Mrs. Houghton and Miss Pline Grades 5/6

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An Event-filled Week
May 19 - Tuesday - Field Trip to Bonneville Dam - leave 7:30 a.m.
Sack lunch, close-toe shoes, wear layers (cooler along river), return about 3:15
May 20 - Wednesday evening - Spring Music Program

May 22 - Friday - Bowling

Fashion Through the Ages - Enjoy the photos in the Fashion Show album!

Hour of Code
   The 6th grade has completed their first hour or two of coding. Have them show you what they can do!

DORIANNE and Hannah represented TVA at the District Spelling Bee. We're proud of them!

Yay for our OBOB teams: 5th girls- Danielle, Emily, Kira, and Nishita;
5th boys - Kolby, Kainoa, Nate, and Emmy; 6th  - Kyla, Alexa, Maya, Connor; another 6th team - Josh, Devin, Ariel, Dorianne

The school winners were a 4th grade team! We're proud of all our TVA readers who read so many books, learned so many facts, and represented each class. Go Readers!

Conveniently, our Buy One, Get One Free Scholastic Book Sale is beginning in the library. Stock up for summer reading (maybe pick some OBOB books for the 2016 competition).

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