What have we been doing?

Sunday September 25th-brrrrrrr!  What a pretty, chilly September morning! 
So, we completed our first full week of school and I really think we're 
beginning to settle in nicely and are getting the hang of it.  I apologize 
for the "Picture Day" confusion with forms, but hopefully everyone was 
able to go online and make orders. There will definitely be a re-take day 
and I'll be sure we get plenty of heads up for that!

We've been having lots and lots of "bus" fun in the moring class.  We're 
singing "The Wheels On The Bus" and we've been painting with buses and 
making our own buses to bring home!

This coming week will start with RED DAY on Monday (yup, I already forgot 
the color day notice!)  Whenever we have a color day, we will always try 
to wear that color to school and bring a few small things to glue on the 
class collage.  If you notice the big "YELLOW" collage on the wall, you 
will get some ideas: ribbon, stickers, fabric, pompoms, bows, etc.  If 
your child isn't scheduled to come to school on the color day, send the 
items the next day.  Our "color" activities usually last for 2-3 days.

Red is the color of apples and fall is the time for apple picking!!!!  The 
AFTERNOON class will be taking a field trip on Thursday to pick apples.  
Look for the permission slip tomorrow.  We will bring apples back to 
school to share with the morning class.  

The next 2 weeks will be filled with apple activities in both classes: 
recognizing our names, counting, sorting, patterning, painting, cooking--
everything we an think of!  

IN the afternoon class, we have started right in with learning how to make 
letters and numbers.  We have made #1,and the letter "L".  Both of these 
begin at the top,and are made on the left with a 'big line" straight down.  
This week we will add the letter "F".  

Wednesday brings our first whole group "Social Thinking" lesson.  Be on 
the look out for a parent newsletter to help you understand what we'll be 
doing in these lessons during the year.

FYI-we already have gross colds going through the classes.  Remember, you 
child must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.  I don't 
worry too much about runny noses, but please use good judgement.  No 
matter how many Clorox wipes we use, it spreads fast with little ones.  

Enjoy the sunny, last September Sunday and have a great week!

Sunday Sept. 8, 2016--good morning.  I hope everyone is enjoying a lazy, 
rainy morning!

Another week is behind us and this is going to be the first full week of 
school!  Hopefully the children (and teachers) are building up some 
stamina!  Tomorrow is PICTURE DAY!!!!   If you didn't get a picture order 
form, you can get them when you drop off or in in the office.  If you 
didn't hahve a chance to complete one, you can also place an order online.  
Everyone in attendance will get a picture taken and you can order, or not.  
Or even if you order, and when you get them, you aren't happy (who's not 
happy with school pictures?  come on!)  you can send them back and have 
them re-taken.  I don't know off the top of my head when re-take day is, 
but I'll let you know as soon as I know.  

We had a fun YELLOW DAY on Thursday, and we'll be continuing with our 
yellow activities in the morning class tomorrow.  The goodies that came in 
for our collage were amazing!!  

Yellow is the color of school buses, so we'll be talking about buses in 
both classes!  We might even make a "bus" snack to eat!  

Our "Pete" fun continues in the afternoon--check out the handprint 
"Pete's" on the bulletin board!  They came out really cute!  This week 
we'll practice painting and using both of our hands together to create 
another "Pete" craft. 

We learned to make "1" last week, and we also learned to start ourletters 
at the top.  On Tuesday, we'll learn about the letter "L".  

We're really starting to get in our groove and enjoying our time together!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and have a great week!


Sunday September 11, 2016-good morning and wow!  What a storm!  Guess my 
run/walk will be a bit late today!  

Soooooo, week 1 is behind us and I have to say that I think it went quite 
well for the most part!  I'm hoping it feels that way at your house as 
well.  What we learned: fire drills are way too loud and scary, but 
everyone did great!  It's a very long walk from our classroom to the gym!  
The stairs coming back are pretty steep!  All of our parents really did 
come  back after we played and 2.5 hours is actually a VERY long time 

The morning class read a few books about going to preschool for the first 
time and being a little scared, but learning that it is actually quite a 
fun place to be.  The afternoon class has been having sooooo much fun 
reading "Pete The Cat" books, and we have a lot more of them.

I jumped right in with assessing in the afternoon class, and with the help 
of Mrs. Dana and Mrs. Anderson, we got just about all of it done.  We 
looked at pre-writing and coloring skills, color, shape, numeral and 
letter recognition.  We also looked at counting and 1 to 1 correspondence 
skills as well as understanding of math language skills such as: top, 
middle, first, last, biggest, smallest, etc.   Early literacy and phonemic 
awareness skills we assessed included: vocabulary, rhyming, categories, 
describing and ability to hear different parts in words.

Let me be clear that these are not skills that I expected the children to 
come in with, but rather skills that will be part of our curriculum this 
year, so it gives a baseline from which to measure each child's progress.

Remember, there is no school on Tuesday Sept. 13th.  Even more 
importantly, remember that Thursday is YELLOW DAY for both classes.  On 
color days, we all try to wear that color and bring a few glueable items 
to add to a whole class collage.  The 3 yr olds  will explore fingerpaint 
on color days and make little color books. The 4 yr olds will be 
introduced to their "Get Set For School" (green book) workbooks this week, 
and in this book, there is a coloring page for every color.  We will 
choose a variety of 'yellow" items to color with: crayons, markers, 
colored pencils, chalk, etc.) and talk about the items on the page that 
usually are that color.  

We'll also be having lots and lots more fun with Pete, exploring buttons.  
We can count, sort, pattern, all kinds of things with buttons!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday (it is supposed to clear up this afternoon) 
and have a great week!


p.s. a huge THANK YOU to those that brought classroom supplies!  We're in 
good shape with tissues and clorox wipes for now, and I'll let you know 
Jen P. when the chocolate runs out!  hahaha! 

Sunday September 4, 2016---good morning!  This is the first of my Sunday 
morning newsletters-I update every weekend, and almost always on Sunday 

It was awesome to see so many of you at the picnic Wednesday night and I 
hope everyone had as much fun as me!  If your child will be riding the 
Safeway bus, I'm hoping you've heard from your driver by now-insert 
crossed fingers here!  Please remember to contact them, as well as me, if 
your child will be absent, or just not riding the bus on a particular day.  

Be sure to look every day for a folder in your child's backpack, and 
please remember to send it back every day.  There will be LOTS of 
important information coming home this week, requiring signatures and 

Welcome to Miss Katie, our new classroom paraeducator!  I just know the 
children are going to love her!

I hope I haven't forgotten anything, but if I did, please feel free to e-
mail me any time during the rest of the weekend.

Enjoy these last days of summer and I'll see you on Tuesday!

Can't wait!

Tuesday August 16th-so, here I sit, on the coolest day we've had so far 
summer, trying to wrap my brain around the beginning of school!  I think 
off to a good start, and I should have "back to school" letters in the 
by the end of the week.  Days for morning students will be on the letters.

I'm sure many of you have noticed our playground toys perched on the hill.  
They're going to be digging and working on the leach field in the next 2 
weeks.  Hopefully our toys will be back on the ground when school starts 
the 6th!

I've already received a few e-mails from parents wondering about the 
it will be on Wed Aug 31st, from 4:00-5:30, here at school.  It's a 
so bring something to share, and I'll provide paper products, and drinks.

For your own planning, I'd love it if all morning students could come on 
first day, even if it's not usually your "day."   The same thing will be 
true for picture day, which is Monday Sept. 19th.  

I think that's about it for now!