Great Math Websites!!!!

Check out these sites for help with the math we are learning in class.

Internet Links

McGraw-Hill's website

Get help with tons of Algebra topics.
Algebra Help

There are a lot of easy to follow lessons on this website.
Algebra Lessons

This website contains lessons, examples and very good 
explanations of Algebra topics.
Purple Math

This website gives examples of how to use your TI-83+ or TI-84+ 
calculator to do the Algebra work we are doing in class.
Calculator help

You can practice solving equations on this website.
Solving Equations

You can download the TI-83 Plus calculator for free on your home 
computer.  This will be an incredible help when you are doing 
your homework or working on a project!!
Free TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator download

This website gives you extra practice with the topics we are 
covering in class.  There is a 5 question quiz for each topic in 
our textbook, and your answers are checked immediately so you 
will know if you are doing the problems correctly!
Extra Practice