Mrs. Houghton and Miss Pline Grades 5/6

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login link to AR
Accelerated Reader

You can find AR books here; see how many points, book level, 
number of pages, etc.
AR Book Finder

Colonial Williamsburg - electronic field trips 
login is tualatinvalley, you must enter the password I gave you 

Colonial Williamsburg

An online game designed to search Colonial Williamsburg for allies for the
Revolution. Find clues.  How many skill points did you get? 
Don't tell anyone the clues (NO SPOILERS)
Revquest: An Old Enemy

See how people lived in the 18th century.
Tour Williamsburg

Games and Puzzles for Kids
Colonial Williamsburg Kids Zone

Meet the people through comic book slide show
Visit Colonial Williamsburg

Username for TVA (we paid for this) - ANIFC7
password  (shh it's a secret - ask a 5th-grader)
Online Encyclolpedia Brittanica

Our SS textbook chap 1
For Extra Credit - Click on "Chapter Self-Test" Have an adult stand by as
monitor. When you finish, show your score and have them print the page or
write the score and sign it.
World Studies: Asia and the Pacific  (East Asia)

our SS textbook chap 2
For Extra Credit - Click on "Chapter Self-Test" Have an adult stand by as
monitor. When you finish, show your score and have your monitor print the page
or write the score and sign it.
World Studies: Asia and the Pacific  (Southwest Asia)

National Geographic
Click on GeoBee link for today's quiz
You can also choose yesterday's quiz

National Geographic videos
cities and countries

How the Brain works

Brain info

BBC's kids' info about brains

Read letters from a Pilgrim girl or Wampanoag boy
Visit the Pilgrim village or the Wampanoag village
Thanksgiving virtual field trips

Sound - hearing frequencies of animals
Lots more choices than our science book

Kids Bible Info
questions answered, stories, fun stuff

Make your own "Wanted" Poster


National Science Foundation - Pirates

Capt. Dave's Treasure

A research-based game

Thinkquest is full of pirate information
try the biographies

Nez Perce National Historical Park

Site for Nez Perce Trail used by Joseph and his band as they fled 
the soldiers.

Try out the 10 questions on today's quiz.
Enter a name and choose the level of difficulty
Geo Bee Quiz

data base about historic bridges all over the U.S.
Look up by "category", then click on "facts" for all the info you 
Thanks, Calvin, for finding this
Historic Bridges of the U.S.

Bridges listed alphabetically
You can scroll down to look for specific types
Bridge Mapper

This lists all the different types of bridges on the Willamette River 
and has
good descriptions and explanations of how they work.
Multnomah County's Bridges

Click on the 6 choices they looked at. They've decided against the 
last 3, but
the first 3 are still in the running. Which one do you think would 
be best for
a new Sellwood Bridge here in Portland? Extra credit if you write a 
explaining your choice.
Sellwood Bridge Alternatives

Talk about TORSION!  Click on the "Play" button to see short 
video(maybe 4
Video of Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Building Big Labs

Super Bridge

make puzzles, crosswords on discovery education's site
Discovery's Puzzlemaker

log in with your login and password

Discovery Education

Create a Character from a book; draw a portrait and write 10 
things about this

Historical record of Amos Fortune
Historical Society of Cheshire County, NH

Answer the questions by clicking on web links and finding 
information about
Harriet Tubman. EXTRA CREDIT social studies or reading
Harriet Tubman web search

This is a short summary of the epidemic of 1793 in Philadelphia
Yellow Fever in Philadelphia

Least Common Multiple

Wisconsin Technical College demonstration of LCM -

You will need to write the problems and answers on paper because 
it doesn't
show you if you're right or wrong(you're not a student at their 
least common multiple

PBS "Don't Buy It"

"Honestly, Abe?"

pick a period and hear the music from that time
Classics for kids

Notice all the "firsts" 
Fort Vancouver - Fur Trade 

Short video
Checks and Balances

Study helps and quiz for vocab. practice
Pedro's Journal vocabulary practice

Link to easy CBM assessment
Easy CBM Math

click on an order of birds, then on a specific bird to hear it's 
call (better
get your cat out of the room first!)
Bird Songs

Photos from my favorite photographer.

Ariel, enjoy!
photos by synapped

Animation activities online
OMSI Animation website


Learning Adventures with Ben Franklin
Ben's Guide to US Government

Khan Academy Hour of Code

How a flu virus invades a cell and replicates
Phooey on Flu - video

Singing germs
The Sneeze - video

Silly video - 7 minutes
Silly video about immune system

Good information about the immune system
Kids' Health from Women's and Children's Health network

A terrific, detailed, informative look at antibodies and antigens
Written for jr. high/ high school level
7 minutes
Antibodies and Antigens

Make me genius animation about viruses and bacteria 5 minutes
Virus and Bacteria

Great video description of immune reaction
7 minutes
"Every second of your life you are under attack..."
Immune System explained video

Animation of measles infection
Measles Explained video


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