I am so excited to see everyone tomorrow morning.  If you were able to come 
to the meet and greet, I hope it was helpful to you and your child.  If you 
were unable to attend, we missed you.  Please make sure that you send a note 
with your child tomorrow with afternoon travel plans.  It is a very 
stressful time of day if the kids are unsure where they are going or what 
number their bus is.  Tomorrow you will receive a plastic envelope with all 
kinds of papers for you to fill out.  This plastic folder will be our 
communication folder, if you have any notes or important messages to send to 
me or the school please place them in your child's folder and have them put 
the folder in their backpack.  This will insure that I get any 
communication.  I am very excited for our first day, it is going to be a 
fabulous year.