Your mitochondrial sequences are in:

The mtDNA sequences are IN!!! -->under sequence server click "enter" --> click on "manage groups" button at the top of the page --> find AshleighJackobel 10-xxxxxxxx Cold Spring Harbor Lab and click "view" -->use the drop down menu to find your number --> select your entire sequence and copy it.-->Google search "NCBI Blast"--> click on "nucleotide BLAST"--> paste your sequence into the large white box at the top of the page.--> click BLAST button at the bottom of the page -->wait....-->scroll down the page to see all the sequences that aligned closely with yours and then click on the Accession link to the far right.--> look for the title of the study to see what genomes/haplogroups were studied.--> keep clicking on accession numbers to find out what haplogroup comes up the most.

Erin M's room (pds. 2/3)- Ashleigh Jackobel (10-291852628)

Heather's room (pds 1/2) - Ashleigh Jackobel (10-291852843)

Ms. Chen's room (pds 7/8) - Ashleigh Jackobel 10-291853439

The following North Shore policies will be strictly enforced in my AP Biology class:

Academic Integrity: All work completed in, or submitted for, this course must adhere to conditions articulated in the North Shore High School Academic Integrity policy. Cheating, plagiarism, and other forms of academic dishonesty will be subject to the consequences articulated in the Academic Integrity policy, including but not limited to: loss of credit for the assignment, notification to National Honor Society, and disciplinary consequences including suspension. Repeat offenses will face an escalation in consequences as stipulated in the Academic Integrity policy.


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