Monday -  October 12
Columbus Day!
No School! Return Tuesday!

Tuesday -  October 13
Reading - Study high frequency words for TEST Monday! Reread ""We Clap" to parents; parents sign and return.           
Math - Homework, page 131-132
Spelling - Write words 3x's each (clip, flip, slip, flag, black, plan, win, sit, be, pull Bonus: plus).

 Wednesday - October 14
Reading - Reread Phonics Activity Sheet to parents; parents sign and return.
Math - Homework, page137-138.
Spelling - Write 6 sentences (flip, slip, black, pull, win, plan).

Thursday - October 15 Grandparents' Day! 9:30-10:30
Math - Use review to study for TEST Friday!
Reading - Reread "The Duck Who Clucked" to parents; sign & return.
Spelling - Study for TEST Friday!

Friday October 16
Reading High Frequency Word TEST Monday!