What is PBS?


PBS stands for Positive Behavior Support. It is a research based program where students are reinforced for making good choices. Each classroom teacher teaches lessons on how to behave in the classroom, hallway, cafeteria, playground and on the bus. Students are “caught being good” and given verbal positive reinforcement “Great job walking safely in the hall!” or a Golden Ticket.

A Golden Ticket can be given any time a student is observed following the rules. When a student gets a Golden Ticket:
vMrs. Munson makes a positive phone call home.
vStudent signs the Celebrity Book.
vStudent receives a star for their shoelaces.
vStudent gets a magnet on the Principal’s 200 Club board and will take their magnet home once there is a winning row
and may win a bigger prize if they have the winning row on the board.

PBS works as a system with the school, community, and family all working together with the student.