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What are the age requirements for Kindergarten?

Students must be 5 by October 15 of the upcoming school year.


Who are the teachers? Is there an aid?

Mrs. Campbell is a certified teacher (who is also ICA’s head teacher). She received her degree at West Chester University. She has been in her position at Immaculate Conception Academy since we opened (8 years ago) Her previous experience includes preschool work at Immaculate Conception and St. Catharine’s. She also worked for the BCIU and Governor Mifflin.

Mrs. Lisa Forkin has been an ICA kindergarten teacher for two years. She has her credentials from Holy Family College in Philadelphia. Previously, Mrs. Forkin worked with many of the children in our PreKindergarten Program. She has 4 children; her oldest son is a sophomore at Berks Catholic, while her three younger children are students at ICA.

Mrs. Maria Dinnocenti is the full time kindergarten primary aide. She has three children; her oldest son started kindergarten in 2003, the year ICA first opened -- he's now a sophomore at Berks Catholic High School.  Her two younger children are students at ICA.  Mrs. Dinnocenti thinks of ICA as her second family, and feels privileged to be part of our school.  This will be her 4th year teaching at ICA.

Where are the Kindergarten classroom?

The classrooms are located within the school building right next to each other. Another small room is located across the hall which is used for small group instruction as needed.


What is the time frame for Kindergarten?

The students experience the same time schedules as the rest of the building. Classes are full day. They begin at 8:30 and end at 2:45. Most of the academics occur in the mornings. There is also a break time in the morning. The students have lunch at 12:00 in the cafeteria (where they can pack or buy their lunch). During the afternoon the students have some academics and their special classes, (art, music, library, computer, and physical education). They also have a rest period.


What does the Kindergarten curriculum entail?

This is an academic kindergarten. The students experience language through reading, writing, listening, speaking, and literature appreciation. Mathematics activities includes rote counting, recognizing and understanding the meaning of numerals (1-20), learning about comparisons, the calendar, clocks, money, measurement, cluster counting, sets, one-to-one correspondences, geometry, simple oral problems, and addition and subtraction. In handwriting the children are shown and practice the correct letter forms.

Religion is a separate class. Social Studies and Science are also taught and integrated across the curriculum. The students have art, computer, physical education, music, and library once a week.


Do the students receive a report card?

Each student receives a report card at the end of the Second, Third, and Fourth Quarters. At the end of the First Quarter formal conferences are held and the student receives a Progress Report. Additional  conferences can be requested at any time.


What do the children do for lunch? For snack?

The children have the choice of either packing a lunch or purchasing a lunch which has been prepared in the school cafeteria. The prepared lunch can consist of a main choice or several alternate choices. Menus can be found online and are also sent home.

There is an opportunity for snack every day. Due to food allergies and individual taste preferences each students brings in their own individual snack and drink.


Is there an AfterCare Program?

ICA students can participate in aftercare on a daily, weekly, or occasional basis. The program begins after school and ends at 6:00PM.


Do Kindergarten students wear uniforms?

All students in grades K-8 wear school uniforms. There are 2 types. Summer uniforms are worn from the beginning of school until November and again from April until the end of the year.

Winter uniforms are worn from November until April. On gym days there is a special gym uniform. A uniform exchange is held several times a year to help with the acquisition of clothing for school.


How are students prepared for Kindergarten?

In May the incoming kindergarten students are invited to school for orientation. This will last about 2 hours. During that time the students will have the opportunity to meet their classmates and teachers. They will spend time in their new school and classroom. Parents will get to speak to the teacher, principal, nurse, and Home and School Representative.


Is bussing available for the Kindergarten students?

Bussing is provided to all students in grades K-8 from their local, home school district.


Is remedial help available?

We have services from the Berks County Intermediate Unit to assist students in math and reading. A school psychologist is also available from the BCIU.


Are their opportunities for parents to volunteer?

All parents are welcome to assist in various ways throughout the school. They can aid in individual classrooms, the cafeteria, office, recess, gym, computer lab, library, and art room. Each volunteer must attend a “Protecting God’s Children” class and have a background check done.


Is there a PTO?

We have a very active Home and School Organization. The goal of our HSO is to foster community and support the school. They have pledged to raise $15,000 a year to support our technology department.


Is technology used?

ICA has an extensive technology department. Each class has a SmartBoard and several individual computer units. The computer lab has 35 individual units for classroom instruction. Spanish is taught through Rosetta Stone in the lab starting in grade 4. First in Math which aids in math computation and critical thinking is available in all grades. Enrichment and remediation through the Odyssey/Compass Learning is also available in all grades. Our students are involved in all sorts of technology projects. Even our 3rd graders can do power point!


What else can ICA offer my child?

Besides the strong academics, CYO sporting activities are available. There is basketball, softball, baseball, track, volleyball, football, and cheerleading.  Piano lessons are available. There are various music programs and a talent show. Our school participates in art contests, cooking contests, Spelling Bee, Declamation, and Science Fair. Student Council involves students in grades K-8. We participate in many community outreach programs.


Why should we choose Immaculate Conception Academy?

Immaculate Conception Academy is a Middle States accredited school. This means that we went through a rigorous evaluation process. Accreditation signifies that a school has met the Middle States standards for a quality school.

The education that the ICA student receives will empower them to become life-long learners. A significant number of our students go on to pursue a college education and live purposeful lives. Students receive a strong academic, value-based education. In partnership with parents, guardians, educators, and the entire community, we educate our students with the skills and strategies to grow spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, creatively, socially, and physically.










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