Monday -  March 2

No School!

Tuesday -  March 3

Reading - Reread "Don's Boat" to parents; parents sign and return; Theme 7, Week 2 high frequency word TEST Tuesday! 

Spelling - Write "That Toad is Mine", long "o" words spelled "ow/oa" 3x's each (slow, grow, show, know, crow, boat, coat, float, toad, coast, Bonus: rainbow).

Math - Practice 21.2.

Wednesday - March 4

Reading - Reread "Chan's Gift" to parents; parents sign and return.

Math - Practice 21.3.

Social Studies - "What I Want to be When I Grow Up" paper & drawing DUE TODAY! Bring in props if you want & be ready to read!

Spelling - Write 5 sentences (boat, show, know, float, grow).

Thursday - March 5

Reading - Reread "Ann Can't Sleep" to parents; parents sign and return.

Spelling - Study "That Toad is Mine" long "o" spelled "ow"/"oa" list words for TEST Friday!

Math - Practice 21.4.

Friday - March 6

Math - Practice 21.5.

Social Studies - Study review sheet for TEST Monday!

Reading - Study HFW for TEST Tuesday!