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Bucks County Montessori Charter School makes an individualized educational experience consistent with Montessori principles available to elementary students within the Pennsbury and surrounding school districts. The vision of the founding coalition was that the BCMCS would be a model Montessori School, providing a superior learning environment for its students through implementation of individualized Montessori curricula.

September's Message

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Dear BCMCS Families and Students,

The school year is moving along—what a truly smooth and magnificent beginning we have had to this point, as is evident with the continued smiling, eager faces we see on our students each morning when they arrive.

Know that these first weeks into the school year, our staff puts a large effort into, what we term in Montessori pedagogy, ‘normalization.’ This term basically relates to the acclimation process associated to the new school year and routines. This process, in contrast to the etymology of the word itself [i.e., normalized], need not be confused with something correlated to ‘usual’ or ‘common’ or even "normal,’ per say. Maria Montessori first used the term ‘normalization’ to describe the distinctive progress she witnessed in child development, as she observed that when children were allowed freedom in an environment suited to their needs, they flourished academically, socially, and emotionally. After an acclimation period of engaging in intense concentration, working with materials that fully keep their interest, etc., she saw that children would emerge refreshed and contented. Through this continued process, she continued to observe that children would grow an inner discipline and calm. Montessori cited this ‘normalization’ process as a phenomenon that is ‘the most important single result of our work’ and the ‘only way that children, aided by their environment, can show in their subsequent development those wonderful powers that we describe: spontaneous discipline, continuous and happy work, social sentiments of help and sympathy for others.’

This week, please note that we will be holding our Back To School Night on Thursday, September 4th. I encourage you to come to this informative meeting with your child’s teachers. Be aware that the meeting times stagger for those parents who have children enrolled in both the Lower and Upper Elementary classrooms – LE will conduct their sessions from 6-7p, with the UE holding sessions from 7-8p. Also, please be aware of this month’s BookFair activities and the start of many new After School Clubs. As always, be sure to follow the school’s Quick Reference Calendar, found in the Quick Links section of our home page under Calendars, for all such listings of pertinent school events.

Looking forward to continued successes and accomplishments throughout the year. Take Care and until next time . . .
Mr. Brian Long

Latest News and Notices

Service Club
Service Club Enrollment Form
The BCMCS SERVICE CLUB is open to all 3rd to 6th year students and Alumni. It is held on Monday’s at 3:15 – 4:15 from 9/8/14 to 5/18/15 (This club runs all year long. The club is designed to offer students at BCMCS as well as alumni an opportunity to give back to their community and others in need. The club will be run by Miss Freiling with the 6th years that join having a leadership role. If your child is interested, please send back the bottom portion of the Enrollment Form [attached above] by Wednesday, September 3rd as our first meeting will be held on Monday, 9/8.

Arts & Crafts Club
Fall Arts&Crafts Enrollment Form
Embrace your creativity with BCMCS’s very own Arts and Crafts Club. This club is open to all 5th and 6th graders. First come, first serve. This club will take place on Thursday’s in Miss McDevitt’s Room. If your child is interested, please send back the bottom of attached form by September 24th.

Rosetta Stone Information
LE and UE Students
These are instructions to help new and returning students pick the language they prefer. In order to have changes made to avoid down class time, it is requested that for a student to be switched from the default spanish to another language, written notification is sent into Ambreen Toor by August 29. Kindergarten can view a specific form of this document on Mrs. Russell's home page.


School Performance Profile:
2012-13 School Performance Profile
Bucks County Montessori Charter School grades highest among the 50 Elementary Schools in Lower Bucks County, with a Building Level Academic Score of 94.2.

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Upcoming Events & Reminders

September 4th

Back To School Night -- LE 6-7p >>> UE 7-8p

September 8th

Initial Service Club Meeting from 3:15-4:15

September 11th

911 Ceremony

September 12th

Back To School Picnic

Week of September 15th

* BOOKFAIR begins
* Service Club @ 3:15-4:15

September 18th

Scholastic Bookfair Night from 6-8p

September 22nd

Service Club @ 3:15-4:15

September 24th

BOT Meeting

September 25th & 26th

NO SCHOOL -- Rosh Hashanah

September 29th

* Chess Club Session I Begins
* Service Club @ 3:15-4:15

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