Homework will be assigned to your child on a daily basis.  I do not assign 
homework on Friday, this gives the students a well deserved break and allows 
them to enjoy their weekend. I assign both Reading and Math homework.  The 
homework can be found in their red folders on the right side.

Week of May 1
Reading: Monday: weekly worksheet unit 10 week 1
         Tuesday: weekly worksheet unit 10 week 1
         Wednesday: weekly worksheet unit 10 week 1
         Thursday: weekly worksheet unit 10 week 1

Math: Monday: no homework      
      Tuesday: no homework      
      Wednesday: no homework      
      Thursday: no homework      

High frequency words to review nightly: can, I, we, the, a, see, like, to, 
go, and, you, do, my, are, he, with, he, it, she, was, they, of, play, has, 
for, here, me, what, want, said, have, this, help, too, where, look

Letters and sounds to practice nightly: 

Read a book nightly!!