Monday -  April 21
Teacher In-Service
No school for students
Return Tuesday, April 22nd!

Tuesday -  April 22
Reading - Practice p.188; study Theme 8 review for TEST Friday!
Spelling - Write "Johnny Appleseed", words ending -ed & -ing, 3x's each (landed, checking, telling, missed, filled, sleeping, hissed, landed, bluffing, planted Bonus:jumping).

Wednesday - April 23
Reading - Read "ow/ou" word sheet  study; study Theme 8, Week 3 HFW for test Thursday!
Spelling - Write 5 sentences (telling, sleeping, planted, hissed, checking).
Math - Practice 19.1.

Thursday - April 24
Reading - Reread "Sam Sundown's Problem" to parents; parents sign and return; write a 3-4 sentence report on "My Hero", due Tuesday, 4-29; will be graded (neatness, spelling, punctuation, ON TIME, complete sentences).
Spelling - Study "Johnny Appleseed", adding -ed, -ing to base words, list for test Friday!
Math - Practice 19.2.

Friday April 25
Math - Practice 19.3.