NAME: Jason Beach, Ph.D.

SCHOOL: Tennessee Tech University

CLASS: Foed 3010 Integrating Instructional Technology into the Classroom

SCHOOL PHONE: (931) 555-2345

About The Teacher

 I teach a variety of courses for Tennessee Tech University. The course that I
teach the most is Foed 3010. This course teaches teachers how to incorporate
technology into their classrooms. The course is unique because it not only
teaches you how to use the software, but provides curriculum-based 
examples that facilitate practical uses of technology. 

As a student: 
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What do you bring to the classroom?

Mission For The Class

The mission for this course is to teach future teachers that technology should
be used as a method of pushing content in the classroom. Often preservice and
inservice teachers use technology for technology's sake. This does not promote
learning and often is detrimental  to the learner.  Using technology will not
make you a better teacher, but technology in the hands of a gifted teacher has 
proven time and time again to benefit children.

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