Board Members

Please contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.

Moderator: Sister Anne
Teacher Liaison: Mrs. Ponto

Athletic Director: Stephanie Saxton
The administrator who oversees the work of coaches and related staff involved
in the CYO program.

Commissioner of Sports: Diane Ettien
Any issues and concerns involving children, coaches, parents and any aspect
of the sport should be directed to the commissioner. In addition, she will
verify that all athletes are in compliance with regular mass and REPP
attendance, as well as maintaining passing grades. She ensures that coaches
have all clearances and classes mandated by the Arch Diocese of Philadelphia.

Treasurer: Jennifer Allegra
All expenses must be approved by the board before purchases can be made. All
league fees, umpire and referee fees, and check requests should be directed
to the treasurer. Coordinates collection of registration fees with coaches.

Equipment Manager: Laurie Forde 
Questions regarding uniform distribution and returns, equipments needs and
distribution should be directed to the equipment manager. Notice must be
given prior to needing uniforms and equipment to allow time to coordinate
access to the storage facility.

Facilities and Fields: Eric Suchecki
Coordinates gym time and field time for all sports.

Director of Youth Development:  Hank Grahn

Identifies opportunities to develop the athletic skills of PJPII students and
participating parish children grades K-8.

Secretary/Website: Thelma Haylock
Recording of monthly meeting minutes, posting announcements in the church
bulletins, and coordinate with the school regarding sports announcements.  Any
postings and/or changes to the website.