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Huddle up with your group and decide on assignments.  The roles are: 
Exercise Physiologist, Special Needs Nutritionist, Scientific Nutritionist, 
and Marketing Department.

Once you get your assignment, go to your individual playbook for further 
instructions and help.  Save all your notes into Microsoft Word documents.  
Don't forget to save where you got your information from.  You will need 
this for your works cited document.  

Start your research.  Help your teammates research their roles.  Remember, 
this is a group project.  If you find something that can help a teammate, do 
it!  The more everybody helps each other, the better the group will do.

Research & gather data, research & gather data, research & gather data...

Separate the data according to roles.  Then, analyze it individually 
according to your role within the group. 

Now that each team member has looked at and analyzed their information, 
share it in a team meeting.  Give suggestions and learn from each other.

Write out your part of the presentation.  Use the help from your individual 
playbook to get an idea of what needs to be covered.

Have another team meeting where all members of your group get organized and 
ready to present to the class.

Be prepared for you presentation.  You are encouraged to include visual 
aids/props, film, posters, etc.

When you present to the class, hand in all your research data and individual 
write ups.  This information should be stored on a CD.

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