Extra Credit is available for the first marking period. If students are 
interested, they need to take the information from the extra credit basket 
in the classroom. The last day to hand in the extra credit is Oct. 27,2017.

   Autobiographical poem (one stanza) is due.  Students have the poem 
packet.  We will complete our discussion of the poems on Tuesday.

Test will be given on Friday. The skills covered on this test will be using 
context clues to determine the meaning of a word and analyzing story 
elements.  Students will have the story to refer to during the test. 

Just a reminder >>>>>Picture Day is September 13, 2017

     Students will have a  short quiz on Thursday.   They will be asked to 
interpret the meaning of words or phrases from context and to analyze the 
story elements in a short cold read( a short story read for the first time). 

Extra Credit is available for the First Marking Period! Students simply need 
to pick up the information in the classroom.

 Homework:  Vocabulary sheet