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3rd /4th Grade Language Arts(Reading,English,Spelling)Assignment Sheet

Hart 3rd  /  4th  Grade Welcome Letter/Assignment Sheet/Test Schedule
     Howdy Partners!  Welcome to 3rd /4th grade!  My name is Ms. Tiftonia Hart 
and I will be your Language Arts teacher. We will face challenges this year, 
but we will grow and learn together.  It is amazing to see how much we achieve 
with hard work and commitment.  I am excited to get on our way to great 
success!!  Saddle up ……we’ve got a HEE-HAW good year to begin!!!  The 
following are some very important ways to be successful this year……
1.	 Come to class prepared with paper, pencil and books. (Including AR 
book.) We only go to lockers during locker breaks.
2.	Read the assignment sheet given with upcoming events, assignments and 
tests.  You are responsible for knowing when things are due.  Late work tends 
to get lost and will have a late grade.  
3.	Monday….We will read the story on Monday and look for Context Clues to 
define the vocabulary words located in the story. We will prepare for the 
tests by taking notes in a Composition Notebook.  It is very important to 
study the composition notebook.  
Tuesday…..We do group work on Tuesday to prepare for tests. 
Wednesday…..Online Fresh reads will be given on Wednesday to test 
comprehension and prepare for the weekly Online Pearson test.  
Thursday….The Online Pearson test will be on Thursday and cover vocabulary, 
phonics, and comprehension skills practiced in class during the week.   
Friday….. Spelling test is on Friday.  I do not call the words out, the test 
is over editing skills on one part and words are in multiple choice format in 
the other part of the test.  This prepares for T-Cap in the spring. 
We will do intervention on Friday to reteach the skills not mastered during 
the week.  We will use Think Link, Study Island, AR, Success Maker, and 
centers to reteach the skills.  If your child scores below an 80% on the 
weekly Online Pearson Test, he/she will do remediation to practice unmastered 

There it is…..as easy as one, two, three!  
We’ll have a root-tootin’ year as happy as can be!!!!
I’ll see you in class with supplies and good manners too, We’ll work together 
to make you turn BLUE!!! 
(On standardized tests, this is the best color you can be.)
**Please check e-mail and School Connect often for updates and announcements.  
Thank you!!!
Ms.  Tiftonia Hart
3rd/4th Grade Language Arts
South Side Elementary

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