The purpose of Topsider fundraisers is to raise money to help meet the needs of the classrooms (i.e., smart boards, video equipment, books, supplies, etc.), libraries (i.e., books, AR prizes, etc.), and the school in general (i.e., playground equipment, paint, cabinets, teacher enrichment, etc.)






Earn money for YOURSELF!!!!  Simply plan your spending ahead of time, purchase Scrip gift cards at face value (there are no hidden activation fees or shipping), Topsiders purchases the gift cards at a reduced rate (rebate) and that rebate is split between YOU and Topsiders.  For example, if you're going to be purchasing mulch, garden soil, fertilizer, etc. from Home Depot and spend $200 - order Scrip gift cards and Topsiders purchases the gift cards for you and we receive 4% back, which Topsiders splits with YOU.  On your $200 purchase, Topsiders earns $4.00 and YOU earn $4.00.  Your rebates accumulate from May 1st through April 30th.  There are 3 payment options.  You can choose to have a check cut to you in May, you can apply your earnings to your child's lunch account for the following year, or you can have your earnings applied to next years tuition, varsity athletes may NOT participate in this payment option.We've had some families earn as much as $400.00!

And the best part . . . you don't have to buy anything you don't normally buy or sell anything!!

To make a purchase, simply print and fill out the quick order form below, attach your check and drop it off in the High School office or send it in to your child's teacher and we'll do the work for you, OR create your own online account (follow these instructions Scrip-OnLine-Enrollement.pdf) at

GET GIFT CARDS INSTANTLY ONLINE WITH SCRIPNOW!  Simply log into your Scrip account online, order from your favorite participating retailers, pay with Presto Pay and in minutes you will receive an email with your gift card for you to print out.  The paper gift card is used the same way as a regular gift card.  There are no purchase dates - you can log on whenever you like and order and print your cards.  Also, you can decide the amount of the card in $10 increments.  For example, we had a family that needed to purchase something from Home Depot but could not wait for our regular Scrip order date, they were able to log on and print their card instantly so they would not miss out on the rebate!

Order Dates:  October 24 and 31, November 14 and 28, December 5, January 9 and 23, February 6 and 27, March 6 and 27, April 10 and 24 and May 8 and 15. 




Contact Christina Jones if you have any questions at

Forms: Quick-Order-Form.pdfScripNow.pdf; Reloading-Gift-Cards.pdf; PrestoPay.pdfFCS-Fast-Cash-instructions-and-enrollment-form.pdf





This is a great fundraiser for Topsiders and a great event not only for the families at FCS, but for the whole community.  Everybody loves a bargain, especially in today's economy and this is a fantastic way to earn money for yourself, get great deals on clothes, toys and baby items and raise money for Topsiders all at the same time.  The sale happens twice a year - our Spring/Summer sale is in February and our Fall/Winter sale is in July.  For details on the consignment sale click on the "Consignment Sale" tab on the left. 



The 2017 Commander run is slated for Saturday, April 8th!  This year the proceedes from the Commander will be split between the Topsiders Parent Orgainzatin and the Commnaders Club.  We feature 4 different races; a cross country style 5K, a Mini Extreme with a 1.5 mile course with some less extreme obstacles, the Extreme 5K with over 14 challenging obstacles and the Ultra Extreme 10K which is two laps of the 5K course.  This event requires many volunteers both leading up to and including race day!