Welcome to the Cunningham/Chen IB Biology 2015!

To All Incoming Students for IB Biology: You must

1) Go to the computer office ASAP to Upgrade to an iPad4 (if you have not done so already)

2) Download the “Inkling” App on your iPad 4

3) Go to the computer office and download the Campbell textbook (9th edition) on the Inkling App.

Please take care of this BEFORE leaving in June!!! If you have any concerns, email or speak directly to Mrs. Cunningham or Ms. Chen directly.

Your experience in IB Biology begins before the doors of North Shore High School open in September. This summer, you will have the opportunity to delve into the world of biology. This summer assignment has been designed for several reasons:

·         to get you to think during those summer months and to keep your mind sharp, because we will expect a lot out of you come September!

·         to familiarize you with the level and style of reading and writing assignments that you will be doing throughout the year.

·         to give you and your classmates a jump start into our first unit of the school year.

·         to introduce you to “flipped classroom design” where you will watch videos on particular lessons, and write answers to related questions.

The four assignments will be due by the end of the first week (September 4).

You will have the ability to discuss and review the material, ask questions, clarify confusion or express concerns regarding these assignments during the first week back at school. Your understanding of the material will be assessed through laboratory write-ups, quizzes and exams that will occur over the first few weeks of school. If you have any questions, feel free to email one of us at or

Go to the Homework page of this website to see the specific assignments!
Good luck!  See you in September.

The following North Shore policies will be strictly enforced in my AP Biology class:

Academic Integrity: All work completed in, or submitted for, this course must adhere to conditions articulated in the North Shore High School Academic Integrity policy. Cheating, plagiarism, and other forms of academic dishonesty will be subject to the consequences articulated in the Academic Integrity policy, including but not limited to: loss of credit for the assignment, notification to National Honor Society, and disciplinary consequences including suspension. Repeat offenses will face an escalation in consequences as stipulated in the Academic Integrity policy.


Cell phones: Cell phones, iPods, and other personal, non-school issued electronic devices are not permitted in areas other than the cafeteria or courtyard. This is an academic environment and these devices must be turned off and out of sight in all hallways and classroom spaces including the theatre, library, and gymnasium. Devices may be confiscated and turned in to an Assistant Principal. For repeated offenses, the device may retained until it can be picked up by a parent.