Our start time is 9:00 a.m. on Mondays; 8:00 a.m. Tues. - Fri. Our door will be open at 7:50. Teacher Marla will still walk students over from TES at 7:50. Students arriving before the doors open must be dropped off at the TES playground or supervised by an adult.
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Greetings from the ODP Teachers and the  Parents Advisory Committee,

Welcome to another great year at Outdoor Discovery Program at TES!  Our first trimester will be a unit on Countries and Cultures with a focus on eco-building. Please contact us if you know anyone who can sing, dance, cook, ecobuild, or teach us about their country, continent or culture.

Please note the following important information;
Please confirm your registration at the Main Office of Talent Elementary School for the upcoming school year.  
Please pay the $20 supply fee directly to the TES office manager upon registration, or on the first day of school/parent conferences on Tuesday.

About volunteering:  Note from the PAC to all parents:  Volunteering is required for all parents, and necessary for ODP's continued success.
Please participate in the many opportunities to help make the school thrive.   (see below)   If everyone does a little bit consistently,  the whole system will benefit. Otherwise this falls on the backs of the teachers and overcommitted  parents whom we don't want to burn out.   

Please volunteer for the following:   We will have sign up sheets at the school
To recruit and coordinate parent volunteers
To clean the building before school starts (it has been well used all summer by Boys and Girls Club)  (contact information and dates will be in a follow-up email when determined)
To coordinate some sort of ODP entry for the Talent Harvest Festival
To teach an elective class every other Monday from 1-2pm    (please contact ODP)
To update the website with new dates and announcements
To help us move furniture and shelves back into place late next week
To help keep the grant writing process in motion (this has provided the transportation for field trips and musical instruments)
To staff the parent volunteer office positions

Monthly Parent Advisory Committee meetings 
These meetings will be an opportunity for parents to meet and discuss the ways we can participate and enhance the children's experience of learning at ODP.    This year we are experimenting with meetings on different days of the week to enable those with regular commitments to make some of the meetings.  

We are going to kick off the new school year with our 1st PAC meeting on September 13th
All the meetings this school year will be on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 6:30pm-8pm. 

We have a little more time this year to hit the ground running, so with your help, we can make the most of our 3rd year! From music instruction, to adding a 6th grade, we have lots of great things happening. So feel free to stop on by ODP next week, send us an email, or just milk those last days of summer for us.

Teacher Erin, Teacher David, Teacher Marla, and PAC coordinating committee