What have we been doing?

Sunday October 15th-good morning and what a beautiful fall weekend we're 

Pumpkins, pumpkins ,pumpkins-that's the theme for this week!  The morning 
class will be singing "5 Little Pumpkins" and making a really cute craft 
to go with it.  We'll make some silly pumpkin pictures and practice shapes 
with pumpkins.  

Tomorrow is "D Day" in the afternoon class and we'll talk about how letter 
"D" has a big line down and a big curve, very much like the number 2.  
We're going to spend a lot of time this week practicing our counting and 
number recognition to 10.  Any counting practice you can do at home with 
your child would be really beneficial.  I encourage the children to "touch 
count"-meaning touch each item they are counting as they count to be sure 
to maintain the 1 to 1 correspondance.  

We'll also be having some fun with candy corn candies.  We'll be making a 
silly "candy corn man" project, counting with candy corns, and practicing 
our names in candy corns!  

It's looking like a great week-going to be a little cooler, so please send 
sweatshirts or jackets because we're going to continue to get outside as 
often as we can.  

Enjoy the rest of your beautiful Sunday and have a great week!

October 8th-good morning!  I hope everyone's continuing to enjoy our great 
fall weather--we've sure been happy to get outside as often as we can!

What a busy fun week we had!  Both classes did some cooking with our 
apples and we had delicious applesauce and apple crisp-made with graham 
crackers-yummmy!  There are still some left for some more deliciousness 
this week-pie maybe?

The leaves outside are beautiful and we'll be making beautiful fall trees 
in the classroom with the morning class this week.  We'll be learning 
about sponge painting and recognizing our names in leaves no less! We'll 
be talking about squares, and will be sorting circles and squares.

Thursday is Orange Day for both classes-remember, try to see if your child 
can wear something orange and bring something orange and "glueable" for 
our class collage!  

Monday is "E" Day in the afternoon class and we'll be making some very 
cute elephants!  Wednesday is our whole group social thinking lesson and 
we'll be learning about "the group plan".  I'll be sending home a handout 
about the lessons.  

Orange is the color of pumpkins and we'll be have all kinds of fun with 
pumpkin projects and activities in both classes.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a great week!


October 1-good morning and holy cow-October all ready!  Happy birthday 

We survived pictures, and the heat and had a great week!  The afternoon 
field trip to the apple orchard was awesome!  The kids had a great time 
and we have 2 HUGE bags of apples in the classroom for some delicious 
cooking activities this week!  

Tomorrow will be "F" Day in the afternoon class.  We'll learn that we make 
"F" with a big line down, jump up to the top and make a little line across 
and then jump down to the middle for another little line across.  

We'll also visit the library again this week and have lots of fun with all 
of our apple activities.

The morning class will also explore apples with some fun crafts, fine 
motor activities, painting at the easel and, of course, eating!

It's looking like another great week so we'll continue to get outside as 
often as possible.  We may have some wet feet and bottoms from the dew-
sorry!  As the weather gets colder, we'll usually have a designated 
"outside" day-Thursdays for the morning class and Tuesdays for the 
afternoon.  But for now, whenever we can!
Enjoy this gorgeous fall Sunday and have a great week!

Sunday September 24th-good morning!  It feels like August 24th, but i'm 
not complaining!

Don't forget-tomorrow is Picture Day-I would love it if all morning 
children can come for pictures!  There will be a re-take day in November, 
but I'd really like everyone in the class picture if possible.

What a fun Red Day we had on Thursday-we'll finish up the red activities 
tomorrow and will move right into apple!  We'll learn songs about apples, 
make apple projects, paint apples, probably even taste apples! Yum!

Afternoon parents-we'll be taking our field trip to Brookdale Fruit Farm 
to pick apples on Thursday. Please, please be on time as we hope to leave 
at 11:30 on the dot!  Right now it's looking like it will be pretty warm, 
but might be wet, so dress your child accordingly.  If you have any other 
questions, shoot me an e-mail.

We will be introduced to our first letter in the afternoon tomorrow: "L".  
"L" is made from a big line down and little line across the bottom.  We 
will be tracing "L"'s and practicing making them with the wet, dry , try 
method on our slates.

On Wednesday, we'll have our first whole group Social Thinking lesson with 
Mrs. Dana.  She'll be reading a story, and teaching us that we all have 
thoughts and feelings.  

It's going to be a fun, hot week!  Enjoy your Sunday and have a great 

Sunday September 17th-good morning!  It looks like another beautiful day!

So, we had a great full week of school this week and we're really getting 
in the swing of things.  Thanks to everyone who got their paperwork 
returned and thanks again for all the supplies.

This Thursday will be RED DAY for both classes.  I didn't get a chnce to 
get out a note for Yellow Day, but what generally happens on a "color" 
day, is that we all try to wear something with that color so we can talk 
about it, and also bring something small that can be glued on a class 
collage to hang up.  

Tomorrow, we'll  be finishing up our "yellow" activities in the morning 
class and then we'll be talking aobut CIRCLES during the week.  We'll sort 
circles, string beads, paint circles and maybe even hunt for circles in 
the classroom.  

Boy, are we back to work in the afternoon class!  We explored a variety of 
utensils to practice coloring on our yellow page and we continue to talk 
about number 1.  This week, we'll begin some counting and numeral ID 
activities, sequencing 1-10 (with a numberline if necessary) and we'll 
also practice some cutting to make some cute bumblebees.  

I sent home picture order forms, and ended up with 1 extra, so let me kow 
if I missed anyone.  Pictures are next Monday, the 25th.  I would love it 
if all 3 year olds could come that day for pictures.  They have us 
scheduled for 8:00, so even if your child can't stay for the whole 
morning, being in the class picture would be awesoem.

Happy 4th birthday to Cameron tomorrow! Enjoy the rest of the beautiful 
day and have a great week!


Sunday September 10th-good morning and welcome back to school!  Yes, I am 
dog tired, but I feel like we had an awesome first week of preschool!  We 
had a tiny bit of crying in the morning class, but those afternoon 
veterans walked in and picked right up where they left off!  It was great!

Our new COTA (certified occupational therapy assistant) Miss Jeannie has 
been in with us in the afternoon class, as well as Mrs. Dana, Miss LIsa 
and MIss Katie.   We're doing some baseline screening to see where 
everyone is with hand dominance, grasp, color, number, letter shape ID, 
beginning name printing, language concepts, etc. 

We learned a new song "Pick up a Crayon" to help us remember how to hold 
our crayon.  We have brand new 'green books" which are our Handwriting 
Without Tears workbooks that we'll be using all year.  These are awesome 
because it's not just handwriting, but concepts of print, language 
concepts, math concepts all rolled into one!  

Next week we'll begin working together to learn to print our first names 
in uppercase letters.  If your child wants to practice at home for you, 
you can be a huge help by reinforcing uppercase for now, and also STARTING 

This week we're also going to learn all about #1.  We'll learn to make a 
#1 with our "work dough" and also with the "wet-dry-try" method on chalk 
boards.  We are also going to work in a little book all about #1.  

We have a lot of work to do on counting sets accuratelty and identifying 
numerals.  Any at  home practice in this area is appreciated.

Thursday is yellow day-same as last year: wear something yellow, and bring 
in a little something to add to a yellow collage.

The morning class will start the week with singing"The Wheels On The Bus" 
and we'll have all kinds of "bus" activities.  We're going to learn to use 
a glue stick appropriately by making a cute little bus craft and wee're 
even going to make a headband with our names in buses!  We'll talk about 
the fact that buses are yellow as well as the sun and Thursday will be 
YELLOW DAY!  On color days, we all try to wear that color and bring in 
something small that can be glued on a group collage.  Our yellow 
activities will continue into Monday, for the children who aren't in 
attendance on Thursday.  We'll be exploring yellow fingerpaint and even 
making our own little book about yellow!  It should be lots of fun.  

I want to thank everyone who has already returned all the first day 
paperwork, and I would like the remainders tomorrow if at all possible.

Thanks to everyone who sent in class supplies, and a special thanks to 
Alice's family for providing the playdoh we'll need for our HWT lessons in 
the afternoon class. 

I feel like we've gotten drop off and pick up times squared away and the 
bus schedules will level out soon as well.  If anyone has questions, feel 
free to e-mail me any time.

Hooray for a great first week!  Enjoy the sunny Sunday and have a great 


August 29th, 2017--I can't wait to see everyone at the picnic tomorrow!  
I've been working hard on the classroom and getting everything ready for 
first day of school on Tuesday September 5th!  I am hoping that all of the 
morning children will be able to join us on that day, regardless of 
individual schedules! 

Please review the notice I sent in your child's packet-there are lots of 
answers to your questions!

See you soon!