What have we been doing?

Sunday October 19th-good morning.  It's a little chilly, but still very 
pretty out there.  And it's also pretty in our classroom!  Have you noticed 
the beautiful fall leaves hanging in the classroom?  Both classes had fun 
marble painting them!  We also have quite the pumpkin patch growing in the 

Orange Day was lots of fun and the fun will continue withthe moring class 
tomorow as we continue finger painting with orange and making our orange 
books.  The collage loods great!  We'll also be focusing on the number 2 this 
week.  We have really cool "tag bags" that have numbers on them, and we will 
practice counting sets of 2 items to put inside and use our finger muscles to 
close them.  We'll also decorate a number 2 with leaves if we have time. 

The afternoon class is having all kinds of pumpkin fun as well.  Tomorrow we 
will learn about how pumpkins grow and we'll sequence pictures of the pumpkin 
growth cycle to share with you at home.  Our #2 practice will involve 
tracing, printing and coloring 2's in our HWT workbooks.  We've been 
practicing and practicing: E,F,H,I,T,+, and square.  All of these are made 
with just big lines and little lines that only go "down" or "across".  We're 
also practicing the sounds as well.  Any practice you can do at home as well 
would be appreciated.  

This week is Fire Prevention week, and both classes will have their turns to 
visit with the fire fighters, both outside with the vehicles, and also inside 
the trailor for an age appropriate lesson on fire safety.  The weather is NOT 
looking good, so please be sure your child has warm, dry clothes.  The 
afternoon class will be going out on Tuesday, and the morning class will be 
going out on Thursday.

You'll be getting your child's pictures tomorrow, and re-takes are on 
Thursday.  Please let me know if you're planning on a re-take, so I can be 
sure to get everyone down to the gym, who needs to go.  

Enjoy your Sunday and have a great week!

sunday October 13th-good morning!  What a gorgeous sunny fall Sunday!  

What fun we all had last week with all the apples the afternoon class 
picked!  Cooking our own applesauce was fun and delicious!  During our 
readings, we learned that apples can come in red, yellow and green!  We'll be 
exploring and taste-testing them this week to see which are our favorites.  
Check out the border on the hallway bulletin board--the afternoon children 
have already made patterns with the different colors of apples!

The sensory table that is filled with paper and scissors has been a hit this 
week-what a great opportunity for new "cutters" to explore and practice. 

This week brings lots and lots of counting in both classes, and the 4 yr olds 
are going to practice sequencing numerals 1-10 in the correct order.  Those 
pesky 6's and 9's require some really good looking.  We've been talking about 
how to make our numbers during calendar.  Hopefully our poems will help: "big 
line down, curve around till it sticks, if it's sitting on the ground, it's a 
number 6!"  "little circle at the top, pull down the big line,if it's 
standing nice and tall, it's the number 9!"  

Thursday is Orange Day for both classes-that should be a fun day.  

Happy birthday to Noah on Friday!

Enjoy the beautiful day and have a great week!


Sunday October 5th-good morning! I see blue sky and it looks like it's going 
to be a beautiful fall day!

What fun we had on our apple picking field trip on Thursday!  the children 
were so proud to bring home their own bag of apples.  We also picked a bag 
for the classroom.  We're looking forward to cooking some applesauce tomorrow-

Both classes will enjoy lots and lots of apple activities this week.  We're 
learning some fingerplays about apples,and we'll be matching, counting, 
sorting, patterning, etc.  

We will also be exploring circles.  Hopefully there will still be a big 
circle (tape) on the rug when we come in tomorrow and we will have fun using 
circles to decorate an apple.  

The morning class welcomes our new friend Noah on Tuesday and we wish happy 
birthdays to Sawyer on Thursday and Daphne on Saturday!

The afternoon class wishes a happy birthday to Miss Lisa tomorrow! 

To prepare to make more letters, we will practice a "plus" and a "square" in 
our HWT books.  We will also practice making the number "2".  

Please keep in mind that we will try to get outside as often as possible as 
long as the weather holds, so please be sure your child has appropriate 
clothing.  The mornings are pretty chilly and the grass is pretty wet!

And, finally, for those of you who have been wondering, YES, we do have 
school on Monday October 13th. 

Enjoy your sunny Sunday and have a great week!


Sunday September 28th-good morning--looking forward to more warm, sunny 
weather today!

Great job with all the "red" on Thursday!  We'll be continuing our red 
activities in the morning class tomorrow with our collage, and red books.  

You should have all received you school picture packets by now, but if you 
didn't, stop in the office and get one tomorrow--picture day is Tuesday.  
Morning parents, please please bring all students to school on Tuesday for 
pictures! We're scheduled to go up right away, so hopefully we'll all still 
look like we did when we left the house! hah!

The afternoon class is going on a field trip on Thursday!  We're going to 
Brookdale Farms in Hollis to pick apples!  This is a favorite field trip 
every year!  Be sure to return your permission slip that will be going home 

The morning class is almost ready to wind down our Nursery Rhyme unit and 
start to explore apples and pumpkins.  This week we'll talk about Mary Had a 
Little Lamb.

We're rolling right into apples and pumpkins in the aftenoon class.  When the 
calendar rolls over to the new month, we'll have an apple/pumpkin pattern on 
the calendar to talk about.  We'll be exploring other patterns as well, with 
different colors of apples.  

Counting practice continues, and I'm reminding the children to touch each 
item they count for accuracy.  We'll begin "air writing" numerals as a group 
at circle time when we do calendar.  

Ask your child about "work dough".  We each have our own container of playdon 
that is strictly for numeral and letter formation.  This is part of our HWT 
curriculum and is a great developmentally appropriate way to begin to learn 
how to make these symbols!  We were also introduced to our "wet-dry-try" 
method of making letters and numbers this week.  Each child has a slate, 
sponge, chalk, and paper towel.  First the teacher writes the letter (or 
number) on the slate, and the child erases it with the wet sponge (wet!), 
then we repeat the process with our dry pieces of towel (dry!), and while we 
can barely still see the outline, we make it with our little pieces of chalk 
(try!)  It's a great process to reinforce correct formationm and visual 

Let's hope this great weather holds out, or at least stays dry!  Enjoy the 
rest of your Sunday and have a great week!

Sunday September 21, 2014-good morning and happy Sunday!  Happy 4th birthday 

What fun we've had with all the "yellow" activities.  Fingerpaint was a huge 
hit!  The morning class continues with our Nursery Rhymes--did you see our 
clocks on the bulletin board?  They came out soooo cute!  This week we'll 
practice "Hey Diddle Diddle", "Humpty Dumpty" and "Mary Had a Little Lamb".  
It's been so much fun to recite the rhymes, make cute crafts to go with and 
also to learn fun yoga poses for some of the animals!

This week we learned about "starfish hands"-spread fingers on the ground for 
our poses.  We also learned to sit in "candle pose" --feet under, in a 
kneeling position.    It's just so much fun to see what we pull out of Mrs. 
Anderson's bag when we each have a turn.  You'd be amazed at the engagement 
and ability to "wait" in your children during this activity.

Thursday is "RED DAY" for both classes--again, wear something red, see if you 
can bring a red snack, and bring something red to glue on a class collage.  

In the afternoon class, we continue our ladybug fun, and last week we read a 
few non-fiction books about ladybugs.  We'll be making our own books 
tomorrow, full of facts that we've learned.   

I've begun some baseline literacy screening.  The children are all very 
excited to have their turns for the "big kid test".  I'm looking at what they 
already have in terms of: letter ID, letter sounds, listening for beginning 
sounds, rhyming, and concepts of print.  Please, please, please don't think 
the children should have already mastered these skills. This is simply a 
baseline to drive instruction. 

Enjoy your Sunday and have a great week!

On Tuesday we'll have our first visit to the Library.  We try to go every 
other week to hear a story or 2 from Mrs. Weiss, and explore the picture 
books.  We do not check out books in preschool, just enjoy looking at them 
while we're there, and practice matching the letter on the spine to the 
appropriate bin to replace them properly.

Sunday September 14th-good morning-freezin, but sunny.  I'm definitely 
holding out for more warm weather.This can't be "it"!

Another great week has flown by and I couldn't be more proud of all of your 
children.  I've been observing some nice social interactions, cooperative 
play and great cleaning up when asked!

IN the morning class, we continue to have nursery rhyme fun, and will 
continue talking about the numeral 1 this week.  We've been practicing 'up" 
and "down" as well as "same" and "different".  Different is a very difficult 

What fun we've been having in the afternoon class with Ladybug Girl's 
adventures.  Have you seen our ladybugs flying around the classroom?  
Tomorrow we will meet her friend "Bumblebee Boy"-yes, we'll also be making 
some bumble bees.

Tomorrow is "yellow day" for both classes.  I will work harder to get "color 
day" notes out in the future, but it got away from me this week.  On color 
days, we like to see if we can all wear that color, and bring somethibng tht 
color that we can glue to a class collage.  It's also fun to see who can 
bring foods in our snacks with that color.  It's fun "homework" getting ready 
for color days.

The afternoon class has done a great job finding the letters to make their 
first names, and this week, we'll begin tracing the letters with correct 
formation.  You can certainly help with this at home, by reminding your child 
to always, always start letters AT THE TOP!  We will stick to uppercase 
letters so we can be sure to master correct formation.  I don't intend to 
teach lowercase letters this year, except for exposure and maybe matching to 
uppers towards the end of the year.  I'll let Kindergarten do that!

I will NOT  be taking our classes up to browse the book fair.  It's very 
overwhelming and confusing for them.  But, please stop in and check it out-
there are tons of great books!

Enjoy your sunny Sunday and have a great week!  Unfortunately, the germs have 
already permeated the classroom and we've had sick students and staff.  We'll 
keep wiping down everything with all those generously donated clorox wipes!

Sunday September 7th--good morning and happy sunny Sunday!  For those of you 
unfamiliar with my newsletter practices, I generally update the website on 
Sunday mornings with a note about the week before and highlights about the 
upcoming week.  The "what's coming up....." page will contain a list of 
important dates that are coming up.  Be sure to read if there are items 
specific to morning or afternoon.  

So, we had an awesome first week of school!  No tears!  Let's see what 
tomorrow brings!  Miss Amy and I are quickly getting to know all of your 
beautiful children and they are also getting to know each other.  By the end 
of the week, I hope to have class books to go home so you can all see the 
names that go with the faces!

We'll be starting some nursery rhyme fun this week in the morning class, 
starting with "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". We'll be counting, sorting and 
spelling our names in stars. We'll also practice "Hickory Dickory Dock" and 
have some really cute clock projects that we'll be making. 

Remember, there is no morning preschool on Tuesday this week.

The afternoon class has begun the year with a bang!  We have gotten right 
down to work and some wonderfully inventive cooperative play.  We read 
a "Ladybug Girl" book on Thursday to kick off our ladybug activities for this 
week.  We'll be counting ladybugs, putting ladybug numerals in order, making 
a cute ladybug project and rolling tiny balls of playdoh with our fingers to 
fit into little ladybug "spots" on a ladybug mat.

We are jumping right into our Handwriting Without Tears curriculum by 
learning how to "pick up a crayon" and pinch it correctly when we color. I'm 
happy to say that most of us already have mastered at least a 
modified "pinch". We'll be doing lots and lots of "ABC" activities that 
involve sequencing the letters and putting the individual letters of our 
first names in order. We'll also learn a very important song "Where Do You 
Start Your Letters?"  The answer is "AT THE TOP".  

Finally, I'd love to have e-mail addresses from everyone, if possible.  It 
sure makes communication easier for us all.  I am always available via e-
mail, even on weekends.  If you contact me at night, I will see it in the 
morning before I go to school.

Enjoy the rest of the day and lets hope we all have a great week!

Sunday August 10th--well, this past week  was the last day of summer school, 
and I think we all had lots of fun,even with the changes in rooms and staff.

I'll be in and out the next 2 week, but will definitely be accessible via e-
mail: rfillion@nbcs.k12.nh.us,  at any time. 

In the next 2 weeks, I will be putting together my "back to school" packets 
and get then out to you all.  I'm planning on our back to school picnic for 
Thursday, August 28th, from 4-6. 

I will be at school all day that day, and also on Tuesday september 2nd,    
if anyone has any last minute questions, .

We will all start school on Wednesday, September 3rd! I am sooooo excited to 
see everyone! Arrival for the morning class is between 7:45 and 8:00.  Please 
park in the lot and bring your child to the classroom. Dismissal for the 
morning class is between 10:30 and 10:35, outside on the school steps.  
Please park and meet your child in person.

 Arrival for the afternoon class is between 11:20 and 11:30-bring your child 
to the classroom once the classroom door is open.  We have a few students who 
will be in the room between sessions, so respecting their privacy is 
important. I will be meeting bussers at the bus and walking them in! 
Dismissal for afternoon preschool is approximately 2:05, and again, please 
park and meet your child at the school steps. 

By all means, feel free to e-mail me with any questions in the next 2 weeks--
I check my e-mail every day and will get back to you quickly!

I'll be in touch!
See you soon!