Mrs. Houghton, Grades 5/6

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NAME: Mrs. Barbara Houghton


CLASS: 5th Grade

SCHOOL PHONE: (503)649-5518 x 321

About The Teacher

Mrs. Houghton has taught at TVA  for more than 20 years.  She started 
here as a music teacher and still loves to sing every day.  She taught 
social studies and Spanish (two of her favorite subjects) for a while 
before settling down as a classroom teacher in grades 4 - 6. She has a 
Master's Degree in Geography, loves to travel, and will be delighted to 
show you some of her travel photos.  She is curious about almost 
everything and loves to learn something new.  She hopes to inspire her 
students to be lifelong learners.  She expects the lessons they learn in 
5th/6th grade to help them become good citizens, informed voters, 
active in their community and church. And most importantly, she wants 
the love of Christ to fill their lives so they can be happy, caring 

Mission For The Class

To provide a dynamic class format, maximizing learning, with curriculum 
taught within the context of the Christian life and values.

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