The PJPII Athletic Program is affiliated with the Philadelphia Archdiocese CYO athletic programs in the Chester County area.

Our coaches are not professionals. They are volunteers freely giving their time to help our children. Any questions or concerns should be brought to the attention of the coach. If the coach does not answer your questions or concerns, feel free to contact the Commissioner of Sports. We encourage anyone with a question, comment, complaint, or even a compliment to contact the Commissioner of Sports, or any board member so issues can be addressed promptly and efficiently.

  • The Varsity level is very competitive within the CYO. Healthy competition is expected. Playing time is earned. More complex skills and plays are required. Team play, positive attitude, individual responsibility and self-motivation are expected.
  • The Junior Varsity level is competitive within the CYO. Improvement of fundamental skills, self-confidence, team play and individual responsibility are stressed. Starting positions are earned although there is playing time for all.
  • There are in addition, "B" level leagues that follow the same guidelines stated for Varsity and JV. These students are increasing their skill levels to continue to play in a competitive and enjoyable manner.

The program offers to the students who attend Pope John Paul II, CCD or RREP participation in the following sports:



Season Starts





Field Hockey













The Pope John Paul II Regional Catholic Elementary School Athletic Association is a school-based program, out of the consolidation of the five parishes, which provides opportunities for youth to grow in faith and understanding of their church through involvement of athletic endeavors. Through a total youth ministry concept incorporating intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the student, the program strives to enhance the total Christian education experience.

Through the management by highly motivated, volunteer, adult leaders, students achieve life-long Christian characteristics of leadership, team play, self-motivation, determination, integrity, and dealing graciously in both victory and defeat. This is achieved through competition with other schools within the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO), for grades four through eight, in structured, supervised sporting events enabling maximum individual and team potential.


The following is a list of guidelines set forth by the Athletic Association in order to ensure the safety and well being of our student/athletics. We ask that parents be willing to support their child in complying with all rules and regulations.

  • If a child has fulfilled his/her sacramental obligation and does not attend RREP, a letter is needed from the pastor stating his/her active membership in the parish.
  • All fees (registration or uniform) must be paid in order for student to participate in program. Any part of the uniform the student does not return, i.e. hats, socks, etc is purchased at the athlete's expense.
  • Every athlete is expected to behave in a Christian manner. No CYO athlete, coach or spectator is permitted to refuse to abide by an official's decision or heap verbal abuse upon any athlete, coach, or official. Please allow the coaches to do their job by refraining from any negative sideline coaching. Any athlete, coach or spectator who is found guilty of any of the above violations may face a minimum five-game suspension. Verbal or physical demonstrations against any player, coach, official or spectator will not be tolerated.
  • Each athlete is a student first and an athlete second. We realize the value of an extra-curricular program, but we also believe the academic progress of each student if of paramount importance. Any student who is absent from school may not practice or play in a game for that day.

If a student receives a failure notice in any subject, the Athletic Association and the Faculty recommend that the parent remove the child from any sports program in an effort to avoid a failure on the report card.

Once a student does receive a failure or any 1's on the report card, especially conduct, that student is suspended from all sports for three weeks from the date of the report card. This suspension includes practices, games, tournaments, competitions or all-star activities. If grades have not improved, the student cannot return to play until the approval is given by the teacher.

Any athlete who receives a school suspension may not participate in any sport activity until completion of the suspension plus the next game following the suspension. This will be check by the Commissioner of Sports.

  • All uniforms are to be returned clean to the coach at the end of the season. Any player not returning his/her uniform will be charged for replacement of the uniform. All athletes must be properly uniformed for league games/meets. (Shirts tucked in and pants worn at waist level).
  • All jewelry is prohibited
  • Gum chewing at games and practices is prohibited.
  • The coach must be contacted when an athlete will be unable to attend a practice or game.
  • No athlete is permitted to leave the gym or field for any reason without permission of the coach.
  • Please be prompt for all practices and games. Team members must be at the game site one-half hour before starting time, and picked up promptly from both practices and games. Please consider our coaches; they must remain until all children are picked up. Due to insurances regulations, Children, other than the athletes, are not to be left at a practice or game unattended. Coaches will not be responsible for the safety of other children.
  • The Pope John Paul II team must be a player's first priority when playing on more than one team. Scheduling conflicts must be worked out the the coach.
  • When a teacher is attending a game/meet, please remember they are there to enjoy our children and the spirit of the game. This is fun time, not conference time.
  • We ask that spectators cheer in a positive manner. Remember that the participants are not small adults; they are children playing a game. The CYO is not a spectator sport for the benefit of coaches and parents. All competitions are supposed to be enjoyable for the athletes.


Welcome to Pope John Paul II Regional Catholic Elementary School! In order to provide a safe and clean sport environment, your cooperation in adhering to the below General Conditions and Rules and Regulations is mandatory. It is the responsibility of the party who is making the request to Pope John Paul II to forward a copy of this Building/Field Use Policy to all the participants. In making this request to use Pope John Paul II, you are fully expected to understand and accept the following General Conditions and Rules and Regulations.


  • Pope John Paul Regional Catholic Elementary School is a DRUG, ALCOHOL, and TOBACCO FREE environment. Use or possession of such substances is prohibited.
  • It is expected that all users demonstrate personal conduct, which reflects good sportsmanship and respect for others. Pope John Paul II is committed to maintaining a Christian environment that will enrich people’s lives. The use of profanity, foul or abusive language and/or other behavior, which is deemed inappropriate, is prohibited. Determination of inappropriate behavior is at the sole discretion of Pope John Paul II’s staff.
  • Compensation will be made to Pope John Paul II for time and materials to correct loss or damage to Pope John Paul II’s property resulting from usage.
  • User assumes responsibility for all participants and/or spectators for liability/injury resulting from accidents. User further agrees to be on a “Use At Your Own Risk” basis and hold harmless Pope John Paul II and its administration.
  • Alteration or relocation of items or components, mechanical or otherwise, is prohibited unless prior approval has been granted.
  • Functions/Tournaments/Sporting Events are subject to cancellation if Pope John Paul II is closed due to inclement weather, any other emergency or any unscheduled building closing. In addition, Pope John Paul II reserves the right to cancel any such function in the event that the weather conditions make the fields unplayable or cause unsafe driving conditions.
  • Users must maintain proper insurance coverage and if requested, provide proof of such insurance to Pope John Paul II.


  • No food or drink is permitted on the gym, classroom or other locations without permission obtained from the administration. All food and drinks must be kept in the designated areas. WATER ONLY in the gym. No other sports drinks are permitted.
  • All participants are responsible for the behavior of their children. There is to be no running or ball playing in the halls or unoccupied fields/room.
  • User is to vacate the field/building in a timely manner once your scheduled event is completed in order to allow for the next event or clean up.
  • Staff ONLY shall handle Pope John Paul II athletic equipment!
  • Serving of food and refreshments is prohibited during an event or activity without prior approval from the administration.
  • No one is permitted in the storage areas, loading dock areas or rooms without permission.
  • All participants are to refrain from leaning over the top or sides of the bleachers to prevent accidental injuries and blocking the view of the fans sitting on the bleachers.
  • No team banners/ signs etc may be hung anywhere in Pope John Paul II without prior approval from the administration.
  • No field/room may be used by any persons without prior approval.
  • Remove all trash and debris generated by the scheduled event is to be cleaned up and removed prior to departing the facility.