NAME: Ms. Bodner

SCHOOL: Manhattan Village Academy

CLASS: 12th Grade Mathematics

E-MAIL ADRESS: Lbodner@schools.nyc.gov

A Bit About Me

This is my fifth year teaching Precalculus and AP Calculus to 12th graders at
Manhattan Village Academy.

Before I came to MVA, I spent 4 years teaching math at Pace High
School. I have taught 9th, 10th and 12th grades and have developed and
implemented curricula in Integrated Algebra, Precalculus, (AP) Calculus,
Physics, Math A, Math B, Pre-College Math, Interdisciplinary Math, and Math
for Social Justice.

I have also mentored a group of students in advisory, managed their senior
social action project, developed a student-run peer-tutoring program, and I
ran Pace High school’s yoga club for four years. 

I received my B.A in Mathematics from Barnard College/Columbia University and
my M.A. in Mathematics Education from Columbia University's Teacher's College.
I also received a Master Teacher Fellowship with Math For America. 

Before entering the field of education, I spent 6 years working in sales,
sales management and recruitment.   

I grew up in New Jersey, but I have been living in New York City for over 10
years. I currently live in Brooklyn. 

Mission For The Class

In addition to the course objectives which I have outlined in the student
contract, My mission is to create a maximal learning environment,
where every person is treated with respect, and all students feel comfortable
asking questions, learning, and participating.  I love this subject, I love
teaching, and I am here to help, guide, and work with each student to ensure
both a successful and enjoyable experience. Please contact me with questions,
concerns, discussion of difficulties and extenuating circumstances.