Monday - September 26

Reading - Reread "Jack the Cat" to parents; parents sign and return. Study high frequency words (does, not, school, what) for TEST Thursday!

Math - Page 97-98.

Spelling - Write words 3x's each (man, can, nap, tap, cat, hat, not, does, sat, mat, Bonus: October).

Tuesday -  September 27

Spelling - Write 5 sentences (man, hat, not, does, nap, sat).

Math - P.103-104.

Wednesday - September 28

Reading - High Frequency Word TEST Thursday!

Spelling - Write words in A, B, C order.

Math - P.109-110.

Thursday - September 29

Math - P.115-116.

Spelling - Study spelling words for TEST Friday!

Friday - September 30 - PEP RALLY DAY!!

Reading - Study new high frequency words for TEST next Thursday!

Math - P.121-122.