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Have you ever wondered how your favorite video game works or how you could 
create an app to make your life easier?  It's all done with coding.  Coding 
is the computer language that makes games, websites and apps work!  Below 
are some simple coding resources.  Try some coding today!

Introductory coding video.
Anybody Can Learn - 60 sec teaser  -WATCH FIRST!!

What is "The Hour of Code?"  Watch this video for a quick preview!
The Hour of Code is here

Video discussing coding.
What Most Schools Don't Teach

Hour of Code Learning Resources-- START HERE!!

Learn the basics of programming through simple building blocks. 
Code Studio

Learn the basics of JavaScript and animate your name!
Animate Your Name

Learn a little bit of html and css to create your own "Keep Calm" poster 
and other popular projects.
Keep Calm and Carry On


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