Mr. Reling's Beach Weather

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  Mom and Dad(your teacher) just decided to treat you and your 3 
brothers and sisters(your group) to a beach vacation!  Work and school 
obligations as well as airline availability create a scheduling pinch 
so you're looking at a short but hopefully sunny trip THIS weekend. 
You'll take a Friday morning flight from Buffalo, NY to one of 4 
possible beach destinations:

     Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
     Miami, Florida
     Brownsville, Texas
     San Diago, California

Your family will fly home Sunday evening, making a 3 day weekend 
getaway. Mom and Dad are busy with work and stuff like lining up a 
dogsitter, so you and your siblings have been given the task of 
researching which beach destination will have the best weather this 
weekend.  Your decision is crucial since it'll determine which beach 
you'll go to.

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