Mrs. Houghton and Miss Pline Grades 5/6

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Fashion Through the Ages - April 30  Two Performances  9:30 or 10:30
    Come and see how the ancients dressed. It will be so FAB!

Hour of Code
   The 6th grade is going to do beginning coding. Here's a short video to introduce code.
Mrs. Beck will help us set up our class and individual accounts so everyone can get credit for the work they do. Sixth graders will return permission slips with parent-approved email addresses so each can have an individual sign-in. We're excited to begin this learning adventure! (Mrs. H. has already learned a thing or two about code, something she's never done before.)

DORIANNE is our school SPELLING BEE CHAMPION! She'll be headed to district competition in May! YAY!

    You can help your child prepare for the bee by using the list words found at the following sites:
Grades 1 - 5 or 6 - 8

A shorter practice list for 6th grade (and links to 5th) is found at:

Cheer on our OBOB teams: 5th girls- Danielle, Emily, Kira, and Nishita;
5th boys - Kolby, Kainoa, Nate, and Emmy; 6th girls - Kyla, Alexa, Maya;
6th mixed - Josh, Devin, Ariel, Dorianne

Service Project Update: A shoebox gift for a needy child- we sent 21 boxes! Way to go 5th and 6th! We are excited to see them go to the Philippines! We're praying for each child who receives a box.

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