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Chemistry Links

Sites that we use the most for class are listed closer to the top.
Scroll through the entire list to see the offerings. The video periodic table 
is near the bottom... it's way cool!

Great resource for chemistry students. Practice sections and 
powerpoints for download.
Science Geek.net

The Chem Team... a very useful web site for students!
The Chem Team

Link to Practice Tests by chapter for World of Chemistry Textbook 
World of Chemistry Textbook Page

Chemistry- Starting Points for Students... a great website with 
all the links 
you will ever need to master chemistry.

Eduweb: On-Line Lab Program
Eduweb Labs

A periodic table of videos... sweeet! Complete with British 
Periodic Table of Videos... AMAZING!!!

Get the help you need trying to make sense of significant figures 
in measurements. Some very useful links from this site as well. 
Significant Figures Help Site

Get help writing lab reports from this site.
LabWrite Program from NC State University

Ask A Scientist... a superb place to feed your curious mind!
Ask a Scientist

Physics 2000 from University of Colorado. A great interactive 
website to 
help you learn about atomic structure and electromagnetic waves.
Really Cool!
Physics 2000

On-Line Periodic Table- This one is the cadilac of periodic 
Web Elements Periodic Table

VSEPR Theory- this sight allows you to view shapes of molecules-

Physics Hypertext ( a very good chemistry resource as well)

The Alien Juice Bar Game- Acids and Bases

A Titration Simulator

Virtual Chem Lab: Titration Simulator

How Stuff Works

Mr. Guch's Chemistry Page... another excellent place for 
chemistry help!
Mr. Guch Chemistry Page

ChemBalancer- a chemical equation balancing game... good stuff!

Thermochemistry Simulations and Virtual Lab... scroll down for 
the list for 
the thermochemistry labs.

The Chemistry Coach (archive)

CERN- Explore and learn about the standard model of particle 
physics and the
Large Hadron Collider
CERN- Particle Accelerator Website

Learn about the standard model of the atom... quarks and leptons oh 
The Particle Adventure

Curious about how scientists know the age of the universe? The 
stars? the 
chemical elements? Check out "An Ancient Universe"

The Formula of a Hydrate Simulation

The most complete listing of units of measure ever assembled.
It even includes the "methusalah" Check it out! 
Very handy.
Units of Measure

Great info and tutorial lessons on advanced chemistry topics such 
as thermochemistry and 
Chem 30 Website

Mr. Fenimore's Chemistry Class Website at Ceasar Rodney High 
School is an excellent helper site.
Adv. Chem Practice Problems

Organic Chem Tutorials 

Good overview of how to keep a lab notebook in chemistry. 
Lab Notebook Policy (U of Kentucky Dept. of Chemistry)

Examples of student lab notebook in chemistry from Ohio State 
University. Shows what entries for an exemplary vs. a poor 
notebook look like.
Lab Notebook- Student Examples

Website gives you access to practice tests, flash cards, answers 
to end of chapter review questions.
Zumdahl Student Companion Website (Adv. Chem)

Very helpful website for chemistry with notes, practice problems 
and video.
Mr. Kent's Chemistry Web Page

Celebration of 2011 International Year of Chemistry
365 days of Chemistry

New Chem Homework etc...


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