fun at circle talking about our bears.  Which ones are big? little? What 
colors are our bears?  So much language opportunities!  

Our outside day continues to be on Thursday and I'll repeat the request 
for appropriate clothing-probably including boots, because I'm sure it's 
quite muddy out there now!

Don't forget-next week, there's no school on Tuesday the 14th, and for 
your own planning, Thursday the 16th is Green Day in both classes!

Enjoy the rest of this blustery Sunday and stay warm!


Sunday February 19th-good morning!  I can't wait to get outside and enjoy 
the warmth!  

Well, we actually had our Valentine parties and I want to thank everyone 
who sent goodies!  We sure had plenty to eat!  Thanks to those who sent 
teacher goodies, as well!

I'm very hopeful for a full week this week-I feel like I haven't seen the 
morning class forever!

We will be finishing up our "pink" actvities and winter activities in the 
morning class.  We'll be working hard on name recognition.

Tomorrow will be "M" Day in the afternoon class, and we might actually get 
to the Library on Tuesday for the first time all month!  We'll be learning 
about #10, and will be ready to begin reviewing numerals 1-10.  

Reminders: afternoon parents, please be sure to stop in the office to 
register for Kindergarten.  I'll be having conversations with IEP parents 
regarding placement.

All parents: I'm looking for 3 yr role models for next year-tell your 
friends and have them give me a call!

Happy 5th birthday to Brendan on Saturday!

Enjoy the beautiful day and have a great week!

Sunday February 12th-good morming-this is Robin Fillion, your child's 
teacher-remember me?  hahah! Ok, so here's the info for this week:

If we should be in school tomorrow, it will be "PINK DAY" for both 
classes, if not: Tuesday.  Parties will be Tuesday, but if for some reason 
there is a delay, and there's no morning preschool, we will skip the party 
as we've already missed so much time.  The children can still pass out 
their valentines, and if you've already prepared a treat, feel free to 
send it in on Wednesday, but DO NOT do anything additional.  

If you need a list of names, or have any other questions about parties, 
please e-mail and I"ll connect with you individually.  

The afternoon party is all taken care of thanks to Jen Prive!  

Outside day on Tuesday will depend on how well the playground has been 
plowed. Over 2 feet of untouched snow is a little scary to me-you?

I still have a handful of progress reports to get out-fingers crossed!

Feel free to contact me if you have concerns or if you are interested in 
scheduling a conference,

Drive carefully and be safe.  Keep fingers crossed for no lost power!


Monday February 6th-oops! Missed this yesterday!  I'm sure this is a  very 
good morning for Patriot's fans.  So, we're hoping to have a healthier 
week this week.  There's been sooooo much illness. 

Sign-up sheets are on the door for Valentine parties.  We're looking for 
empty tissue boxes for the morning class to hold their valentines.  

This Thursday is "Pink Day"==I wonder how many boys will have pink to 
wear!  That's always a challenge.  

The remainder of progress reports, and graded IEP's will go home today and 
tomorrow.  Please, feel free to give me a call and/or schedule a 
conference if you have questions or concerns.

Have a great week!

Sunday January 29th--good morning and happy Sunday!  What a weird weather 
week we had!  

Both classes will continue with our winter/mitten activities.  We've been 
matching mittens, talking about mittens, ordering mitten numerals and 
decorating our windows with beautiful mittens!

The mmorning class read "The Jacket I Wear in the Snow" and we'll also be 
talking about hats this week.  

The afternoon class has been working hard on letters with curves: C,O,Q,G, 
and S.  This week we will learn to make #8, which is also made with 
curves.  Talking about "magic C" helps us remember which way to go first.  
We've been learning to trace our last names and perfect printing our first 
names as well.  If you practice at home, please remember to assist your 
child to "START AT THE TOP!!!"  thanks

We continue to practice rhyming in the afternoon class, and I have a new 
rhyming game to share this week.  We've also been talking about the 
difference between a word and a sentence, and letters and numbers.  The 
children are getting really good at understanding the difference.

I am almost finished assessing for progress reports, and I'm hoping to get 
them out on Thursday,but more likely next Monday!  Graded IEP's will also 
go home, and if you have any questions or would like to schedule a 
conference, please give me a shout!

I'm noticing many parents waiting patiently (or impatiently!ha) for the 
children to work on jackets, backpacks and boots/shoes.  I appreciate your 
support in this area.  The more we're all on the same page, the quicker 
we'll see independence!

children often have absolutely no idea what belongs to them and it makes 
dismissal chaotic. thanks

Happy 4th birthday to Cayden on Wednesday and happy_____ birthday to Miss 
Katie on  Saturday!

Valentine lists will go home this week for those who want to send in 
valentine's for classmates.  Sign-up sheets for parties will be up on the 
door next week.  

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a great week!


Sunday January 22-good morning and thank you to all that donated to the 
theme basket.  Wait till you see them all lined up in the hallway-it's 
quite impressive!

What fun we had playing in the snow Thursday morning!  Thank you for 
remembering outer gear and please label the children's clothing-they have 
NO IDEA!!!!!hahaha

We'll be continuing with our snow and winter clothing activities this 
week.  The morning class has been exploring mittens, matching them, 
counting them and this week we'll be decorating them.  I'm going to 
introduce the easel for painting.  This is a great activity to work on 
stretching up high, and crossing the mid-line to paint our whole picture 
with 1 hand, rather than switching hands for each side!

Thursday is Blue Day for both classes.  Can your child wear "blue" that 
day and bring something blue to put on our collage?  

I've begun assessing for progress reports, so if your child tells you that 
he/she did "big kid work", that's what that's all about!

Tomorrow is "S" Day for the afternoon class.  "S" is a skinny air sound-
we've been working on that as well.  We have a busy week, with Library on 
Tuesday and our whole group Social Thinking and movement activities on 
Wednesday.  We're beginning to talk about "whole body listening" and last 
time we learned to "think with our eyes".  

Thank you to everyone who has sent in Clorox wipes!  That's a never ending 

Please don't forget to register your afternoon student for Kindergarten 
(yes, even if he/she has an IEP!)

That's it for now!  Enjoy your Sunday and have a great week!


Sunday January 15th-good afternoon and woohoo for another day to the 

Although we have a short week ahead, it's still going to be a busy, full 
week!  I will be doing some assessing in both classes to prepare for the 
end of the quarter.  In the fall, you received a "narrative" progress 
note, but this quarter there will be a skill-based progress report. 

Tuesday will be "Q" Day in the afternoon class, and also our outside day-
well, we'll do our best.

Both classes are working on numeral recognition and counting sets and we 
will have lots of fun with mittens!  

We continue to need clorox wipes and some gallon-sized zip-lock bags as 


1. AFTERNOON PARENTS: please register your child for Kindergarten
2. MORNING ROLE MODEL PARENTS: please let me know if you are planning on 
having your child move to our afternoon session next year.  If NOT, PLEASE 
LET ME KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  I have to begin to think about role 
models for next year, and need to know who will be returning.

3.  If you have younger children or friends with children who will be 3 
during next school year, and want them screened to be considered as a role 
model, please contact me asap.  

4. Please label your child's clothing, especially outergarments.  The 
morning children often have no idea what belongs to them! 

Enjoy the long weekend, and have a great week!

Sunday January 8th-good morning!  Brrrrrrrr!  Holy cow it's cold!  What a 
great first week back to school we had!  We needed to work hard to 
remember the skills we can do ourselves (like zip out coats!), but it was 
coming back by the end of the week!

I notice many parents (especially in the morning) removing coats, hats, 
etc. and unpacking backpacks.  I'd like to respectfully ask that you pull 
back on that so that the children can start to work on independence.  Part 
of being a student involves being responsible for our own belongings.  
This starts in preschool.  I realize it can be annoying to wait for your 
little one to complete tasks on their own, but it's a super important part 
of their development.  Thanks for your cooperation and support in this 

Tomorrow is White Day in both classes!  White is the color of snow and 
we'll be having lots of fun with "snow" activities both inside and out 
this week (hopefully the weather will cooperate!!).  

The afternoon class will be learning about the letter "O" tomororow-Olaf 
anyone? :))))   

Tuesday is Library day for the afternoon class, and Wednesday is whole 
group movement and social thinking.  We'll be talking about 'thinking with 
our eyes."  We've spent quite a bit of time talking about the "group plan" 
and I frequently use that phrase to talk about off-task behavior.   We 
decide if we're following the "group" plan or our "own" plan. 


    1.  I have been collecting items for our "Disney" theme basket, if    
anyone is interested in contributing

    2.  We are in need of clorox wipes if anyone has some extras.

    3.  Afternoon parents-please be sure to register your child for 
Kindergarten if you haven't already.

    4.  Morning parents--the majority of your children will move up to the 
afternoon next year, unless your child will turn 4 after Oct. 1, 2017.  
Please, please let me know asap if you will still plan on attending.  Last 
year we had 3-4 role model students drop out at the last minute because of 
the schedule.  The afternoon program will run Mon-Thurs, 11:30-2:10.  Feel 
free to ask, if you have any questions.

    5.  Remember, there is no school on Monday January 16th-Martin Luther 
King Day

    6.  Remember, if there is a 2 hr delay due to weather, there will be 
no morning preschool

I think I covered everything! Stay warm and enjoy the day.  Have a great 
week--Miss Katie will be back on Thursday, but we love Mrs. Kearns and 
will miss her!


Sunday January 1, 2017-good morning and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  I honestly 
don't even know how we got here this fast.  It feels like the school year 
just started-yikes.  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and vacation.  
I can't wait to hear all about it from the children tomorrow!

Tomorrow, we will jump right back into things with our winter and snow 
theme.  The morning class will be making snowflakes  and snowmen and 
having all kinds of fun singing and dancing.  We'll be practicing counting 
with snowmen and buttons and sorting winter manipulatives.  

Tomorrow we also welcome our new friend Charlotte to our class--we love 
new friends!

The afternoon class will practice saying "2017"--the adults too! ha!  
We'll have fun making "New Year" headbands and practicng our letters with 
our "work dough."  Wednesday is "G" day.  "G" has a "magic C" in it (it 
starts in the middle and goes to the left).  

Miss Katie will be on a trip this week and part of next week and our 
friend Mrs. Kearns will be helping us in the preschool. 

*********PLEASE READ!!!!!!!*************

When the children wear boots to school, PLEASE have them change into shoes 
in the hall BEFORE coming into the classroom.  This helps keep the floor 
dry.  SHOES are extremely important-socks or slippers are not safe and 
wearing boots all day is very stinky and clumsy.   PLEASE SEND SHOES!!!!!  
This is also a HUGE opportunity to work on self-help skills! thank you

with outside clothes on THURSDAY.  The school rule is 20 degrees or warmer 
for outside recess.  If 1 child is unprepared, it means the entire class 
is denied their opportunity for outdoor recess.  I CAN NOT compromise the 
supervision and safety of the group so that 1 teacher can stay inside with 
1 child.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Enjoy the sunny Sunday and have a great week!

Sunday December 18th-good morning.  Not freezing, not snowing, but 
raining!?!?! Weird!  Again-boots must be changed out of and into shoes!  
NO socks or slippers please!  And no boots all day please!  It makes it 
extremely difficult to work on gross motor skills in boots.

Sign-up sheets are on the classroom door for parties on Thursday.  If for 
some reason there is no school day, we will NOT be carrying these parties 
into the new year.  Sorry.  We'll have plenty of other opportunities to 

The afternoon class will be having a Polar Express day on Wednesday.  A 
note will be going home tomorrow.  The children will be wearing their 
jammies and having a super fun day!

Tomorrow is "C" Day in the afternoon-we'll be learning about "Magic C".  

It will be a busy week for both classes and we'll try to maintain our 
routines as much as possible.
Enjoy this magical season with your children and embrace their wonder!

Have a great week and a wonderful vacation!
Merry christmas to everyone!


Sunday December 11th-good morning-ahhhhhhh! it's freezing!  That being 
said, please be sure your child is dressed appropriately for school every 
day.  Imagine if we had a a fire drill, or even worse an evacution drill 
and your child did not have a hat or mittens! Yikes!  Boots MUST come off 
in the hallway and remain out there.  SHOES Must be worn-no socks, no 
slippers--wayyyyyy  too slippery and dangerous.  Boots are hot, smelly and 
clumsy during gross motor activities.  And, bottom line-we need to work on 
these self help skills of taking off and putting on our own gear!  Thanks 
for your cooperation!

I'mm going to remind everyone again:  THURSDAY is OUTSIDE DAY FOR MORNING!  
TUESDAY is OUTSIDE DAY for AFTERNOON.  Please remember ALL outside gear on 
those days.  Also-we're already losing track of hats, mittens, etc. so 
PLEASE label ALL of your child's clothing.  They don't always know what is 
theirs and what is not!  thanks!

So, it's getting pretty exciting in preschool.  We have a cute little tree 
and our Elf "Jingle" has been up to his usual shenanigans!  Thursday is 
"Gold Day" for both classes and the morning class will be able to enjoy 
the dress rehearsal of the performance in the gym that day.  

If we're at school tomorrow, the afternoon class will be learning about 
number "7" and Tuesday will be "Z" day.  We're having lots of fun sorting, 
patterning Christmas manipulatives and have been doing some great cutting 
as well!

Here's the heads up for next week:  classroom parties will be held on 
Thursday (22nd) in both classes, and sign-up sheets will be up before the 
end of this week.  

The book order is closed so we can get our books by vacation.

Stay warm and enjoy your Sunday!  Have a great week!

Sunday December 4th-good morning!  Welcome to December and the holiday 
count down!  I don't know about you, but I just can't believe how fast the 
school year is going.

We have a busy week ahead in both classes.  Wednesday is "Silver Day" in 
both classes-can your child wear SILVER?  And bring something silver for 
our class collage?  

The morning class will be talking about and exploring the shape: star.  
We'll make headbands that spell our names in stars, make a collage, 
experiment with printing stars and even make a "Santa" from a star!  It's 
going to be so much fun!

The afternoon class made "star" headbands already, as we practice our last 
names.  Our letter this week is "U" (think "presents UNDER the tree!)  

I may have heard that our elf "Jingle" may be on his way back to see us!  

Although it doesn't affect preschool, please remember that there is no 
school for NBCS on Friday.  

Enjoy your Sunday and have a great week!  Try to take time to experience 
the wonder of the season through the eyes of your preschooler!


Sunday November 27th--good morning!  Happy Thanksgiving and I hope 
everyone has enjoyed the long weekend!  

We are back at it tomorrow with number and shape practice in both classes.  
The afternoon kids will have a surprise when they sign in tomorrow!  Shhh-
we're going to start learning and recognizing our last names!  We'll be 
working a lot on drawing and printing our names this week.  We won't have 
a new letter to learn this week, but we will be working on #5, and #6.

The morning class will be practicing some cutting and distinguishing 
between circles, squares, and triangles.  We'll also be practicing body 
part awareness with "Mat Man." "He" is from our Handwriting Without Tears 
program.  We use our wood pieces to build him sequentially, and with a 
song to remind us where all the body parts go.  The next step (which the 4 
yr olds will do) is to attempt to draw him.  

The afternoon class will have our whole group movement and social thinking 
lesson on Wednesday.

Happy 4th birthday Elliot on Wednesday!  

Please keep in mind that we will go outside on our designated days, and 
the children need to be prepared.  It's time for hats and mittens.  When 
boot season begins, I ask that your child please remove boots in the hall 
and put on shoes out there as well.  Boots can remain under the bench 
until dismissal.  

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a great week!


Sunday November 20th-good morning.  What a yucky morning it is, but I 
guess we can't complain after yesterday!:))

So it's hard to believe it's Thanksgiving week already, but here it is.  
Remember there is no afternoon preschool on Wednesday, as the whole school 
will be dismissing at noon.  There is no school Thursday or Friday either.

The morning class will continue our shape practice with circle, square and 
triangle.  We will also have some fun turkey activities as well.

Tomorrow is "J" Day for the afternoon class, and we will be going to the 
Library on Tuesday.  

All afternoon students have received graded IEP's and progress notes, and 
there are just a couple more morning ones to go out this week.  Please 
feel free to shoot me an e-mail or call if you feel like you would like to 
schedule a parent/teacher conference.

Enjoy your day, and keep warm and dry!  Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Sunday November 13th-good afternoon!  I hope everyone enjoyed their long 
weekend-I know I did-still am actually!  We actually have a full week this 
week before the shortened holiday week next week.

We'll be continuing our squirrel and nut fun, and also start to have some 
turkey activities as well.  Thursday is Brown Day for both classes.  

The afternoon class will be working on #4 this week, and reviewing the 
letters and numerals we've learned so far.  We'll be practicing numeral 
recognition to 10 as much as we can.

We'll keep trying to get outside as often as we can.  Remember: Thursday 
is outside day for the morning class and Tuesday is the outside day for 
the afternoon class.  there may be other opportunities to get out for a 
bit, but these days are definite, depending on the weather.  So, the 
children should be prepared to go out.  In the morning that may mean hats 
and mittens to go with our coats.  

Reminder: grades closed and progress notes and graded IEP's will be going 
home by Thursday or next Monday at the very latest.  Please feel free to 
contact me if you are interested in scheduling a parent/teacher 

Enjoy the rest of your sunny Sunday and have a great week!

Sunday November 6th-good morning.  I hope everyone remembered to turn the 
clocks back-now it's even  earlier!

Well, we all survived Halloween and the touch couple of days after.  The 
time change, and days off this week might be just as tough, but we'll get 

So, I forgot the Gray Day note again, for the morning class, but tomorrow 
is Gray Day for both classes.  We're going to have lots of fun this week 
talking about squirrels and acorns!  

The afternoon class will be talking about making the number "4" tomorrow 
and the letter "H" on Thursday.  

I'd like to have all book orders in by this Thursday, the 10th, so we can 
try to get your books to you before Thanksgiving. If your book orders are 
gifts for your child, let me know and I can wrap  them up or not give them 
to your child.

Remember, there is no school on Tuesday, but don't forget to vote!  There 
is no school for NBCS on Friday the 11th-Veteran's Day.

Grades close for the first quarter this week, and I will have progress 
reports and graded IEP's out next week.  I don't generally just 
automatically schedule conferences with everyone because I have the 
opportunity to see so many of you on a regular basis.  I will certainly be 
happy to schedule a conference with anyone who would like one, either 
before or after progress reports go home.  Just shoot me an e-mail or give 
me a call and we'll set one up. 

Enjoy the extra hour today and have a great week!

Sunday October 30th-good morning!  Yes, tomorrow is Halloween! The 
children can wear their costumes to school--just be aware that the 
afternoon class will be walking outside in the parade at 1:00, so be sure 
they have jackets.  The morning class will parade through the building.

It looks like we'll be in great shape with goodies for the morning class.  
Afternoon parents, if you'd like to send something in that would be great.  
We have 1 sweet treat, and 1 snack mix. 

I plan to have the afternoon party BEFORE the parade to be sure we have 
time.  If you are at school for the parade and want to take your child 
when its's over, feel free.  

For the rest of the week, our theme will be on scarecrows and crows in 
both classes.  We'll be talking about scarecrows keeping the birds away 
from the harvest, in the afternoon class. Tuesday is library day for the 4 
yr olds, and  Wednesday will be "R" Day.  No colors this week, but next 
Monday the 7th will be Gray Day.  I can't wait to sing "Gray Squirrel" 
with the children.  

We're working hard in the morning class on recognizing our first names in 
print.  It will be lots of fun to make our first initial in candy corns 
this week.  

We're also working VERY VERY hard on getting into our own jackets.  This 
is a very important milestone.  The more you allow your child time at home 
to practice this skill, the quicker it will happen.  I'm not expecting 
them to zip the jackets, but to finish a started jacket.  The afternoon 
children are working on starting those zippers!

In the afternoon class, we've been working on lots and lots of counting 
and identifying numerals to 10.  I'm seeing some nice improvement, but 
maintaining our focus on what we're doing can sometimes lead to mistakes.  
When you count items with your child, try having him/her "touch count" the 

I'm hoping to introduce "center cards" by the end of the week for the 4 yr 
old class.  This is a visual schedule of the 4 centers.  I'm starting to 
give responsibility to the children to figure out what they're supposed to 
be doing next. There's always a pretty good learning curve with this! ha!

We're in great shape with tissues in the classroom, but I'd LOVE some 
clorox wipes if anyone has any to spare!  Thanks in advance.

Enjoy your last October Sunday and have a great week!


Sunday October 23rd-good morning and hold onto your hat!  Boy is it windy 
out there!  

So, what a fun, crazy busy week we had in both classes!  The spider 
obstacle course was a hit! and we all had so much fun with the fire 
fighters!  Hurray for fire hats!!

Tomorrow is picture re-take day.  If you want re-takes, send back the 
package that you received and I will take your child up to try again!  I 
guess the class pictures are coming separately.  

So, we're really going to have some Halloween fun this week.  Thursday is 
Black Day in both classes and we'll have spooky activities all week.  The 
sign-up sheets are on the door for Halloween parties.  Keep in mind that 
we have 10 students in the afternoon class and 16 in the morning!  Don't 
feel you  have to sign up to bring something.  We'll have other parties 
during the year, and we always seem to have more than enough goodies.  
While we certainly enjoy sweet treats, cheese and crackers or veggies and 
dip are always hits as well.  We do NOT have any food allergies this year, 
so that's helpful.  If you have any questions, by all means, shoot me an 
e-mail.  And, just to be very clear: our parties are ONLY FOR CHILDREN.  
Parents DO NOT ATTEND preschool parties.  It is just toooooo much for the 
children.  Please respect this policy.  Thanks for understanding.

The afternoon class will be walking in the school-wide parade at 1:00, so 
stake out your spot along the route for some fun photos.  

It's going to be a chilly week, but we're still going to have our outside 
times when we can, so be sure your child has appropriate clothing to play 

The afternoon children will have a little bit of a surprise when they 
tomorrow-hmmmm! 

Enjoy the rest of this blustery Sunday and have a great week!


Sunday October 16th-good morning and happy perfect Sunday!  Boy, do we 
have a busy week ahead for both classes.  It is Fire Prevention week, and 
it is also the week for Mrs. Moulton's spider obstacle course in the gym.  
Permission slips for fire prevention participation will be going home 
tomorrow, so please be sure to return them.  Our day for both classes is 
Thursday.  Important:  the permission slip talks about simulated smoke--we 
DO NOT do that with preschool.  We go in the trailer and talk about things 
in our house that are hot (fireplaces, woodstoves, oven, stove burners, 
etc.)  We talk about smoke detectors, turning pot handles toward the back 
of the stove and also "get low and go".  The children are reminded to 
never hide from a fire fighter, because they help us.  After climbing out 
the window of the trailer, we get to explore the fire truck and/or 
ambulance, inside and out!  Then we talk about all the safety clothing the 
fire fighters wear.  Finally, we ALL GET A HAT!!!!!  We work very hard to 
make the whole experience age appropriate and NOT scary.  If you have any 
questions, please feel free to shoot me an e-mail or give me a call.

The obstacle course is also not scary, but soo FUN!!!!  The 4 yr olds have 
done it before, so it will be super awesome for them.  We will be fully 
staffed for the 3 yr old class, and modify as necessary for our little 
legs!  It's really, really fun.

No color day this week: next Thursday the 27th is BLACK DAY, and Halloween 
parties are on Monday the 31st.  My goal is to have sign-up sheets up by 
the end of this week!  Fingers crossed!

In our LIPS lessons, the 4 yr olds have now learned about "Lip Poppers" 
and "Tip Tappers".  lip popper sounds are the "p" and "b" sounds, and tip 
tappers are the "t" and "d" sounds.  We have learned that both of these 
sounds can be made quietly with just the air from our mouths, or loudly, 
by turning on our "mouth motors"-voice.  Try them with your child!

Monday is "P" Day in the afternoon class.  We've added "big curves" to the 
lines, so we now know how to make:#1, L,F,E, #2,D.  This week we will add 
"little curves" to make "P" and #3.  All of these letters and numbers 
start in the left corner, at the top.  See the progression?

Thank you to the Prive's for the sand for our sandbox!  We've had tons of 
fun in both classes, and it looks like the weather might hold for more 
outside fun this week as well!

One last reminder: Picture Retake Day is Monday the 24th-guess those 
pictures must be coming this week!  So exciting! or something!  hahah

Enjoy this beautiful fall Sunday and hurray for 70's this week!


Sunday October 9th-good morning!  Happy rainy Sunday.  Despite all the 
runny noses, and juicy coughs, we had a great week!  As I've said 
previously. I'm not terribly worried about runny noses, but if your child 
has had a fever, or is miserable from the coughing, please keep him/her 
home.  thanks

The 4 yr old class had their first visit to the Library this week and met 
Mrs. Charles.  She read us 2 stories, and then taught us how to return the 
books we chose to the proper shelf.  It was lots of fun, ,and the children 
are looking forward to our next visit on the 18th.  

Orange Day is this week: Tuesday for the 4's and Wednesday for the 3's.  
If your child doesn't attend school on a color day, by all means, send 
collage items the next day.  We will work on the color for a few days in 
the morning class. 

The morning class will be talking about squares this week and sorting 
squares and circles.  We will have fun making beautiful fall trees with 
tissue squares also!

We can go on the grass!!!!!  I'm sure you've noticed that our playground 
is back where it belongs and we are so excited!  It will be so much easier 
to squeeze in a few more outside times when we don't have to trek all the 
way up to the Kindergarten playground.  Thanks to Emma's family for sand 
for our sandbox!

Reminder: Picture Re-take day is October 24th-so I guess that means we 
should be receiving our pictures before that!  

Book order: I forgot to put in a book order deadline, so let's make it 
this Thursday the 13th.  That way I can send in the order on Friday and 
you'll get Halloween books in time.

Enjoy the rainy fall day and have a great week!


Sunday October 2--Good afternoon and happy Sunday!  We had an absolutely 
perfect apple picking day on Thursday and brought back sooooo many apples 
to share with the 3 yr old class!  We are very excited to make our own 
applesauce and maybe even some other delicious apple treats!

We have lots of apple activities planned for both classes in the next week 
or 2.  We'll be counting, sorting, patterning and even writing our names 
in apples!  

In our Social Thinking lesson this week, we learned that everyone has 
thoughts and feelings.  We talked about different kinds of feelings and 
showing different kinds of feelings.  We also learned in our Second Step 
lesson about listening rules.  Ask your child (4 yr old class) if he/she 
remembers the listening rules.  They are: 1. watching eyes, listening 
ears, quiet mouth and calm bodies!  This week we'll begin to talk about 
"focusing our attention"--I can't wait for that one! hahah!

Keep in mind that we will continue to try to go outside in the morning 
when we can, and it's pretty cool and often wet outside, so be sure your 
child has a sweatshirt or jacket. The aftenoon class will go outside on 

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a great week!



Sunday September 25th-brrrrrrr!  What a pretty, chilly September morning! 
So, we completed our first full week of school and I really think we're 
beginning to settle in nicely and are getting the hang of it.  I apologize 
for the "Picture Day" confusion with forms, but hopefully everyone was 
able to go online and make orders. There will definitely be a re-take day 
and I'll be sure we get plenty of heads up for that!

We've been having lots and lots of "bus" fun in the moring class.  We're 
singing "The Wheels On The Bus" and we've been painting with buses and 
making our own buses to bring home!

This coming week will start with RED DAY on Monday (yup, I already forgot 
the color day notice!)  Whenever we have a color day, we will always try 
to wear that color to school and bring a few small things to glue on the 
class collage.  If you notice the big "YELLOW" collage on the wall, you 
will get some ideas: ribbon, stickers, fabric, pompoms, bows, etc.  If 
your child isn't scheduled to come to school on the color day, send the 
items the next day.  Our "color" activities usually last for 2-3 days.

Red is the color of apples and fall is the time for apple picking!!!!  The 
AFTERNOON class will be taking a field trip on Thursday to pick apples.  
Look for the permission slip tomorrow.  We will bring apples back to 
school to share with the morning class.  

The next 2 weeks will be filled with apple activities in both classes: 
recognizing our names, counting, sorting, patterning, painting, cooking--
everything we an think of!  

IN the afternoon class, we have started right in with learning how to make 
letters and numbers.  We have made #1,and the letter "L".  Both of these 
begin at the top,and are made on the left with a 'big line" straight down.  
This week we will add the letter "F".  

Wednesday brings our first whole group "Social Thinking" lesson.  Be on 
the look out for a parent newsletter to help you understand what we'll be 
doing in these lessons during the year.

FYI-we already have gross colds going through the classes.  Remember, you 
child must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.  I don't 
worry too much about runny noses, but please use good judgement.  No 
matter how many Clorox wipes we use, it spreads fast with little ones.  

Enjoy the sunny, last September Sunday and have a great week!

Sunday Sept. 8, 2016--good morning.  I hope everyone is enjoying a lazy, 
rainy morning!

Another week is behind us and this is going to be the first full week of 
school!  Hopefully the children (and teachers) are building up some 
stamina!  Tomorrow is PICTURE DAY!!!!   If you didn't get a picture order 
form, you can get them when you drop off or in in the office.  If you 
didn't hahve a chance to complete one, you can also place an order online.  
Everyone in attendance will get a picture taken and you can order, or not.  
Or even if you order, and when you get them, you aren't happy (who's not 
happy with school pictures?  come on!)  you can send them back and have 
them re-taken.  I don't know off the top of my head when re-take day is, 
but I'll let you know as soon as I know.  

We had a fun YELLOW DAY on Thursday, and we'll be continuing with our 
yellow activities in the morning class tomorrow.  The goodies that came in 
for our collage were amazing!!  

Yellow is the color of school buses, so we'll be talking about buses in 
both classes!  We might even make a "bus" snack to eat!  

Our "Pete" fun continues in the afternoon--check out the handprint 
"Pete's" on the bulletin board!  They came out really cute!  This week 
we'll practice painting and using both of our hands together to create 
another "Pete" craft. 

We learned to make "1" last week, and we also learned to start ourletters 
at the top.  On Tuesday, we'll learn about the letter "L".  

We're really starting to get in our groove and enjoying our time together!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and have a great week!


Sunday September 11, 2016-good morning and wow!  What a storm!  Guess my 
run/walk will be a bit late today!  

Soooooo, week 1 is behind us and I have to say that I think it went quite 
well for the most part!  I'm hoping it feels that way at your house as 
well.  What we learned: fire drills are way too loud and scary, but 
everyone did great!  It's a very long walk from our classroom to the gym!  
The stairs coming back are pretty steep!  All of our parents really did 
come  back after we played and 2.5 hours is actually a VERY long time 

The morning class read a few books about going to preschool for the first 
time and being a little scared, but learning that it is actually quite a 
fun place to be.  The afternoon class has been having sooooo much fun 
reading "Pete The Cat" books, and we have a lot more of them.

I jumped right in with assessing in the afternoon class, and with the help 
of Mrs. Dana and Mrs. Anderson, we got just about all of it done.  We 
looked at pre-writing and coloring skills, color, shape, numeral and 
letter recognition.  We also looked at counting and 1 to 1 correspondence 
skills as well as understanding of math language skills such as: top, 
middle, first, last, biggest, smallest, etc.   Early literacy and phonemic 
awareness skills we assessed included: vocabulary, rhyming, categories, 
describing and ability to hear different parts in words.

Let me be clear that these are not skills that I expected the children to 
come in with, but rather skills that will be part of our curriculum this 
year, so it gives a baseline from which to measure each child's progress.

Remember, there is no school on Tuesday Sept. 13th.  Even more 
importantly, remember that Thursday is YELLOW DAY for both classes.  On 
color days, we all try to wear that color and bring a few glueable items 
to add to a whole class collage.  The 3 yr olds  will explore fingerpaint 
on color days and make little color books. The 4 yr olds will be 
introduced to their "Get Set For School" (green book) workbooks this week, 
and in this book, there is a coloring page for every color.  We will 
choose a variety of 'yellow" items to color with: crayons, markers, 
colored pencils, chalk, etc.) and talk about the items on the page that 
usually are that color.  

We'll also be having lots and lots more fun with Pete, exploring buttons.  
We can count, sort, pattern, all kinds of things with buttons!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday (it is supposed to clear up this afternoon) 
and have a great week!


p.s. a huge THANK YOU to those that brought classroom supplies!  We're in 
good shape with tissues and clorox wipes for now, and I'll let you know 
Jen P. when the chocolate runs out!  hahaha! 

Sunday September 4, 2016---good morning!  This is the first of my Sunday 
morning newsletters-I update every weekend, and almost always on Sunday 

It was awesome to see so many of you at the picnic Wednesday night and I 
hope everyone had as much fun as me!  If your child will be riding the 
Safeway bus, I'm hoping you've heard from your driver by now-insert 
crossed fingers here!  Please remember to contact them, as well as me, if 
your child will be absent, or just not riding the bus on a particular day.  

Be sure to look every day for a folder in your child's backpack, and 
please remember to send it back every day.  There will be LOTS of 
important information coming home this week, requiring signatures and 

Welcome to Miss Katie, our new classroom paraeducator!  I just know the 
children are going to love her!

I hope I haven't forgotten anything, but if I did, please feel free to e-
mail me any time during the rest of the weekend.

Enjoy these last days of summer and I'll see you on Tuesday!

Can't wait!

Tuesday August 16th-so, here I sit, on the coolest day we've had so far 
summer, trying to wrap my brain around the beginning of school!  I think 
off to a good start, and I should have "back to school" letters in the 
by the end of the week.  Days for morning students will be on the letters.

I'm sure many of you have noticed our playground toys perched on the hill.  
They're going to be digging and working on the leach field in the next 2 
weeks.  Hopefully our toys will be back on the ground when school starts 
the 6th!

I've already received a few e-mails from parents wondering about the 
it will be on Wed Aug 31st, from 4:00-5:30, here at school.  It's a 
so bring something to share, and I'll provide paper products, and drinks.

For your own planning, I'd love it if all morning students could come on 
first day, even if it's not usually your "day."   The same thing will be 
true for picture day, which is Monday Sept. 19th.  

I think that's about it for now!