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Our Mission:

Bucks County Montessori Charter School makes an individualized educational experience consistent with Montessori principles available to elementary students within the Pennsbury and surrounding school districts. The vision of the founding coalition was that the BCMCS would be a model Montessori School, providing a superior learning environment for its students through implementation of individualized Montessori curricula.

January's Message

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Happy 2015 and welcome back! We at BCMCS hope that everyone is refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for an exciting second half to this school year.

As we all embark on the threshold of this ‘New Year,’ there is so much to appreciate, from simply the ‘newness’ of it all to the uncharted journey of what is to come. Though some may worry about past years' tasks left unfinished, with several fussing over aging yet another year, and others simply dreading the January cold, it seems that we all forget what a positive phase this ‘newness’ of the year brings about. Ellen Goodman declared that “… (Many) spend the New Year walking through their life’s memories, room by room, drawing up a list of works to be done by focusing on the cracks that need to be patched. In contrast, we ought to walk through these rooms of our lives not looking for flaws, but rather, for potential.” This simple passage accurately illustrates what our Montessori teaching philosophy implores. As Montessori teachers/facilitators, we discern the importance of looking for the potential in each individual child knowing that we cannot help children achieve greatness by merely focusing on their flaws. As we always have, we will continue to look for, and help to bring about the potential in all of our students so that we can help all achieve their highest potential.

Know that this first month of the ‘New Year’ does incorporate many old and new happenings, from past club meetings to new club meetings to the annual PTA Bounce U Family Event. Be sure to visit the BCMCS Quick Reference Calendar for the most recent updates and information.

Thank you so much for your continued support in assisting all of us in providing an exemplary educational experience for your children. Take care, and until next time. . .
Mr. Brian Long

Latest News and Notices:

3rd Annual Bucks County Teacher of the Year Award
Link to Vote
The Bucks County Teacher of the Year Award recognizes outstanding teachers in the Bucks County area. We are pleased to announce that Lori Carpenter, a teacher at BCMCS since our initial start year in 2000, whose combination of perseverance, creativity and compassion for our students throughout, has been nominated this year. In Lori's words, she is 'merely one passionate, hard-working [BCMCS] teacher symbolizing all.' Please be sure to cast your vote by following the above link. Voting ends on February 6th.

The Little Mermaid Jr. Performance
The Little Mermaid Jr. FLYER
Come see past BCMCS Student Alumni at the Pennwood Middle School play during the February 6th and 7th performances. Please see attached flyer for further information.

Valentine’s Day CANDY GRAMS
Candy Gram Form
The candy grams will cost $.50 each and it consists of 2 long chocolate covered pretzels or 4 small pretzel rods in a bag with a message attached to it. The candy grams can be sent to friends, siblings, staff or teachers. Parents and Grandparents may also send a special message to their child/children, or anyone in our school.

Anyone interested in sending a candy gram please fill out the bottom portion of the linked Candy Gram Form and send it with your child marked Candy gram. Additional information in on the form.

Approved 2015-16 School Calendar
15/16 School Calendar
At the 12/17/15 Board of Trustee Meeting the above calendar was adopted for the 2015-16 School year. The calendar includes 185 school days with a start date of 8/26/15 and an end date of 6/17/16.

GEOBEE Information Flyer
The Geography Club is open to 4th, 5th and 6th grade BCMCS students. The first session will be on Friday, January 9th, 3.30 pm! This is a great way to prepare for the National Geographic School Bee to be held on Friday, January 30th, 3.30 pm.

Know that this is a parent run competition group. If your child is interested in joining, please email or call Mrs. Indu Kaul at or 267-391-9994.

Winter Chess Club:
Winter Chess SignUp Flyer
This year's second Chess Club is set to begin on January 12th. Please follow the link above to enroll you child in the upcoming session.

January/February Lunch Menu
We are pleased to announce our Lunch Program continues with Mancini’s. Attached to the link above, you will find the January/February Menu. They will continue to provide us with homemade meals at a low price so please patronize their business.

2013-14 School Performance Profile
The Pennsylvania Department of Education posted the 2013-14 School Performance Profile scores for public schools throughout the state and once again, Bucks County Montessori Charter School had the top score for all Elementary Schools in Lower Bucks County and was among the top scoring elementary schools in all of Bucks and Montgomery Counties, with a score of 94.40. This score exceeded the combined average for the other 84 elementary schools in Bucks County (78.34) and 32 elementary schools in Montgomery County (86.80), as well as the combined average elementary school scores for each district in Bucks & Montgomery Counties.

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Upcoming Events & Reminders:

January 30th

* GeoBee Meeting from 3:30-4:30p
* Science Club [3rd Year Student Group] 3:30-4:15

February 2nd

* Service Club from 3:15-4:15p
* Winter Chess Club Session II from 3:15-4:15p

February 3rd

* Reading Olympics from 3:15-4:30p
* Science Club [1st Year Student Group] 3:30-4:15

February 5th

* BCMCS OPEN HOUSE from 6-8p [for Parents ONLY]
* Science Club [2nd Year Student Group] 3:30-4:15

February 6th

Science Club [3rd Year Student Group] 3:30-4:15

February 9th

* Service Club from 3:15-4:15p
* Winter Chess Club Session II from 3:15-4:15p

February 10th

* Reading Olympics from 3:15-4:30p
* Science Club [1st Year Student Group] 3:30-4:15

February 11th

PTA Meeting @ 7:30p

February 12th

* Science Club [2nd Year Student Group] 3:30-4:15

February 13th

Science Club [3rd Year Student Group] 3:30-4:15

February 16th

School Closed -- Presidents' Day

February 17th

* Reading Olympics from 3:15-4:30p
* Science Club [1st Year Student Group] 3:30-4:15

February 19th

* Science Club [2nd Year Student Group] 3:30-4:15

February 20th

Science Club [3rd Year Student Group] 3:30-4:15

February 22nd

Start of Montessori Education Week

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