Your Trash Earns Cash


The following programs earn FREE money for Topsider Parent Organization:

Click on the icon for detailed information on how these programs can earn FREE cash for Topsiders from your TRASH!!


Box Tops for Education is a FREE fundraiser! Simply cut out labels from your favorite foods and turn them in and Topsiders earns free money!

Visit to join Box Tops, get local bonus deals and a list of products.

For a list of participating products click here: Box-Tops-Products.pdf

Why Join Box Tops?

See your school's earnings.

When you join Box Tops, you'll be able to track your school's progress on the way to their earnings goal - all in real time. See the numbers for your school, as well as how you compare to other schools in your state, and in the nation.

Marketplace lets you earn for kids while you shop.

Marketplace has partnered with many of your favorite retailers. Buy what you normally buy, but shop through Marketplace and earn 3, 6, even 12 percent for your school on your purchases. Watch those earnings add up fast.

Be 1 of a community that makes a difference every day.

Box Toppers are a community of passionate people, joined together to help create change in our schools. Join us, and you'll get exclusive benefits that include ways to stay connected with other parents on topics that matter to you as well as tools and promotions to recruit others to the cause.
Chairperson: Melissa Hayslip (

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We are taking part in a national fundraising program sponsored by Tyson Foods Inc. called Tyson Project A+. Through this program, we can raise as much as $12,000 for our school this year! All we have to do to participate is clip and save the entire Project A+ label from participating Tyson products. To learn more, visit
Chairperson: Melissa Hayslip (

Clip and save UPC codes and caps from participating labels such as Campbell's, Franco-American, Pepperidge Farm, Swanson, Market Day, V8 Beverages, and Prego Pasta sauces. Then send them in to your child's teacher or to the high school and middle school offices.
For more than 30 years, Labels for Education has been awarding free educational equipment to schools in exchange for proofs of purchase from the Campbell family of brands. Visit for more information.  For the 2009/2010 school year, we collected 2,700 points plus 2,000 bonus points!!!!

For a list of participating products click here: Labels-For-Education-Products.pdf
Chairperson: Melissa Hayslip ( 

Don't throw away your paper, turn your trash into cash!!!  Topsiders is going green helping the environment and earning cash at the same time!!  Topsiders earns cash for recycling all paper products (newspapers, paper, wrapping paper, light cardboard boxes [cereal boxes], magazines).  Throw all your paper products in the green recycling bin located behind the sports plex.  Get friends and family to join in and GO BIG GREEN!  Since the beginning of our recycling program in September 2009 through July 2010, we have collected 33,175lbs of paper products and earned $103.68!!!!!
Chairperson: Wendy Hailey (


Check out our new fundraising link at ! You can enter your codes, choose your school, and donate your points from Coke products!
After registering on the site, go to the homepage and click on My Coke Rewards for Schools, enter a local zip code and select Friendship Christian School as the school for your donations. It's easy and we can earn points towards lots of great materials for our school!
Chairperson: Wendy Hailey (