Dear Parents,
December is here and the cool weather is as well.  As a reminder, please send 
in your child with a hat, mittens and jacket daily.  There have been a few 
times when we could not go out because all of the children were not ready for 
the cool weather.  The snow pants and boots can come in when the snow flies 
and stays.  
Reports cards will be going home December 14th.  I will also attach a 
conference schedule at that time.
The week of the 10th, we will continue our letter adventure with the letter 
S.  We will not have a letter on the week of the 17th   so we can enjoy the 
holiday season.
We are now approaching the holiday season.  I enjoy celebrating Christmas 
around the world, learning about other countries and the traditions that are 
celebrated there.  If you have any special traditions that you celebrate in 
your home, please consider coming in to be a guest speaker and sharing your 
knowledge.  We will be doing some cooking, creating, and learning about the 
winter holidays starting on December 17th.  Please contact me if you are 
interested in sharing a tradition with us.   
To celebrate the season of giving, I would like the kindergartners to 
exchange gifts. Here is the catch.  The gifts must be homemade or reused.  
The kids will exchange names and keep their person a secret.  When they bring 
their gift in, they will address it to “so and so” from “your secret Santa”.  
The fun part is watching the kids open the gifts as well as watching the face 
of the student who made the gift.  This is a huge reward for both students. 
The gifts can come in any time during the week of the 17th.  I will have a 
small tree in our classroom to share with the kids.
You will be hearing from our room mothers soon with regards to our Holiday 
celebration that will be on December 21st.  
I am looking for someone who is willing to donate some ground cinnamon and 
unsweetened applesauce.  I believe Sam’s club or BJ’s sells large containers 
of cinnamon. We will need 2 large containers of cinnamon and 2 large jars of 
unsweetened applesauce.  I need these ingredients for a secret project by 
Monday the 10th. Please let me know if you can help out.
Thank you for your help,
Ms. Sam, Mrs. Marchesseault, and Mrs. Dodge
My Secret Santa Friend is________________________.

September 26, 2012
Dear Parents,

I hope this letter finds everyone enjoying the first weeks of school and the 
fall season as the weather 
gets cooler.  

There are a few things to catch up on. 

REMINDER…  The plastic envelope with your child’s name on it is our main 
means of transferring 
communication between home and school.  It is also the first steps to 
teaching responsibility, and 
beginning homework procedures.  PLEASE make sure the plastic envelope goes 
back and forth to 
school everyday! The kids are responsible for it during their morning check 
in as well as they should 
be responsible for it at home as well.

Please send your child with a jacket as the weather is getting cooler and it 
is easier to take off a layer 
than it is to add a layer that we don’t have!

I have activated the News Flash option on my web page.  If you are interested 
in signing up please go 
to my page and click on the News Flash icon.  Directions will follow.  If you 
activate your email 
address, you will be sent an email any time the website has been updated.  I 
will also be sending out 
a paper update as well if you are not accessible to a computer.   

As you can see from the calendars that were sent home, this week is B week 
and our class names 
have been decided.  The morning class is officially the Jazzy Jaguars and the 
afternoon is officially 
the Playful Puppies.  If anyone has any design ideas for our t-shirts please 
send them along, so we 
can get our t-shirts made as quickly as we can.

TIGER…. As you found on your calendar there is an assembly here at the school 
it will be during our 
morning session.  The kids will learn about recycling through a dramatic 
presentation.   I would like 
to invite any afternoon kindergartners to join us at 8:30 in the gym.  The 
playful puppies may sit with 
us for the assembly as long as a parent remains in the gym to scoop them up 
when we are finished.  
It is an opportunity to join the rest of the school in an all school event. 
If you are a Playful Puppy 
please let me know if you will be joining us for the TIGER assembly.

Picture Day is Friday!!!! Please make sure your paper work is in to me by 
Thursday so that gives me 
an evening if there are any questions.  The Jazzy Jaguars will have their 
pictures during morning class 
time and the Playful Puppies will have their pictures during the afternoon 
session.  Please let me 
know in a note if you foresee any difficulties with the picture taking 

Attached to this letter you will find our contact sheets for your class.  If 
you find an error or emission, 
please send me the correction or addition and I will adjust the draft copy 
for a final copy.  Please get 
all corrections or additions to me by Thursday so that the final draft can be 
handed out on Friday.

Also attached you will find the October calendar.  We will begin show and 
share in November as 
things start to even out.  The calendar has the letter we are focusing on as 
well as any school events 
that might be happening.

Up and coming will be our open house on October 30th and our Halloween Parade 
at 1pm on the 
31st.   I hope that the Jazzy Jaguars will join us in the afternoon for the 
parade to enjoy all the 
students costumes.  Jazzy Jaguars parents must be there to pick up their 
children following the 
parade.  If you are a Jazzy Jaguar and are interested in participating in the 
afternoon parade please 
let me know ASAP.  This amount of interest will dictate how many volunteers I 
may need. 

Again…. If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please contact me at 
487-2211 ext. 351 
or by email,, make sure to indicate “student of……”  in 
the subject line, or 
my home line 759-8824.

Enjoy the Fall and the beautiful weather.  
Ms. SAM, Mrs. Dodge and Mrs. Marchesseault

Dear Parents,

Thank you to all who came this evening.  I hope it was informative and I 
answered any questions you might have had.  Again if any questions do arise 
please feel free to contact me at school 487-2211 ext 352, by email, or at home 759-8824.

For those of you who could not make it I hope that the following will be 
helpful to you as we embark on this school year.

Our biggest piece of information is that the drop off  for afternoon 
kindergartners will be changing as of Monday September 17.   Please drive up 
the hill around the gym and to the back of the school and stop at the 
Kindergarten doors.  Laurie or I will be there to greet you and your child.  
Please stay in the car and we will unbuckle your child and get them into the 
building safely.  This should help get the kids into the building quicker and 
teaching time to start quicker.  Please remember, an adult will be by the 
door between 11:20 and 11:35 if you arrive after that you will need to drive 
around to the front and come through the front door.  

Morning pick up:  When picking up your child if you would like to get out of 
your car please park in the parking lot.  If you would rather wait in your 
car please make a line with your cars and stay in your car we will deliver 
your child to the car.  If the first person in line drive up in front of the 
cross walk and the next person is behind the cross walk we can deliver two 
children at a time to their cars.

Kindergarten does not buy milk from our lunch program due to limited staff in 
the classroom.

Gym time will be Friday’s for the morning class and Tuesdays for the 
afternoon class.  We will have library on Monday’s for both classes.  We will 
also have reading buddies but that schedule has not been solidified at this 

Plastic folders:  Both classes received a plastic folder in their child’s 
backpack.  Please use this folder to go back and forth to school as a means 
of communication between home and school.  This also begins teaching the 
kindergartners the responsibility of homework.  

If your child has a change of transportation please send in a note to state 
the change.  If we do not receive a note we will send the kids home with 
their usual routine.

Next week we will begin our journey through the alphabet.  We will begin 
learning the letter P.  Please have your child bring in items that begin with 
the letter P.  I will collect them during the week and the kids will guess 
what the items are after being given clues.  The guessing will happen on 
Friday and the items will be sent home either on Friday or Monday depending 
on the time we have left during our day. 

Lastly….Homework for the weekend.  Please come up with a few ideas for our 
class name.  The name should consist of two words that both begin with the 
same letter.  We cannot be a team name that already exists (eg. Boston red 
sox, Patriots).  We will vote on our class name on Monday. 

Thank you for your time last night and if I can answer any questions please 
feel free to reach out to me.

Thank you,